Happy New year.

Here's how mine started. We had a fabulous New Years Eve in Palo Alto. We did some bar hopping and then ended up at a really cool wine bar. Upper class without feeling upper class. Very relaxed atmosphere. They also have a wine tasting once a month so more opportunity to meet people.

We headed home early and hit the store for some champagne and snacks. We got home at 8:30 (yeah we are old) to find out Puppy had exploded all over the carpet. He was projectile-ing from both ends. Yay. Happy New Year. I was up with him all night because he had to go out about every half hour. 

Sunday I got a little rice in him and he stopped puking. I thought he was getting better, but again kept me up most of the night needing to go out. Yesterday the diarrhea started again and he wanted nothing to do with people food. Now I know he's sick. He would cross a bed of hot coals, pulling a sled of large rabid dogs, through the rain and snow to get to people food. 

So I had decided I was going to bring him to the vet (even though the last two times we've been in, nothing seems to be wrong. Well this morning he comes in from the patio and his backside is covered in blood. Not just a little but a whole lot. I look out side and could have sworn he was cut open and bleeding from the size of the puddle. I freak. Call the vet and they say I can bring him in at 3. Not half an hour later he goes outside again and leaves another puddle. I'm not exaggerating. I thought he was going to bleed to death. I call the vet back in tears and ask if there is an emergency clinic.  She says come right over.

First she said it could be parasitic or worm related and now he has irritable bowel. Sometime you see blood. I said "this was puddles. not just a few drops. That's why I panicked." She says "Rat poison will do that. But lets do some bloodwork."

Now I gotta wonder if one of my neighbors threw something over my fence to try to kill my dogs. I'm so pissed and sad. They gave him a shot for puking so he could keep his diarrhea meds down but he's been projectile vomiting here and there. I hate to see this little guy suffer. 

Why can't I be one of those people who cleans frantically when upset. I want to be that. I get all overwhelmed and don't know which end is up and just want to hate everyone. Grrrrrrrrrr. Happy new year.

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