Settling in...

Well, I must say, it took no time to settle in. Just still learning where everything is. I would have things in different places but that's me. 

Okay moving on to Miso. He is a new dog. He is turning into the dog I knew he would. (I just didn't know when) He love the freedom of being able to go outside on a whim. He's lazing about like puppy and he's not barking. (only a few times when he thought someone was here) We don't have people or dogs or cars whizzing by the front of the house so there is no barking. This house is so fricking quiet. I feel like the walls are sound proof from the outside. It makes for a much more relaxing atmosphere. 

Puppy is getting the hang of the doggie door. We did a bit of tough love and pushed him outside and made him figure out how to come in himself. He doesn't like to push the door with his head. I still have to help him go out, but I don't help him come in. He stands by the door and cries and then I leave so he can't see me and he goes over to the doggie door and comes in. Yay Puppy. 

Unpacking my paintings.

I'm unpacking my paintings now. The boxes were beat to hell. So far they seem fine except a bit of black came off "Jeni". I think it will be easy enough to touch up I hope. I am going to unpack the rest and hope they all survived. 

Yay! We're here.

Well, I love this house. Puppy has already peed on the curtains. (grrrrrrrrrrrr) stupid dog. I've had Miso tethered to me most o the night but I guess I should have puppy as well. My sister and her husband left us a bottle of wine and a bathroom care package as well as a beautiful necklace, dragonfly pin (i"m a sucker for dragonflies) and a handmade beaded bracelet. 

She's so funny and thoughtful. Puppy has taken to ruling the house. Growling at Miso every chance he gets. He has even gone so far as taking over the crate. Now if I close the door on him it will be a different story, but I think he is intentionally trying to piss Miso off. They have had to knock down drag outs over food already and they never fight over food. I hope this won't be a norm. I hope Pupster will calm down. They both smell my sisters dogs so marking is going to be an issue. I also have to train them to use the doggie door. I have no doubt Miso will get it immediately. Puppy however will be a challenge. 

We were going to hook up the PS3 tonight but their TV has no HDMI input. So no blueray  and no ps3 for now. We are going to have our tv shipped so we can have some fun. 

Beautiful day

We chilled out yesterday and did basically nothing. It was wonderful. We ventured out for lunch and found a great pizza place that had by far the best gluten free pizza. It was doughy and chewy instead of like a cracker. I got to talking with the owner who has Celiac. She said I had to try the grinder rolls. I was hesitant till I tried the pizza. If figured why not we probably wouldn't find restaurants open the next day on christmas so I could make a sandwich or two. I broke open one of the sub rolls that night and dipped it in some chili. I freaked a bit. It was like having real bread. Chewy and nice and oh so tasty. Of course the woman who makes these wonderful morsels doesn't do mail order yet. She only services restaurants in the colorado area. :( :( :(

Today we set off on our drive to I-80. about half hour in we saw signs saying it was closed again. I looked it up and they were expecting winds up to 50 miles per hour so we were not going to get far. We backtracked back down around Denver and picked up I-70. Not sure what conditions would be. We hit a few snowy parts of the road way up but for the most part it was a beautiful day and beautiful drive. Very scenic. I will post pics. I'm too tired to mess with the digital camera tonight. Some lovely sights. I'm glad we ended up going that way. I also enjoyed my first sandwich, on that wonderful bread, since April. MMMMMMMM. We had no trouble finding gas stations open today. I was surprised. But it is a heavily traveled route so gas would need to be available. 

Okay, so it's been a few days...

Totally exhausted. Long days and not sleeping well. Today was stressful driving with the snow. Puppy is still a wreck which makes me a wreck. I don't know what to do to ease him. I've tried everything accept the anti-nausea which I will try when we are on the road again. He pants and shakes the entire ride. He gets so dehydrated from the panting. I don't know how he does it. Miso has five days of pent up energy all expressing itself tonight. I'm so tired and cranky. We decided to stay an extra day in Fort Collins to unwind. We have a nice room. Almost a suite I guess and it's stinking cheap. I'm looking forward to sleeping in hopefully. I'm bordering on zombie. Last night was a bit worse I guess. I couldn't even keep my eyes open at the restaurant. 

