Alum Rock Park

On this dreary, drizzly, non motivational saturday, we were trying to figure out what to do that didn't involve television, computers or sitting on our asses. We were thinking of heading into San Fran and hit the aquarium or something but it was getting late and we were both cranky. We've had a headache due to allergies and sinus issues for over 10 days. I didn't think fighting traffic and people in San Fran was going to be good for either one of our psyches.

 I really wanted to do something outdoorsy because my head felt much better outside (even though it was supposed to rain) I said "lets do a nature walk." I knew we couldn't be cranky in nature. My boss had suggested Alum Rock park because it has trails and the like. So we headed out. Of course we went to the wrong entrance and had to drive around to find the entrance that was open. We did and here are some pics. 

Okay, still talking. I love the trees out here. They have such personality. If they could talk I would sit and listen to them all day. Very rarely are they straight and tall. They are so twisted and full of character it makes me smile, so yes, lots of tree pics. (you know who they are for) Enjoy!!! I hope you see what I see.   or