Rainbows and Bunnies

Okay this is minus the bunnies. I was sitting here thinking of how much my back hurts and what a long day I had and how tired I am when I looked out the window to see the sky glowing pink. 

I jumped up and grabbed my I-phone, which has the shittiest camera ever, and went to the window. As I looked out there was and amazing rainbow. I ran down stairs and out the front door and low and behold it was a gull arch rainbow. Spectacular. (and I only had my shitty i-phone camera. So here are some pics. I wish Crimsonsilk was here. She would have undoubtedly captured it's true beauty.

IMG_0994      IMG_0995IMG_0996      IMG_0997IMG_0998       IMG_0999IMG_1001        IMG_1002IMG_1003    IMG_1004IMG_1005     IMG_1006IMG_1007        IMG_1008IMG_1009       IMG_1010IMG_1011

So tired, so sore, not enough time in the week.

I've been pretty much leaving the house by 7:30am and returning home around 9ish pm. Very tired. My back is sore and I still don't look like i've made any progress packing. I rented a storage unit to store stuff and squeaked out some cash for movers to come move everything. I'm appreciative for the two friends who said they would come help me saturday. I guess you find out who your friends are when it involves volunteering your time to help someone out. It's kind of sad I can count them on one hand. 

I'm having second thoughts about taking on so much for the fall, but I need to get out of debt. And we need to save to move.  I was really doing my best not to have bad thoughts about people this week, but Imara egged me on. I had a few and I hope it doesn't come back to haunt me. I've really been thinking about the karma thing lately. I think it really affects some people and not others. 

God I love Bruce Campbell. Sorry I have burn notice on at the moment.

Anyway, the latest news is my sister in CA, informed me they are thinking of going to Guam (for at least a year) And she offered for me to run her studio. If they stay in Guam she said I could have it. They also said we could take over payments on their house and stay there. It has a fenced in yard for the dogs. We are so excited, but trying not to get our hopes up just in case. But that would be possibly for next year. We had a two year time frame, but I know we could do it.

So much to do so little time...

so why not paint?

sea ménagerie


deep dark place





This one's for Jeni

So I woke to the sound of rain of the roof this morning. My first thought was. "Wow, that sounds nice." My second thought was GDMF I have to walk the dogs. (I'm also suffering from the amalgamation of monthly womanhood)

I got up showered and trudged down the stairs trying to think of the shortest possible route I could take the dogs. 

I coaxed puppy down the stairs and walked out side. I was surprised at how warm it was. The rain was light and cool and there was a very light breeze.

"Hmm" I said and began to walk. I was alone with the dogs. No one was out and about yet. Probably still snuggled with there honeys and delaying their emergences on this gloomy day.

The only sounds I heard were the rain on the leaves and the birds singing happily. It immediately put me in a good mood. It sounded like one of those nature relaxation tapes recorded outside. It was beautiful and found I didn't mind the rain this morning. I love to hear it hit the trees. 

I heard Jeni in my head. "embrace the rain sweets and love it for what it is."

Paint paint paint paint paint.

Did some more painting today. one is finished the other two are not.  That's all.

...and the hurt just keeps on coming.

My face is still stinging from the 'SLAP' that was just emailed to me and my wound is starting to bleed from where the knife is firmly implanted between my shoulder blades and piercing my heart. Apparently I have killed the joy and love of dance out of one of my favorite students and she never wants to take class from me ever again. 

Whether the email was meant to hurt or just inform me, I'm not quite sure. It had a bite to it and indeed hurt me deeply. All from a kid who was laughing and joking and having fun at recital. From a kid who hugged me and thanked me for everything I had done. From a Kid who I thought for sure would keep in touch with me and let me know where she had moved on to and what she was doing. 

I felt really good, like I had really made a difference in her life. Gave her great training. Worked extra hard with her. We always joked and had a good time. I guess she was lying to my face. It makes me so sad. Sometimes I really don't know who is real anymore. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. My whole life I've had people show me one face and then turn around and put on a completely different one. But I was so sure about this student. I never once felt she was disingenuous. I guess that's why it was such a blow.  I thought she was an amazingly cool teenager with amazingly cool parents. And very very talented. 

