Well I've had a fun few days.

I went into the local clinic last wednesday after procrastinating 2 days with an ear infection. I hate doctors, I hate the telephone, blah blah blah. Sure enough, a bad ear infection. I walked in as soon as they opened hoping they were taking walk ins. I was expecting to have the same wait you get at the ER but was pleasantly surprised. I waited about 1/2 an your to 45 minutes. 

I saw an old doctor who didn't seem real confident or was just icky with germs. (I'm not sure) The exam sucked because my ear was near swollen shut. He gave me a prescription for ear drops and said if my other ear acted up, then use the drops in both ears. Call him back after 4-5 days if it's not better. 

Friday rolls around and boom, second ear is hurting really bad. I used the drops as prescribed every 4 hours all weekend and ran out sunday night.  Ears still hurting but not as bad. Monday 9am, I brave the telephone and call the clinic. I explained how I was out of drops and my ears still hurt and now my throat hurt. Could the doctor call me in an oral antibiotic or call me back if I need to come in.

The girl I spoke with seemed nice enough and said, "Sure, I'll get back to you in an hour and a half." Great, she's on the ball. Fantastic. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    12:00 rolls around and no call. Now my sinuses are hurting. I call back.  Another girl answers and I explain how I called at 9am and retold her the story. She nervously said "Well it's been busy but the doctor doesn't have any appointments this afternoon, so I'm sure she'll look at it then."  "Well should I come in then instead?" "No, we'll call you back and see if you need to come in." LIAR

I gave them till 4pm and I called back. Now I'm pissed. I know the doctor went home early because she had no appointments and the girls at the front desk never told her I called. The girl puts me on hold for 10 minutes (she knows I'm pissed) I know it was 10 minutes because my IPhone tells me it was. Then I get disconnected. It took me another 10 to get through to them where she puts me on hold again. I said very condescendingly "don't disconnect me this time" I was on hold for 15 minutes and suddenly the original girl I spoke with in the morning came on. She says "I'm sorry for the wait I know it's been a long time. The was being transferred to me." (first flag is up)  I let her know I was upset. Instead of being honest with me she says "Well it's been very busy today." (when I was already told there were no afternoon appointments)  I said "ah huh" "I will personally deliver this to the doctor but if she can't get to it tonight she is in tomorrow." I got so pissed. I knew she wasn't there.  I said "You go walk that to her now. It will take her 2 minutes to look at it and decide if I need and antibiotic." "Yes I realize that but if she can't get to it then she will be in tomorrow." "I said make sure she gets to it."

Nothing, no call no nothing. I woke up today with my left ear completely blocked and my right ear half blocked. Like I'm underwater. I didn't sleep well. I called back this morning and I'm 2 inches from a meltdown. I'm so tired and sick and sick of being sick since we moved here, I started to lose it.  A girl answered and I was near tears and I explained how I called yesterday and got the run around all day and now I'm sicker than I was and could she please give my chart to the doctor? You know what she said? Do you know what she said? "I'll try." I exploded. Yep me. I exploded and I said No, you won't try, you will do it.  She hung up on me. I know I sounded like a bitch but the incompetence there in astounding.  

I flopped back into bed pissed. B says why don't we drive over and i'm like "no fucking way. I'm not going back there." Then I had an emotional cry. I couldn't stop. I was so fucking tired of bullshit and assholes who don't give a shit. B said he wasnt' going into work till I found a doctor. grrrrrrrrrrr. damn him caring. 

I went on Angie's list and picked the first one on the list. It's right up the street. (yes I braved the telephone) They got me in at 10:50. The staff was fantastic and the Doctor was awesome. He said my ears looked fine but now I have a sinus infection. He couldn't tell me why my ears still hurt. Hopefully the antibiotic will take care of it all. 

5:15 tonight I get a call from the clinic. I didn't answer. The doctor left me a message. You know what she said? Guess. "Hi, I heard you had some questions about your ear drops." Yeah, questions about my ear drops. They didn't even give her the right fucking message. (I'm still pissed can you tell by all the cussing) So I let them try to get in touch with me for the next 20 minutes. They called 6 times. Stupid idiots. They are getting a shit review on Angies list and yelp. You have to piss me off pretty bad to get me to do that. Okay, rant over.

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