Found the local dog park.

I'm finally feeling better. Miso woke me up at 6am today. I milked it till 6:20 and then decided to get up. I took the dogs on an hour walk this morning in hopes to drain them of some energy. We headed out to check out the park across from where we live but when we got there there was a big sign that said 'NO DOGS'. :( So we set out walking the streets. I hadn't done that yet. We also found two sections of the apartment complex we had never seen. (this place is so huge)  I started a new game with the dogs when we reach stairs. I say "Wait. Ready.....Set....Go!!!" then we run like crazy up or down the stairs. They love it and it makes me sweat so it's good for all fo us. 

After the walk I ate a salad for breakfast. Made coffee then drove B to work. Now we were off to find the one out of 50 parks that allow dogs off leash. My expectations were low because my dogs bark at every other dog, but I looked at this as a trial run. It was easy to find with my GPS. It's a cute little fenced in area with small dogs on one side and big dogs on the other. Miso went crazy as soon as he jumped out o the car and saw a big dog through the fence. Puppy, however, remained calm. (very weird) 

I threw Miso back in the car and told him to sit. (I really thought we would be leaving any second) He knew he wasn't getting out of the car till he listened. When I let him out he began to cry. He wanted to play. I cautiously approached the little dog side while cars pulled up emptying of loads of dogs. I waited for the inevitable explosion from my dogs. It didn't come. We got inside the gate and they were so busy sniffing. I didn't take them off leash till I knew they would behave. We walked around the park while other dogs came up and checked us out. There was a little bit of growling when a dog tried to hump Miso but no fighting.  

I let Puppy off leash first. He was so good. Made me proud. I really thought he would pick a fight. Miso I let go of but kept his leash attached just in case. He seemed fine. I expected him to be humping everything like he did at daycare, but he didnt' even try once. I distracted him with fetch when "Charlie" and aggressive Pug came to pick a fight. He tried with Puppy and with Miso but they didn't take the bait. I was so happy. Every time Charlie came over I distracted Miso with fetch. 

One lady came in with a fairly large white dog (should have been on the big dog side) She heard Miso give Charlie a warning growl and immediately came over to me and gave me the stink eye. I smiled and tried to make conversation about how beautiful her dog was. Miso wasn't going to be blamed for telling an aggressive dog to back off. She followed us around for a bit till she saw Miso playing fetch and getting along with everyone. We were having a blast and I was talking with one lady whose wiener/Chihuahua was intent on getting it on with Miso or Puppy. Didn't matter. He wanted them both. She was so embarrassed and I just laughed. I was like, "they'll tell him to back off." I was so happy it wasn't my dogs. Heehee. 

Then this lady comes in with her 2 year old boy and little terror of a dog. She had been on the big dog side because no one was there and every time her dog came up to the fence all the little dogs would bark at it because it was mean. So I guess this made her decide to come into the little dog side. (people amaze me) He went immediately for Miso. No warning. We separated them and Miso calmed right down but the other one kept snarling and barking. So what does she do? Takes him off leash. Yep. He ran to the other side for a few minutes them came right back and went at Miso. We were letting them work it out till the biting. I am so grad Miso has thick fur because this dog clamped on and when I grabbed Miso to separate him the other dog got a mouthful of fur. The woman decided to go back to the other side of the fence acting like it was my fault.  I decided to take the dogs home.  The the lady with the big white dog gave me the stink eye the whole time I was walking out. (bitch) Seriously, If Miso had started it I would have so taken responsibilty. but he didn't He was playing and loving all the dogs. Meanwhile, the other dog was trying to get the rest of the dogs worked up through the fence. 

I'll definitely go back. Both dogs are passed out tight now. I'm proud my dogs were not the trouble makers today. I was beginning to think all my hard work was a lost cause.   or