I had to post this pic.

I had forgotten I took it. Miso tangled in his leash and not seeming to mind it.


and here are some flowers I bought recently. They still look great and it's been almost two weeks.

IMG_0802               IMG_0803IMG_0804

OH and there are new paintings posted. 

Oh happy day.

I'm in a surprisingly good mood today. Probably because I just got done chatting with Jeni on facebook.  I wonk this morning not wanting to get out of bed. But I dragged myself because of the pathetic whimpering of Miso -demon.  I was not up to our two mile walk but did it anyway because I skipped it yesterday. I was happy I did it. I came home drenched (and not from the drizzly rain) 

I jumped on the wii fit to weigh myself because our scale has been not working and I was disappointed at what I saw. I shrugged it off and then realized I was out of coffee. And I promptly went through my list of swear words. I sat and responded to some emails about studio stuff. (Oh I sold the floor last night Yay)

Then B came down and made tea. He said cutely in an english accent. "I'm making a spot of tea in the brown betty." It made me smile. And I so wanted to record it for Tasneem. (I'm killing time here hoping she will come on line, but I think it's too early.) Any way he was adorable. 

I made us breakfast which wasn't at all filling and sat back down at my laptop. B said. You want to go to amigos for lunch? and I said. I was just going to ask you. 

I know it's been days.

I promised I would blog. I have to because I demanded Jeni do it the other day. :)

So I'm blogging about my week.  I managed to get out of my lease a month early. Yay!!! I also don't owe as much money as I thought . Double Yay!!! So the last two days I have been doing nothing but email every studio I can and tell them to come buy stuff. I've had a lot of calls but nothing concrete yet. If I can sell my floor I will be golden. I have to have everything gone by august 2nd and have the place clean. I'm going to clean on august 1st. (any volunteers?) :) :) ;) 

Imara taugh a class tonight and it went well. I have to go in tomorrow and start packing and sorting. Pulling costumes out and organizing. I really really hope I can sell all the big stuff. Anyone need a couch or chairs. An ancient microwave? 

So Jeni, I won't be needing that newsprint if you want it back. I have no one for theater camp. Let me know. :) 

I spent 2 and a half hours outside playing fetch with Miso yesterday. He was so tired it was awesome. I've been trying to get to painting but no luck yet. No writing either. 


So I just had a fantastic bowl of Yum. I haven't had a bowl of cereal in over a year. I thought I was lactose intolerant so I stayed clear. I bought some gluten free cinnamon Chex cereal (in hopes to make a chex mix) I decided to have a bowl. Yum. I felt like a kid when you get excited at the end of the bowl because the milk gets all cinnamony. I used to love when my milk turned chocolate as a kid after having a really bad for you cereal. 

Yeah anyway, it was a yummy way to start the day. Even if it is monday. I hadn't noticed till someone pointed it out. 

I think I snapped out of it.

I just got done watching a Werner Herzog documentary. "Encounters at the end of the World". He traveled to Antarctica. The footage was breathtaking. Especially the under water shots. 

I got particularly sad when Werner asked a scientist if penguins go insane. He said sometimes they get lost. They showed a group of penguins running to the water and a solitary penguin standing and looking lost. He didn't follow the other penguins and he didn't return back to camp. He turned and started running toward the mountains. I began to get sad. Then they saw another one running through one of the camps. He was 80 kilometers off course and headed out across 5000 more kilometers of snow. Made me very sad. Poor little guy. So that officially snapped me out of my blank mood. 

It was amazing to me that people can dive in that kind of freezing cold water. But the pictures were beautiful. Strange Jellyfish, swimming clams, starfish with spider like legs.  And the microscopic organisms were amazing.

He interviewed the staff and scientists about how they ended up in Antarctica. It was very good. He is a wonderful director.

