Getting old sucks. More than I can tell you.

So, if you squeamish about hearing about women's monthly cycles, turn back now. Close the window and go away. Well, I've been mostly sick since i've been here. I was bad and eating all my allergens except wheat. I had my period a week ago and then decided to go on a detox. I've been super good except for yesterday when I had steak tacos which apparently had wheat and of course the shells were corn. I finally felt amazing on friday. Really good and lots of energy. Saturday was mediocre. I made it through dance class but was a bit low on energy and then the bad lunch. Today, sunday, feel like crappola again. Started spotting. So not happy. It's only been a week since my period. What the hell? Had amazing sex the other day, maybe between that and the detox my system is fucked up. I don't know, but as of now, my period has started again. This could be old age, shock to the system, or I'm just plain falling apart. Worst case scenario is I'm miscarrying which would only be if B's vasectomy has reversed itself. I've never had this happen. I did have a 3 week period when I started the pill at an inappropriate time but never started one week after my normal period. 

I'll milk it till I'm beyond all hope, probably, before I see a doctor. My history is that they never find anything wrong. First because it was Celiac an now, who knows. I'm frustrated and angry and am trying to resign myself to the fact that I probably will only have one or two days a week that I feel good and the rest I will feel like shit. I hate getting old. I don't feel old but I am. Fuck you oldness. I hate you. (i was going to say fuck you Mother nature but I don't want to piss her off) I feel imminent invasive surgery in the near future. More things to add to my near non existent sex drive. Woohoo! Yay me!! rah rah rah.   or