Have I ever mentioned...

How much I hate the telephone. My sister is paying me for and hours work to call all the kids to see if they want to be in the upcoming parade. I'm supposed to be doing that now. :)

Pissed squirrel

Not sure if I mentioned this. We were outside last week and Miso chased a squirrel up a tree. He kept circling the the tree and then sitting and looking up and barking whenever the squirrel attempted to come down. The squirrel started screeching at Miso and then hurling things from the tree at him. It was hysterically funny. I've never seen or heard a pissed squirrel before but it was very entertaining.


I put two paintings up on the painting blog. 

Hike to Salmon Lake

We packed up the car with the dogs and a back pack and went to Salmon Lake. It was beautiful. I have never seen so many dragonflies in one place in my whole life. It was amazing. (you know my obsession with dragonflies) they were swarming. Amazing. Most were a really pretty blue, You'll see them (sort of) in the pics. I forgot the camera so I had to use my i-phone but got some nice pics between me and B. Hope you like them. 

Our hike in.

IMG_0009            IMG_0010

IMG_0012            IMG_2499

Imara Skinny dipping.                                                            Yenney Puppy and Miso

IMG_0013            IMG_0015

IMG_2501             IMG_0017


                                                                                             Look close. all the blue streaks are dragonflies. :)

IMG_2502            IMG_2503

more dragonflies. (hard to see I know) :(                              Love this pic. Wish I could paint it.

IMG_2504          IMG_2505

Imara Still skinny dipping

IMG_0019          IMG_0020

so pretty                                                                              so relaxing

Under the 3/4 moon

So lat night we were sitting and watching Veronica Mars season one and B says. "Wanna take this outside and do a marathon?" and a bit hesitant I said "sure." concerned it would be buggy. The moon was 3/4 full and peaking thought the trees. We brought the IPad out and resumed Veronica Mars. I decided to take some pictures which I totally expected not to come out but they did.  We were up till almost 2am and the dogs were fabulous. They weren't needy or annoying they were just enjoying the perfect night like we were. We all had fun and relaxed. Haven't had a perfect night like that in a while. It was great. Here's some pics. 

DSC01918          DSC01921DSC01924        DSC01927         DSC01930         DSC01931DSC01952          DSC01956DSC01957         DSC01959DSC01961          DSC01962DSC01963        DSC01970DSC01978       DSC01980DSC01987        DSC01990DSC01991       DSC01996DSC02002      DSC02008DSC02010

oh Nostalgia

I pulled off my temporary crown friday night in a moment of nostalgia. B and i have a tradition going back over 16 years. When a gum ball machine is spotted he hands me a quarter and I go and see if I can get the purple gum ball (unless of course there happens to be an all purple one, then it's easy) and in the case he didn't have a quarter, I would cutely slip one in his pocket and he would then fake surprise and hand me the quarter to proceed. We had not done this in I don't know how long. It's usually when we were at the mall and we haven't been to the mall in ages

Well we checked out a mall in Reno friday and low and behold, gum ball machine. Now I had been instructed not to eat anything hard or sticky and I was being very good. The crown I don't think was seated correctly to begin with. I was constantly aware of it's presence and it felt wiggly. Well in the moment I saw the gum ball machine I completely forgot about the temporary crown. Yep, I was so excited. I handed B the quarter and he didn't hand it back. He went and purchases it for me. I was happily chomping away on the crown-less side of my mouth when B asked me something (I don't remember what) and i was deep in thought and pushed the gum to the crown side of my mouth. POP. I didn't even finish the chew. 

Sweeney Todd

Watching sweemey Todd. it's after 2:30 in the morning. we are about half way though. (that's yenney, B and myself) Don't know if I will last. 

Magical B fixes internet.

with a little help from his Yenney. He did all the hard stuff. I just suggested we try a different phone jack.  It's fixed as best as it will be for now. At least we aren't kicked off every 5 minutes anymore. 

a trip to lake davis

IMG_2490           IMG_2491IMG_2492    IMG_2493

more pics coming later.

Our internet blows

Wow our internet has sucked for the last week. Same thing happened last month right before we went to NH. The modem disconnects every 8-10 minutes. Then it takes 5-10 minutes to reconnect. Who knows if I'll even be able to post this. Weird it's coinciding with aunt flo's visit. Maybe I'm giving off bad vibes that interfere with the connection. :) This is totally ridiculous. Good thing I haven't really wanted to be on line this week. This morning I did thought but it's proving more frustrating than worth it. I'm going to go check on some paintings. 

projects continue

I'm going to attempt to cross stitch this onto the blue and yellow blanket.


the blanket is finished. Wooooot!!!!

Finished one. on to the next

Finished the first blanket. It went super quick. I was shocked. So I'm on to the next.


next project

Photo on 2010-07-03 at 09.33 #2

I started a new project.

This is for Fiona. The picture doesn't do it justice. it's much prettier in person. 


It's only 1/4 done. :)   or