Overall it's been a good trip. No major catastrophes. Just long days and a stressed Puppy. Good and bad food. We really didn't have a descent meal till yesterday. (I think it was yesterday. (I've lost all track of days) We had a great breakfast at Cracker barrel. I got really sick on Taco bell two days back and then again at applebees last night. Minor reactions today. ( i think cross contamination) It's sucks being allergic to everything. 

Harrowing tales from the road...

Not really, but did I get your attention? Wow long day. Apparently Maryland and West Virginia are only capable of plowing one lane on the highway so if you get stuck behind a truck doing 15 miles UNDER the speed limit <points at self> you either suck it up or brave the foot deep snow in the fast lane. Plus we lost count of the endless cars and trucks buried in snow on the side of the road either facing the wrong way or jackknifed from yesterdays storm. 

Other than that it was mostly uneventful till we reached Virginia. We lost 2 1/1 hours in dead stop traffic. We took detour which probably saved us another hour but then it dumped us back onto the dead stop traffic. We were moving 5 miles an hour. We now think it was plowing trucks. Because once we started moving the other side of the highway was behind (no lie) at least 7 or more plows. And we watched them at a stop for over 40 miles. 

Needless to say we didn't make it to Tennessee today but we are close. Just as well I guess. The town we were supposed to stay in has a power outage. 

1st stop in our long journey.

wow do I wish I had my paints... anyway, 1st stop Scranton Penn. We made it before the snow. The first flake fell after checkin. I owe it to the power of the Jeni ;) We originally were going to leave at 6am. After a major meltdown yesterday we decided to leave when we were ready. Even if that meant sunday. Then the storm. We had to leave by noon if we had any hopes of beating the storm. We officially were on the road by 11. not bad considering all the things we still had to do. 

I decided I would do the best I could on the condo and that was all I could do. (reason 1 for the meltdown, reason 2-the truck wouldn't start again) 

My b-in-law was kind enough to replace the battery for us yesterday. purrs like a kitten now. yay. I was not looking forward to have to call AAA everyday. 
I didn't get nearly enough done on the condo, but it will have to do. I did my best and hope the real estate agent doesn't have a cow. :)  I know we had a showing today though. Would be pretty funny if we had to fly back once we got there to close the sale, but that's hopeful unrealistic thinking. 

Got miso anti nausea drugs and he is a completely different dog. I got him anti anxiety too but don't think I'll need it. He slept most of the car ride and he's been listening and calm. He never tried to jump in the front seat once. He also is not obsessing about his ball. I tried to play with him and he only fetched it twice. Weird. He hasn't really eaten yet though and he's sleeping again. Kinda acting like puppy's normal routine. Poor Pupster was a nervous wreck. He might be getting the anti anxiety pills if he's not better tomorrow. Poor guy. Miso kept cuddling with him and he was all put out.

We went and  had sushi. It's was practically next door so we didn't have to brave the snow. I was kinda hungry. I finally had the pomegranate Jeni gave me for breakfast  (so yummy) and then I had some cashews for lunch. It's hard cause I don't want to risk getting sick at a fast food joint. Maybe I'll drop some weight over the journey. That wouldn't be so bad. Then all the clothes I shipped won't fit and I'll have to go shopping. (just kidding honey) 

Off to Tennessee tomorrow depending on the roads. I'm sure they will be fine. (not fond of Tennessee. Spent some time there a while back. I'm hoping I like memphis once we get there. 

I think we are going to turn in early. Everyone seems to be passed out but me. But I'm yawning and yawning. Night all. I'll try to blog at the end of each day. 


so freakin' cold right now

I'm sitting on the floor because all the furniture is gone. Poor dogs. It's freakin' cold down here. they are both past out after a stressful, harrowing morning. All panicky cause greglet and I were removing furniture and trash to go to the dump after my car decided not to start. All better for the moment. wow am I freezing. I think i'll go sit on top of a heating vent....ah, now I have a warm butt and a cold back from the drafty window. 

Miso finally discovered he could jump on the window sill this morning to cry and bark at me for leaving him. stupid dogs. Be thankful if you don''t have one. because on days as cold as this you still have to walk them. yep. I'm killing some time before jeni picks me up. I should be working but I'm spent.

