Loving it.

Other than still being exhausted, I'm loving it here so far. I'm so glad we don't have a unit in front of the pool. This end of the place is pretty quiet. It's a high traffic area because we are across from the leasing office but it's still quiet. It's good for getting the dogs used to people walking by too. They stop barking now when told. (Not sure what they do when we aren't here. ) We have hummingbirds that visit everyday as well as a family of ducks. We also have snails on our fence. Quite a lot. I haven't seen them move yet. (I think I start naming them) I need to get some mesh for the bottom of the fence. I think Miso is going to figure out he can get under it soon or realize all he has to do is dig a tiny bit. (glad my dogs aren't diggers) They have been sleeping quite a bit. I've been getting up between 6:30 and 7:30am to walk them (miso usually wakes me up to let me know he needs to go) Today we all slept till 9. 

I may have a job saturday mornings. I'm just waiting to see what the pay will be. I'm hoping it will be enough to cover doggie rent and doggie daycare once a week.  We met a nice couple at the pool the other day. I was admiring her 18 tattoos. :) They have 3 or 4 teenagers. I can't remember. 

I've resorted to flipping Puppy on his back at the first sign of growling at other dogs. He gives me a totally shocked look but it seems to be working. He's been great with the many toddlers we've come across but not dogs. One couple with two dogs, already turns the other way when they see us coming.  Our neighbor across the hall does too with her basset hound. 

I'm glad I brought the doggie door. Miso spends a lot of time on the patio. He even naps out there.  I think we actually could have brought our grill. I think they let the bottom units use grills. Oh, well.  

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