Phew, that's over and this will be a looooooooong blog.

I was brave and dressed all cute in my new short green paisley dress that B got me for my b-day. I should have taken a photo but didn't. Hair in two low pony tails and black nylons and my fake doc martins. Fucking cute, if I do say so myself, and scared shitless. (oh and wore makeup) 

I ended up being half an hour early because I came straight from dance class. It didn't take me as long to get ready as I expected. I was so nervous that I actually phoned my mom to see if she was there. I wasn't comfortable flying solo. She wasn't there yet. I sat in the car distracting myself with the new IPhone App for Skeeball. (God I love skeeball. Its unbelievably fun on the IPhone) Anyway I mustered up the courage to go in and see al the art. (secretly wishing B was holding my hand) I didn't ask him to come because we originally had plans to go to Nightmare in N.E. with Jeni and justin and I didn't want to ruin his night or theirs so I said I would meet them there afterward. Next time I'l probably beg him to come with me :) 

Back to the old

Ahhhhh, back to the old design.  I have posted about a thousand new pictures of the dogs. Check out the tuxedo pics if you haven't already.  I can't stop looking at them. I'll probably post them here till you are sick of looking at Puppy.  Trying to decided what i'll wear tomorrow for the reception. Not sure if I'll go artsy or dressy or mix it up. I'm feeling the need to wear my new red dress with my black lace body stocking and my doc martins with my hair in pony tails. Not sure if I'm brave enough. But that's what I want to wear. (Mostly just to see the look on my mom's face) Imara is kicking me to do it. I'll just send her maybe. 

I think Miso might be sick. Not sure. it's so random. Last night when I got home he went int this five minute choking/coughing/gagging fit. Like he had a hairball. Then at 5am this morning again in his crate.  I took him out and it went on for like ten minutes. It sounded terrible. He's fine now, but I'll call the vet anyway. I wonder if bronchitis its contagious from humans to dogs.

Yeah, whatever

Paintings I displayed. I know I said I wasn't going to stress, but I'm anxious. I can't think about it. So I won't. 


last nights painting.

I'm not sad anymore so don't worry.  this it titled  Sad, useless and unappreciated.


Jeni came with me today to set up at the art show. (which consisted of leaning the paintings against the wall) heehee. 

I'm volunteering a few hours at the art show next week and the week after. Judging is monday but I'm not going to stress about it. I'm just happy people are going to see my art in person. Very exciting.

Very Sad

Feeling sad, useless and unappreciated. Always struggling to not fuck up the little things and failing miserably as usual. I wish I had a deep dark place to crawl into for the evening. See my follow up painting tomorrow. 

Feeling a bit...

overwhelmed and insecure at the moment. It just hit me like a ton of bricks. Very nervous about the weekend and very overwhelmed with the amount of crap in my house. I don't feel I am making much progress. I am, but it doesn't feel that way. I need to get it under control. I get useless when I'm anxious so that won't help anything. Useless, anxious, insecure Yenney. 

New paintings up

pictures suck as usual. Not the right lighting.

finally painted today

I managed three paintings today. The first two I hate at the moment. The third I love and hope I still do after it dries. I may or may not paint over the other two. Jeni gave me a huge canvas, which I think I will paint on tonight after work. I had to warm up with smaller ones since it's been a while. I'm glad I did. Getting ready for work. I am not at all enthused. Been one of those weird, crappy feeling kind of days. 


OKAY. I am not even fucking kidding you. Jeni sent me home with pumpkin cheesecake and B put it in the freezer cause it was in the coolwhip (coolhhwhip) container. I put it in the fridge yesterday to thaw. (hoping it would be okay) OMFG. It was so good. So much better than sunday. (sorry Jeni) this was nearly orgasmic. No exaggeration. I have only had two desserts as good as this tasted that I could say were orgasmic...Creme brulee at the Bar Harbor Inn. (never had one better) cannoli at Cafe Vittoria in Boston and Jeni's pumpkin cheesecake frozen then thawed. Holy F 'in' shit. 

I think I'm starting a 10 day trend

ten days between blogs. So I had a fantabulous birthday. I went over Jeni's and she gave me a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge poster of her Yenney/imara picture. I can wait to hang it. I'm going to wait till I move though so it doesn't get wrecked. It will also be my logo (with Jeni's permission) Once I open my own gallery. Yep. Wouldn't that be fun. 

I'm hoping we'll be able to find a cheap place to rent or better yet a cheap foreclosure so we have a crazy low mortgage. We have till March 11ish till my sister comes back from Guam. Doesn't sound like they will be staying in Guam but she is giving me the studio regardless. I guess finding a place will all depend on if we sell this one. Pretty much half the town of portola is up for sale. Kinda sad, but hopefully good for us. The studio is doing well. Not sure how. But it's grown so much already this year. So that is great. I hope the kids like me and don't all quit after a week with me. I'm sure they won't but I'm sure I will have a few casualties. It's difficult taking over something halfway through the dance year. Well, I'm sure it will work out.

Untitled Text

Wow over a week since I posted. Ten days actually I think. So busy. Haven't felt like posting. So much to do. I really want to paint but haven't been inspired. I've been doing a lot of crochet. I think to relieve stress. I might be a little down. The stress is getting to me a bit. I had a blast with jeni, Justin and B the other night. We went to my favorite mexican joint and then to see Zombieland. IT WAS AWESOME. So much better than expected an great humor. 

I can't wait till October 18th. Joint B-day fun with Jeni. She's the 19th but graciously agreed to celebrate hers with mine on the 18th. She is also giving me a baking lesson. Yay. 

Then on the 29th we are spending the day with Jeni and Justin at Spooky world. Got to get all the fun in we can before December 19th. I finally have a cool friend and I'm so going to miss her. So is life I guess. I hopes she comes to visit. 

I guess I'll have to revive my quicktime videos. Getting sleepy. Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of posting this week.   or