A little Tasneemy inspiration.

Woke up today at 6am to have an international video chat with Tasneem. It's been well over a year since we have chatted live (I believe) It was supposed to be a joint painting session but the sun had not risen and my workspace is outside. Plus I couldn't hear her over the running water of the fountain outside. So I watched as Tasneem painted her first layer on a new painting. 

I have never watched her paint before, but I found it fascinating to watch and rather peaceful. She is amazing comfortable with a brush in her hand and it looks like a natural extension of her arm as she paints.  She makes it look incredibly easy. Even when she does something she doesn't like, it takes her no time to fix it and with little effort.  She started with blue, then purple and added mint green. The colors looked so pretty together. I can't wait to see her second layer of paint. 

I was so inspired that I had to find time to paint today. Watching her made me so excited. (Thanks chicky) I finished some chores, walked the dogs and then painted. I was in to fall colors today. The picture I'm posting is REALLY, REALLY horrible. The lighting just wasn't right so I will take another one at a later time and post it. It looks much better in person. I think it will also look much better once I seal it. It will have a better gloss to it.   or