Painting session

Had my friend Laura over to paint. She's never painted and wanted to try. She did awesome but I'm supposed to tell you that it isn't finished yet. It was a high tension morning. B and I both cranky which then sets the dogs off. I had to banish Miso outside and he kept tangling himself up in the yard leash and crying. All in all I'm surprised she could concentrate. Here is her unfinished painting.


New painting

It's over on the Painting blog.

Oh boy

So apparently we are chipmunk killers. I feel really bad. We left the kiddie pool full of water after the dogs had their dip. I had no idea chippys like water. They got in but couldn't get out apparently. Six in all. It made me very sad. We gave them a burial and hopefully the dogs won't dig them up. (Ewwwwwwww)

I had wondered why I hadn't seen any chippys running around lately. :( :( :(

(Karma -6)

to new experiences

After an emotional evening I needed to paint. I asked B if he wanted to come paint with me. To my surprise he said "yes". Then he asked if he could photograph me while I painted. Normally i hate my picture taken. Especially if I'm naked. But I said "Okay." 

We headed up to the room over the garage and I of course pulled out a 30"x40" canvas. I was ready to get messy. The title in my head for this painting was "Broken" It came out completely different than  I was expecting. I may still keep the title but I'm not sure that it fits. So B photographed me during the whole process. i really didn't mind (maybe the tequila helped) :) I liked him being there. When I finished I said "Your turn" 

He didn't want to use one of my new canvases so I handed him one of my recent paintings that dried badly. I grabbed the camera and photographed him.  I really like his painting. I like it much better than mine. Mine have been a bit busy lately. I can take a page from his book. I guess they have been so busy because that's how my brain feels of late. I'm still waiting for it to relax and settle down since our trip. 

to new adventures

4bstraction blog is up. I got things rolling and posted the first one. This will be an experimental journey with three of my favorite people.  check it out and leave your thoughts.


okay so I'm in the shower after really good sex and my mind is wandering all over the place. It has been all day and I was remembering things past and suddenly realized part of my guilt and self loathing growing up (other than my child molesting father) was I don't think I felt pure enough for Jehovah. I wanted to be, but that had been taken away from me. Then I was thinking of why I tried so hard to be perfect. Because I knew I was less than perfect, But maybe if I proved i was then he would accept me and not blame me for what had happened. But then the victim always gets blamed so it was a lost cause. Anyway, just the thoughts swirling around my brain. I had to put them down. I'm sure more will come out later.

Oh Tedium

Trying to update the painting blog. Got a lot done. Now I need a break. 6 more months to go. 


I don't know when the last time I got to sleep till 9am was. B let me sleep and got up and walked the dogs, fed them then made me breakfast in bed. Wow. That was awesome.  Now sitting on the couch having coffee. Puppy is glued to my lap and being adorable. Miso is curled up on the floor next to the couch. I think they really missed us. It's really awesome to be home.

1st leg

We lucked out and got an empty seat between us for the first flight. Woohoo!. Can't wait to be home and see my dogs. I really miss them and I can't wait to sleep in my own bed. It has been a VERY long week. 


Had an awesome relaxing saturday at Greg and Laura's. Spent most of it in the hot tub. Got a surprise text from Jeni and Justin and now spending sunday afternoon with them. Best way to end a weekend. It brought my mood up. Hijacking their wifi to post. K. bye.

Fun night.

had about 12 or so people show. It was good. More than I expected. A nice smattering of B's and my friends. I was so happy Andrea came. I miss her tons. And Pilar made it which made my night. Love her to pieces. We got artsy plans in the works. Conveniently  there is an art show around the same time I will be back to see Jeni and (this is for you Tasneem and Jeni) we could show as the group Abstraction. :) Woooot. Oh and best news of all Pilar will have a website shortly. Double Woooooooooooooot!!!!!!!!

I was glad to see Alan, Gary,  Jason, and joel and Dennis. I met some new people too. My pal from high school came with her hubby. (cindy and jeff) 

Our Server Jodie was run ragged. I hope she made good tips. I can't believe we stayed from 4-12:30am

Rough nights sleep. at least I got some. We have a cook out later today and I hope I can dig out my bathing suit. 


