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newest project.

Friends rock and inspire me

Sometimes simply for just being my friends. I like having friends. I am on a mission to paint today.  A series of 14 cards that when put together make a painting. But will be framable on their own. (hopefully) More details coming (unless I mess them up) :) 

So uninspired.

Yep, not inspired to do much. I'm feeling bored with everything. Need to find some inspiration. (and find some energy) 

Bed at 9pm up at 6am

I got nothing.

Yay, B isn't dying

Benign Ulcerated Stomach Disease. Which basically means his stomach and small intestine are filled with ulcers. Sounds like fun. So bland diet for at least two weeks. No booze and minimal coffee. We won't know the results of the biopsy for a while. The doctor is out of town for 3 weeks.  He tested negative for the bacteria that causes ulcers so they are testing him for a hormone that causes over production of stomach acids.  His esophagus was fine, which was a relief. Wooooot!!!! I think I could sleep for 3 days straight at this point.

Okay, stress is good right?

No...Okay so I took B to the gastro guy today and the doctor was awesome and very calm but decided to squish B into his very busy schedule tomorrow at 7:30 am for a  upper gastro thingy tomorrow. (i'm so worried I can't remember the name) before the doctor goes on his 3 week vacation. Which has me more worried. He must think there is something bad if he's squishing him in and coming in extra early. :( 

Whatever it is It better be fixable. (grrrrrrrr) I hate worrying. 

Okay so after the visit we went to 50/50 in Truckee. It's one of B's favorite brew pubs. I was crazy hungry and it was dinner time. The bartender (no lie) was definitely goofed up on something. She was so out of it. She was forgetting simple things like, taking your order and pausing as she was pouring beers because she couldn't remember what she poured and then asking who asked for the beer. Yeah it was fun.  She handed us a menu and then 5 minutes later took it from us but didn't ask if we wanted anything. She was randomly giggling and very spacey. She got clear headed of course when I asked for a greek salad, gluten free. She was like, " there is no such thing as gluten free here." I gave her a sideways look and she said " we make pizza and the flour is everywhere". Well B had found a unique burger he wanted to try and I said " just get it. I'll wait. but you'll have to run me by Jimmy's when we get home because I'm ravenous." 

Congrats to my close friends

Two of my close friends are getting married this weekend. Coincidently both are from the UK. I couldn't be happier for them. Really. Tony is marrying his soulmate Ian and I so wish I could be there and Tasneem is her soulmate from Pakistan. I so wish I could be there to help her and I hope she's not freaking out too much. :) 

I wish only the best and loads and loads of happiness for these two. I feel like I've known them both for forever. Strangely enough, we've never met in person. But I feel like I see them all the time. Tasneem and I send video to each other and Tony and I chat nearly every day. Very strange how close you can get to people you've never met. I never thought it possible and I feel so lucky to know them both. I would be very sad if they ever left my life.

What is sad is I feel closer to these two than I do my own family. I trust them more too. They are like my new family and I must say, I love them with all my heart. I raise a toast to you Tasneem and you Tony and you husbands to be and wish you the most happiness a couple can share with each other.

the one New England thing I will never leave behind.

As I'm sitting here eating my salt and vinegar chips with ketchup.

Mr. chippy and mr. bunny

I woke up early and went to walk the dogs. As I looked out the kitchen window there was a cute little cotton tail bunny and Mr. chippy. Mr. Bunny was sitting and nibbling on something and Mr. chippy kept running up behind him and touching his tail. The bunny would jump and face the other way and chippy would flank him from the other side. It was very cute. Thats my story for today.

oh pancakes

So sometimes you just want pancakes. There no getting around it. I haven't had pancakes in 3-4 years. I used to feel crappy after eating them so I stopped. This was way before the i knew about the celiac thing. I've been craving them lately. It must be in the air because B was too. He bought some pancake mix and knew I was going to feel left out. I grabbed the gluten free mix to give it a try. Now I've avoided trying gluten free pancakes because i know they are going to be gross. I just know it. So along with the gluten free mix I grabbed a bag of chocolate chips. I figure at least the chocolate will be good.

So today was the day. I'm mixing up the batter, it looks pretty normal. I'm not holding out any hope. I dump half a bag of chocolate chips in. The more the better right. Then I'm about to throw them in the pan and I spot the mint chocolate baileys irish cream. Oh yes, now we are talking. I didn't use ungodly amounts, just a splash or two and I must say, that did the trick. They were pretty close to pancakes. I'd have them again. I think the baileys did the trick. It covered up the ricey gross taste you get with most gluten free products.   or