Weird Mood

I'm trying to identify my mod today. I'm having no luck. I kind of feel blank.  I hate when I get like this yet I'm not mad or angry. Not happy or sad. 

We spent the day power cleaning and trying to organize. I took a brief trip outside with the dogs and had a puppy pool play date with all the neighborhood dogs. Miso pissed off one of the big labs. He was jealous skittles was playing with him. Bogart didn't put up with it and took him down. I didn't freak out, I didn't worry. Just pulled them apart and made them be friends again.

Went back inside and cleaned some more. Then sat out on the porch and listened to the sox game. Now we are watching an Italian film. 

I just feel blank. I have the slight urge to be creative but nothing is coming to mind. I don't want to paint, I don't want to write and I don't want to choreograph. (that doesn't leave much else) Hopefully I'll snap out of it. Hopefully soon.


So tonight was the night we got together to paint. Here are a lot of pictures.

Before we started.


Jeni jumping in.                                                             Yenney warm up

IMG_0767    IMG_0768

                                                                                   Painted feet.

IMG_0769 IMG_0770


My knee.                                                                        warm up canvas


We accidentally tore some holes in this because it was newsprint.


second canvas



IMG_0784    IMG_0785IMG_0786   IMG_0787IMG_0788       IMG_0789IMG_0790       IMG_0791


All I have to say is Wow. Watch the movie. Wow. Definitely a statement on vigilantism. And the war. Wow. Watch it.                                                                            

watching Otis

Definitely a dark comedy. So far so good. Kevin Pollack, Illeanna douglas. I'm about half way through. I didn't know what to expect. But It's done really well.


Grumpy and cranky and working on two hours of sleep. My body is fighting to not be cranky because the sun is out . I've alrealdy been on an hour walk this morning, did some dishes and now have to find the energy to go food shopping. ( One of my least favorite things to do) But it must be done or I will be eating pepperocini for my meals. Seeing that is all I have in my fridge. 

If it warms up I may go down to the pool. (though I'm not fond of public pools) Or I may take the dogs out in the field, though I do see some dark clouds looming. I was hoping they would be passed out after our hour long walk, but no luck.  I do have the urge to paint a bit but only if I can do it outside. I'm not feeling I want to be stuck up in my loft on such a nice morning. 

I'm getting together with Jeni tomorrow for an early dinner at Amigos and then we are having a combined painting session. (finally) I can't wait. It will be so much fun. We will have on Repo the Genetic Opera as background while we paint. It should be interesting to see what we come up with and if our styles clash. I might even ask Imara to come. :) She'll probably be mad if I don't. 

July 5th. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaach!

So we went off tOo the beach yesterday because it was finally gorgeous out. We thought we would hit tons of traffic. We were on the road by 7:45am. It was literally a ghost town. We got to the beach about 8:45ish and to our surprise it looked like this.




Around 10 I dosed off and woke up 45 minutes later to see this.


Wall to wall people. I had a fun time anyway. Then we were off to our usual haunt-Portsmouth for steamers and yum.

Simple pleasures.

I love good friends, good conversation (even if it's on line) and a great glass of good cognac. So I had a video chat with a very good friend yesterday. Her first video chat. It was great. And had another I-chat with her today. It made me smile. 

I realized I haven't blogged in a very long time, so I'm making myself. I just got back from a great trip to Baltimore where we saw two Red Sox games. One a crushing defeat and one a nice comeback to win. Brian had always told ma how amazingly beautiful and cool Camden Yards was. We went last august and had descent seats but did not see all the cool places Brian had remembered from being there years ago. Also I was not satisfied with the ballpark food. Very disappointed lst year. This year we got "Club level seats" Wow. What a difference. For seven dollars more we got access to the club level. This means and inclosed area (air conditioned)  with amazing food. 

Brian says "This is what I remember." I say "Wow, now I'm spoiled."

So we had amazing seats both days not to mention if it got too hot (which it didn't) You could go inside and sit at a bar and watch the game. I found amazing barbeque roast beef with sauce and horseradish and ti didn't make me sick. (sucker for good roast beef)   or