Look how pathetically tired my boys are. I feel so bad. Look at the bags under Miso's eyes. Didn't know dogs could get those. :(

.IMG_1671         IMG_1662

I have several cuts and cracks from hauling junk today, on my hands. They hurt. I'm done done done. But I'm not. one more day. almost there. Still too much to do. whine whine whine. 


...I wonder where my Jeni is. I hope everything's alright...♬ <sings cutely trying not to worry.>

I've decided.

I have decided I will sleep tonight. Last night sucked, I'm so tired. Another crying spell at the end of teaching tonight with ten crying teenagers and three crying adults. I guess I will be missed. I feel emotionally and physically drained. I'm going for a massage tomorrow. I had to cancel my hair appointment. I figured massage was more beneficial. Long list of too many things to do for tomorrow. I'll figure it out. As long as I sleep tonight all will be well. 

Jeni scolded me for being sad. So i'll put on my happy face. :) I'll be happy once the move is complete and we are somewhat settled. I'm going to play it by ear. Decide what I really want to do with my life. I think that's the biggest issue on my brain at the moment. What do I really want to do and can I do it. 

Jeni coming over thursday to help with last minute stuff. I have a present for her but she'll have to wait. (heehee) Maybe she can do that thing for me she didn't get to do on sunday. (hint hint wink wink) 

Okay, off to bed. off to sleep. Off to slumbertown...


something woke me up around 1am and I have not been able to fall back asleep. I hate that. I'm so tired and exhausted. I don't want to start crying again. I cried for the last ten minutes at jeni's then all the way home, then I sobbed as B walked the dogs. I'm drained. I'm really started to have second thoughts. The whole fingerprinting thing really upset me. Right haven't told you about that have I. I was informed that I would have to be fingerprinted if I'm working with home schoolers for dance lessons to prove I'm not a child molester. Yeah. Not going to do it. I shouldn't have to prove I'm not a criminal and I shouldn't have to have my fingerprints posted on a national database with criminals. I'm all for a background check. I think that's great, but in no way shape or form do they need to fingerprint me like a common criminal.  

I'm all for not even teaching the five kids that belong to the home school program that require the fingerprinting. But officially it's still my sisters dance school and she doesn't want to turn the money away. I'm seriously going to phase out of teaching if this is where we are headed. So now i"m in a catch twenty two. If word gets out that I don't want to be fingerprinted then someone is going to say. "Oh, why not. You must be hiding something." I hate that reasoning. It's bullshit. Then I lose business because rumor circulates in a 2000 person town that I refuse to be fingerprinted.  Especially because the sheriff's wife brings her kid there. Yeah, big second thoughts. I just want to paint. I'm probably worrying for nothing but I always think of worst case scenario and I haven't even expressed that yet.

yay day

going over Jeni and justin's today for the day. I'm sure  I'll ball like a baby at some point. I'm going to miss them terribly especially now that I'm having doubts.... didn't get to finish this before we went over jeni and justin's, now all I have to say is "I'm very very sad. So very very sad."..................................

Nice night

Had a great dinner with Trisha. Haven't seen her in soooo long. She was my old boss many moons ago. We had Salmon and green beans and salad. They had rice pilaf. I made a chocolate cake. Trisha recently lost her dad so she is now living in his house. It was absolutely beautiful. She gave us a bottle of wine with a cute fuzzy stuffed dog (purchase of the dog helps saint judes research) She said after you move you are going to need some wine and when you get settled something to snuggle with. I thought that was cute. :) We were there from 7:00-11:30ish. Doug, her counter part, had to work late but joined us a little after 9:00. The evening flew. I hadn't realized how much I missed her. I'm glad we got to get together before the move. Now i'm off to get this  place ship shape for painting tomorrow. Yay painting. bleh. 

I hate when this happens

You're all cozy warn, snuggled in bed. You are in a deep wonderful sleep and then you start dreaming about having to pee. Subconsciously you know it's because you do have to pee because you foolishly drank that can of fresca before turning in for the night. Your body refused to wake because you are in the middle of your sleep cycle so you continue to dream about having to pee. In your dream all your attempts to pee are unsuccessful creating a more urgent need to go. Knowing full well if you succeed you will wake to a wet bed. You finally wake up and have the presence of mine to drag yourself out of the cozy warm bed into the frigid night air still hoping to stay groggy enough to fall back asleep if you make the trip fast. But then of course you end up have a world record length pee because yo held it so long and you start to wake up. Nooooooooooo!!! You crawl back into the warm hug that is your bed and hope to fall back asleep because it is only 4:30am, to no avail. You lay there for the next two hours trying to convince yourself to sleep, while your brain wanders to subjects it is way to early to think about. You finally give up and decided to blog and then write your best friend an email because she had to be up at 5am for work.  Well at least you're in good company. 


