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anger issues

Okay, one of you so called "friends" inspired me to paint last night. It helped with the anger issues.

Rage and Anger                                                                         Quelling the Rage

IMG_1417                 IMG_1412

Cacophony of Color

I was feeling the need to paint in bright happy colors.




Dear to me Series

People near and dear to me and the colors that represent them in my mind.

Crimsonsilk                                                                           Jeni

IMG_1383            IMG_1384

Brian                                                                                     Yenney/Imara

IMG_1390             IMG_1403


Anti Fox News Series

Please check out my Anti-Fox News Series of four paintings inspired by Gary. Thanks Gary

Dark Scary Things                                                                         


Black Hole of Death           

(Fox news is right in the center. Wish you could see it)       Rain of Misinformation 

IMG_1342      IMG_1346

And my personal favorite. I painted it with my breasts just to piss Bill O'Reilly off.

Wake Up (do not be distracted by the pretty colors)  or Swarm of lies. ( I haven't decided which title yet)

IMG_1348   or