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Torrid and Numb

Continuing on my emotional thread. Here are two more.

DSC02121                 DSC02130

Passionately Cool    12"x24"                                                         Torrid and Numb 20"x24"

Both are Acrylics on Stretched Canvas

Painted between meltdowns...

16 x20


36 x36


Angry thoughts

I painted this yesterday when I was thinking about how much religion has messed me up and a lot of other people. I don't think it's finished. I guess I associate religion with colors I would associate with hell :) You can't really see it here but there is a slight tunneling affect in the center. And some brighter thoughts in the center that haven't been charred and marred. DSC02068

And I did this one as well. Totally unrelated and not titled


How I Dream

As I posted on this is as close to as I can come to relaying how I dream. Visual, textured,  layered and vibrant.


Messing around 7/9/10

So I was messing around yesterday and here's what I have. The first one I really like.  Called Gehenna. That's how my week has felt. If you look in the center there is a woman, head stretched up to the right. (she has short hair curling around the sides of her face and neck. Let me know if you can see it.  I'll post it on the close up page so you get a better view.



This one I took from Yenney and it's on it's 4th try. Still a work in progress and not getting much better. (well maybe a little)

Probably should name it Evolution of a work in progress. 

DSC01866   or