So, like I said, we had a fantabulous party. To my surprise the mom and daughter came (the one who sent me the scathing, hurtful email over the summer. The daughter gave me a wonderful card thanking me again for training her. I was very happy but very confused. I love the kid. Very bright, very talented. So not sure what the email was all about. Maybe the mom was just having a hormonal week or bat shit crazy week. I don't know. Still very confuse but glad they came. It meant a lot.

 Quite a few of my former student came. It was wonderful. I didn't get to talk to them too much. the age difference thing gets in the way I guess, but glad I could aid int he reunion of old dance friends.  I'm off to a party at one of the schools I work for. It should be a good time. I've kind of have blown off most of their events this year. Just too much going on. 

Less then two weeks left. We'll make it happen. Going to spend our last sunday with Jeni and Justin just hanging out. (I'm not going to cry. I'm not....Okay I am..............................................................................................................................

fantstic party.

We had a fantastic turnout. It was great. Lots and lots of friends and former students and old chums. We had good food and lots of rockband. The Party wrapped up at a descent hour and I hope everyone made it home safe in the weather. I truly am going to miss everyone, especially Jeni and Justin. I told her I wasn't going to cry but I am now as I write this. We have gotten so close in such a short time. It's nice to have a best friend right around the corner.  She is my best friend. I haven't said that in a long time. Well, I'm going to load pics on facebook now and wipe my eyes.

Pre-Party Prep

Went shopping this morning for white chicken chili makings. Hope it comes out as good as the last time. All the prep work is done. I'm waiting for the potatoes to cook so I can mash them up and for the chicken to finish white cooking. Then I'll put it all together and let it simmer. It smells awesome already. Now I'm trying to decide if I'm making a one layer or two layer cake. I think I got a really hot jalapeño pepper. My left hand has been burning for an hour and then I scratched my ear and that is burning. Heehee. I have to remember not to rub my eyes or pat the dogs. Washing made it worse. Guess thats why I should have worn gloves. :) 

Wow, I can't believe it's 11:05 already. Time to go check the chili and get cracking on that cake.  Can't wait to see who comes tonight. Hope it's a good time. 


3rd night in a row. I should be good and tired by 11 am. was almost late for work yesterday because I went back to bed for a nap at 9:30am. This sucks. I blame it on the turkey. I never eat turkey. But I've been eating it since sunday. Stupid delicious turkey and your dastardly plan to wake me up at 4am every stinkin' night.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

early morning grog

I'm not fond of being up this early when there is more sleeping to be had. I've had a couple of rough sleeping nights and it's catching up to me. No matter which way I lay my back feels like it's going to lock into place. Not fun. I go for another massage tomorrow evening. I made a dump run yesterday and forgot which road it was on. Ended up going way out of my way. They close at 4 and I got there at 3:59. I would have been really angry had I missed getting in. I aggravated my back a bit lifting the heavy trash bags. I brought the dogs with me and strapped them in the car. It's the second time they have been strapped in. I'm trying to get them used to it before we travel. I can't have Miso jumping out of the car when I open the door. Neither one of them was happy. But they slept for 3 hours when we got home.  That was a bonus. I have too much to do this week. Probably should get started on it now. I'm not quite awake yet though.  Poor pupster is so out of it right now. He wants to be with me but is still definitely sleepy. So cute.

I love making friends

I've been emailing with Pilar. (the artist I met at the show) I love her already. She sent me some of her original songs. (so cool) Very talented lady. She dabbles in everything. Poetry, painting, sketching, screenplays, guitar, film, and much more. I am enjoying our emails. Hopefully someday we will get to do something collaborative. Now if I could get Jeni, Tasneem, Pilar and myself together we might create something monumental. (or something that really sucks which would also be monumental. ) I'm very lucky to have met so many wonderful people over the last year. I hope I have all of these friends for life.  

Three more paintings up that I did yesterday. Check them out.   or