3rd visit to the dog park.

I went back to the dog park friday. We got up super early and were their by 7:30. We had the place to our selves. I played fetch with Miso for about half an hour when a lady, Renee, showed up with 3 dogs. Miso and Puppy started to bark because Renee was behind the gate and didn't come in quick enough. I grabbed Miso and chased Puppy away and they all came in. She noted that most dogs do that when there is a separation of a gate or when on leash and I agreed. I put Miso down and the greeting began. She has a 5 year old long haired dachshund named Michael Angelo,  a 12 year old mix named molly and a 14 year old mix named buddy, who was a rescue. 

Mikey (Michael Angelo) was very vocal and immediately tried to dominate Miso. MIso of course wouldn't have it and gave a warning growl. Mikey tried again and Puppy took this opportunity to dominate Mikey. I told him to get down expecting to get yelled at. I was still shell shocked from wed. Renee said. "Let them work it out."  I was shocked. That's how I feel. So for half an hour Miso, Puppy, and Mikey had a threesome going. Nobody was winning. I got to talking with her and told her about wed. She immediately said. "You didn't leave did you?" and I said "Yes, I was in shock and didn't want to get into a screaming match." "Don't let that group scare you away. Their dogs can do no wrong." 

2nd visit to the dog park.

Wednesday I decided to take the dogs to the dog park again. We had had a perfect morning walk, no barking or growling at anyone and we even were able to meet and greet with a view dogs where we live. I was feeling awesome and proud of my reformed pooches. I looked at them and said "Let's go on an adventure." They somehow new this was a ride in the car and flipped out. 

We arrive at the dog park and there is only one person there so far, Melinda. She went absolutely nuts over Miso and even was playing fetch with his slobbery ball. She said she had never met a Pom with his demeanor. Most she had met are biters and nasty. (I felt good that all the training was helping)

 Puppy was wandering around marking his territory and Miso and I are playing fetch some more after Melinda left. I wanted him good and tired. All of a sudden 6 dogs show up at once. I noticed Miso get slightly nervous but he settled quickly. They did the meet and greet with 2 basset hounds, a Westie  we had met before, an adorable mutt and two pugs I am now calling the bully brothers. 

Launched an allergen free recipe blog.

Getting old sucks. More than I can tell you.

So, if you squeamish about hearing about women's monthly cycles, turn back now. Close the window and go away. Well, I've been mostly sick since i've been here. I was bad and eating all my allergens except wheat. I had my period a week ago and then decided to go on a detox. I've been super good except for yesterday when I had steak tacos which apparently had wheat and of course the shells were corn. I finally felt amazing on friday. Really good and lots of energy. Saturday was mediocre. I made it through dance class but was a bit low on energy and then the bad lunch. Today, sunday, feel like crappola again. Started spotting. So not happy. It's only been a week since my period. What the hell? Had amazing sex the other day, maybe between that and the detox my system is fucked up. I don't know, but as of now, my period has started again. This could be old age, shock to the system, or I'm just plain falling apart. Worst case scenario is I'm miscarrying which would only be if B's vasectomy has reversed itself. I've never had this happen. I did have a 3 week period when I started the pill at an inappropriate time but never started one week after my normal period. 

Found the local dog park.

I'm finally feeling better. Miso woke me up at 6am today. I milked it till 6:20 and then decided to get up. I took the dogs on an hour walk this morning in hopes to drain them of some energy. We headed out to check out the park across from where we live but when we got there there was a big sign that said 'NO DOGS'. :( So we set out walking the streets. I hadn't done that yet. We also found two sections of the apartment complex we had never seen. (this place is so huge)  I started a new game with the dogs when we reach stairs. I say "Wait. Ready.....Set....Go!!!" then we run like crazy up or down the stairs. They love it and it makes me sweat so it's good for all fo us. 

After the walk I ate a salad for breakfast. Made coffee then drove B to work. Now we were off to find the one out of 50 parks that allow dogs off leash. My expectations were low because my dogs bark at every other dog, but I looked at this as a trial run. It was easy to find with my GPS. It's a cute little fenced in area with small dogs on one side and big dogs on the other. Miso went crazy as soon as he jumped out o the car and saw a big dog through the fence. Puppy, however, remained calm. (very weird) 

Yaaaaaaaaaaay Me!!!! <shakes pom poms>

So my body has taken to serious rebellion when I eat garlic and onions. I used to just get a sore throat and sometimes tonsillitis. We had Korean two days ago and of course Kimchee has loads of garlic. I think my soup did too. My throat and tongue are swelled and I feel like I have tiny little cankers all under the surface of my tongue and mouth. This happened the other week as well,when I ate something with garlic and then when I had onions. I expected it to subside within 24 hours like last time, but now I'm going on day three. Not fun. I'm pissed. I will be eating bland and boring this week to try to get everything out of my system. Then if I "accidentally" have something I shouldn't the reaction won't be as bad (hopefully) I think I have a build up of allergens in my body at the moment. I've been eating way to much corn. This totally sucks. Okay, I'm done bitching.   or