Stressful? What are you talking about?

So sunday I got about 3 hours sleep between midnight and 3am. I was stressed that we had too much to do monday and didn't get a heck of a lot done Sunday. "Oh, loading the truck will take an hour tops." My hubbs reassured me. Bwahahahahahahaha (sorry hun) I knew it would take a lot longer and we probably should have went with the 14 ft truck instead of the 10ft. But we really thought the 10 would be more than enough. If it wasn't for the wheel wells we would have been fine.

We had to leave the credenza because it wouldn't fit with the wheel wells and I couldn't bear to lift the ouch again after already putting it in the truck. Both our backs were breaking and it's the heaviest couch on earth. I was so tired I didn't do the A. D. D checks I usually do before leaving somewhere. I usually open the drawer at least three times and then check every corner. Nope and now I'm remembering all sorts of thing we left. (Not that we would have had room for them anyway.

Whomever invented clothing, was a moron. I didn't think I had so much clothing. I had taken 3 trash bags full to the thrift store a few weeks ago. All stuff I shrunk out of. I swear over the last week my clothing had figured out how to multiply. I can't even believe how much I packed. Crazy. We made several trips to the recycling center and one to the transfer station. Trash pick up came early of course because we cancelled service so we didn't get all our trash out in time. grrrr.  Anyway, enough about monday. We crammed way too much into one day. 

I crashed around 5 or 6 and was in dire pain. B went out to get food but I couldn't move so I just layed on the floor and tried to catnap. We officially went to bed at 9pm but I couldn't fall asleep of course. Overtired, in pain and having my Period didn't help. Finally off to restless sleep because I still had to mop and put the fridge back together. Got up at 3am and managed to get everything done by 3:45 and headed out. We forgot tons of stuff I think. Again I didn't do the last 3 sweeps I usually do. Hope the landlord doesn't get pissed. B was driving the u-haul and I was in the tribute with puppy and miso and the back stuffed to the gills. 

Neither dog would go to the bathroom because they were excited for the car ride. We tried twice and gave up. I knew this would not be good. Puppy freaks when he has to go.  Neither had gone the night before either so it had accident written all over it. Not 10 minutes into the drive when puppy starts shaking, panting and whining. Yay me. Miso I had given anti-puking meds too but they only had 45 minutes to kick in instead of the usual 2 hours. He managed though. I found out the non spill water bowl isn't non spill when it flips completely upside down. It soaked the dog blanket, the necessary papers for the apartment and the pics of the dogs to go on file at the new place. Yay.  About an hour into the trip, Puppy has a complete breakdown. He starts trying to escape. He climbs on the dashboard, on top of Miso, He clawed at the window. Then he snuck past me and climbed into the back with all the dangerous junk. I was trying to keep two hands on the wheel because we were going mostly down hill though construction with tons of truckers all around. Puppy manages to get himself to the highest point in the truck and then starts screaming. (Yes dogs can scream) I can't pick up my phone to dial B because I'm afraid I'll crash. So I start talking Puppy down, literally. Trying to get him to come back to the front instead of getting stuck way at the back. He started to listen and when he got close enough I grabbed his leash and pulled him to me. Then he proceeded to try to climb on my head. Yep, so I yoinked him back to the front passenger seat where he tries to catapult back over the armrest to the back. I held him tight with one hand and told him to stay for a few minutes over and over till he decided to listen. We hit the next rest stop and he went and then did surprisingly well the rest of the trip. He even managed to lay down instead of the usually shaking and standing the whole way. 

We didn't hit too much traffic and got here a little after 9am. The office was supposed to be open but wasn't. We waited and then had a kid help us who was just filling. So we don't have hour keycard to access the pool, laundry room or the workout room. We unloaded in record time but couldn't lift the couch up the stairs, down the walkway, around the corner to our place. We paid 2 guys 50 bucks to do it. Well worth saving our backs over. I'm sore, tired, cranky and my disk is sucking ass right now. I hate moving and if I ever have to do it again and can't afford movers, I'm leaving everything. 

On a positive note. I love this fucking place. The waterfall is directly across from out patio which is enormous and the sound of the water is so relaxing. Miso made himself right at home, Puppy is not doing as well, plus Puppy has new rules which he is fighting at every chance. He was so pissed at me today because I now am spraying him with water every time he barks. Miso hates it so he shuts up immediately. Puppy gets pissed, glares and then shrilly barks at me and growls then gets sprayed again for it and only growls, then gets sprayed again and hangs his head and whoofs under his breath. He wouldn't sleep with us tonight and came in the living room. I'm so paranoid he's going to mark that I came out with him. He was huddled in the corner so i dragged him on the couch with me and now he's cuddling. Poor old cranky pups.  I hope it doesn't take him long to settle.

Tomorrow we start unpacking. Then hopefully check out the pool and walk the grounds, get our mailbox key and then life resumes thursday. Not feeling like I'm going to sleep tonight but I hope it surprises me and hits me soon. 

Thus begins a new chapter.  (still missing you L)   or