Yenney and Imara's Painting blog

This is a blog of our  artwork with some description of what inspired them. Most of the titles are self explanatory. Our paintings attempt to convey a feeling or emotion that grabbed hold of us at the time we painted them. Most are titled, the untitled ones we will leave to your imagination and what they convey to you. We paint unconventionally. All of our artwork is painted with different parts of our bodies. Please feel free to leave any comments, likes or dislikes. We welcome all opinions. For information on purchasing paintings please contact us at 

Remember Yenney is in purple and Imara is in white. Enjoy.

I hate drama, but without drama there would be not a lot of painting.

Recent paintings after a row with a friend.

IMG 6787


IMG 6789


IMG 6791


IMG 6776

                                                                             Friends are forever

Finally painted

This is titled convergence. I was going on the overwhelming emotions I've had from being sick since I got here, the stress of meeting people, the adjustment to apartment life, etc.... Don't get me wrong. I love it here. It's just a big change. This is acrylics and wax.


(4 new paintings)





Testing out my new paints. 


compartmentalize|kəmˌpärtˈmentlˌīz|verb [trans. ]

divide into sections or categorieshe had the ability to compartmentalize his life. 

This is where I'm at at the moment.

Muddle me this

Description of this is on my Yenneyblog

I was bored, so I painted

Color me bored


but I think I like it better this way.




Battle Scars


Rohypnol Haze Series

An explanation of these are on my Imarablog.

Obnoxiously High

Coming Down

Emotionally shut down

Finally after 3 months.

These are all untitled at this point. The first one I painted while listening to psychedelic rock and a song about vietnam (it's kind of jungle-ee)

These two I did while punching the canvas. It was quite fun. 

My magical week

I Bleed

My Hidden Place

A bit of inspiration and bad photos

So after chatting with a friend on the phone the other day. (yes I said the phone) I got some inspiration and painted this.


Which breaks down into this. 10 B-day cards. 

IMG_2530            IMG_2534

Now if you would like one of these free, send me your B-day and your address at They are going fast so don't miss out. :) 

A bit uninspired

but the second one is growing on me.



Three for today

I had to paint because I was anxious.

I had to paint because I was bored.

Here are the latest.

El Toro and the Tempest (bull in in the bottom left corner)  I was experiencing, anger, nervousness, frustration and excitement






It's a biggin'

Wow it felt good to be covered in paint. Here are my latest. The first one is 48" x something or other. It's pretty big. I haven't decide it I want it to hang horizontal or vertical so give me your feedback. I like it both ways but I think it totally takes on a different look when the angle changes.

So apparently I always play the victim.


or this way


And here is the second painting.

Apparently I always play the victim part two


This is much smaller. I think 16" x 20" but I'll have to check on that.

Angsty Goodness

Well for lack of a better title at the moment (and because i like making up words) This one is titled. Angsty Goodness. I was feeling anxious, unfocussed but not really in a bad way if that makes sense. 


and this one is titled Bro-Ken


Torrid and Numb

Continuing on my emotional thread. Here are two more.

DSC02121                 DSC02130

Passionately Cool    12"x24"                                                         Torrid and Numb 20"x24"

Both are Acrylics on Stretched Canvas

Painted between meltdowns...

16 x20


36 x36


Angry thoughts

I painted this yesterday when I was thinking about how much religion has messed me up and a lot of other people. I don't think it's finished. I guess I associate religion with colors I would associate with hell :) You can't really see it here but there is a slight tunneling affect in the center. And some brighter thoughts in the center that haven't been charred and marred. DSC02068

And I did this one as well. Totally unrelated and not titled


How I Dream

As I posted on this is as close to as I can come to relaying how I dream. Visual, textured,  layered and vibrant.


Messing around 7/9/10

So I was messing around yesterday and here's what I have. The first one I really like.  Called Gehenna. That's how my week has felt. If you look in the center there is a woman, head stretched up to the right. (she has short hair curling around the sides of her face and neck. Let me know if you can see it.  I'll post it on the close up page so you get a better view.



This one I took from Yenney and it's on it's 4th try. Still a work in progress and not getting much better. (well maybe a little)

Probably should name it Evolution of a work in progress. 

DSC01866   or