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As yet untitled

I've been miserable with my back. Here is one I did yesterday and one I did today. Yesterdays is 36" x"36" and todays is 14"x 16" Yenney is utilizing white space, I'm utilizing black space. :) 

36x36                                                                                     14 x16

DSC01822               DSC01841

Version #3

So here is the 3rd version of the painting I did the other night with B. I Keep changing it based on my mood. It still doesn't have a title. But I've been cranky and a little bit sad.


White Space

So after some well placed criticism. I am beginning to explore white space. This is yet an untitled painting but will be something along the area of  a tribal mask. If you want to read into it, I guess I was feeling like I had to get back to the beginning and explore my roots, my direction. What makes me paint? Why do I feel the need to wear a mask still? This is what came out. 



So as I mentioned on my regular blog. This is what came out when I let B take pictures of me while I painted. I have since added more black to tone it down a bit. Like I said it was a little busy and upon further thought I think it's because I had underlying nervousness. Though I felt calm and uninhibited, subconsciously I think there was still uncomfortableness.  Here is the first and second version. I do believe I will try to tone it down even more.

1st version                                                                    After adding more black but this picture is a bit washed out.

DSC01790       DSC01803

I'll try another picture when the sun isn't so bright. Looking at it now. I think it's destined to be painted over. :)   or