Yaaaaaaaaaaay Me!!!! <shakes pom poms>

So my body has taken to serious rebellion when I eat garlic and onions. I used to just get a sore throat and sometimes tonsillitis. We had Korean two days ago and of course Kimchee has loads of garlic. I think my soup did too. My throat and tongue are swelled and I feel like I have tiny little cankers all under the surface of my tongue and mouth. This happened the other week as well,when I ate something with garlic and then when I had onions. I expected it to subside within 24 hours like last time, but now I'm going on day three. Not fun. I'm pissed. I will be eating bland and boring this week to try to get everything out of my system. Then if I "accidentally" have something I shouldn't the reaction won't be as bad (hopefully) I think I have a build up of allergens in my body at the moment. I've been eating way to much corn. This totally sucks. Okay, I'm done bitching. 

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