Well we coughed up the $1700.80 this morning as we had to sit and watch the buyer giddy with excitement that she swindled us out of any money from this sale. She would not tell us what the condo had appraised for and it's probably better I don't know. I may have launched myself at her and gouged her eyes out. She's going to make some poor guy pay once she marries him. She gives a bad name to women. Now we can only hope the title company and the mortgage company don't screw up sending us that 1700 mid july-ish. 

Our real estate agent gave us a $50.00 target gift certificate today. Which I am extremely grateful for. We were able to buy a large piece of luggage to take home  clothing that has been in storage. We were planning to ship most of our clothing and a few personal items we've gone without but cannot even afford to do that this round. So I'm just happy I'll have some clothes. I'm sick of wearing the same 3 pairs of pants and 6 t-shirts I have. (I'm sure everyone else is too) 

We were going to fly home early but that would cost more than we have between changing the tickets and returning the rental car early. (yeah they charge you for that) So we checked out of our hotel and will be sleeping on my brother-in-laws  living room floor for the next 4 nights. The physical therapist will really have her work cut out for her when I get back. Hopefully we won't die from the adorable and friendly cat cajun. (we are all allergic) I am very grateful for my brother-in-law allowing us to stay though. He's awesomely great guy. 

Never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never buy a house...

unless you plan to live in it till you die or can hang on and sell it at the top of the market. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. We thought we were going to walk away with about $1000.00. Not much but better than losing on the damn place. 

We are closing friday and we get an email today saying "you need to bring $1700.00 to closing."  WTF.

 "We don't have record that your taxes were paid. "

 "the taxes are paid out of our mortgage through the mortgage company." 

"Oh well, we don't see that they have paid it yet so you'll have to pay it." 

"Um, we barely had enough money to fly out here for closing and the buyer has been ass raping us including wanting new carpets which we dropped $2000.00 on just to sell the damn place and now she's in there measuring for more new carpets. Bitch" 

"bring $1700.00 or the deals off."

Okay so now we have to check out of our hotel, sleep on my brother in laws floor till tuesday and not eat for two weeks because that's all we have in our checking account. At least I'll lose that weight I've been trying to lose. Hopefully the buyer won't drop dead till after we sign the papers. ;)

The end in sight. Woooot!!!

So the 6 months of double mortgages is almost at an end. Finally. The only thing at this point I can see going wrong is if our plane doesn't touch down. We fly to NH monday, we have 3 days to attempt to clear enough space in the storage locker to put all our crap. We'll ship clothes and thing we need and have been missing. (whatever we can ups for under $1000.00) and save our pennies to ship the rest hopefully by the years end. We close on the condo friday morning the 18th and then off to celebrate with whomever shows up at Boston Billiards. Dinner with Jeni and Justin on Wed. Cookout with Laura and Greg on saturday. Monday I'm going to leave open for my mom and my sister. Then we fly home tuesday the 22nd. Then we get to sigh in relief. Woooot. 

Hopefully we'll be able to fly back to NH in October for the birth of Jeni and justin's baby. I'll make it happen. I don't want to miss that. :)

finally a great day for hiking

We took the dogs and hopped in the car this afternoon and went to see if the road we have been trying to drive was finally open. Hurray, yes. We did the hike to Frasier Falls. It was more like a pleasant walk on a gorgeous day. Here are pics.

IMG_2331       IMG_2332IMG_2333             IMG_2335IMG_2336             IMG_2337IMG_2338             IMG_2339IMG_2341             IMG_2340IMG_2342

then we took a drive over the other road that was closed all winter and took a hike to Loves Falls. Here's more pics.

IMG_2343          IMG_2344IMG_2345          IMG_2346IMG_2347           IMG_2348IMG_2349           IMG_2350IMG_2351

It was quite the perfect day and now I have two past out puppies. Wooot.

Let the adventure begin.

Started tackling Myspace today. I can officially say I feel old.

I'm also looking forward to the joint adventure of Crimsonsilk(tasneem), Pilar, hopefully Jeni, and myself.  Creating a joint blog for creativity. Tentative title "Abstraction". 


Well so long worldly possessions

 We won't be moving our stuff after all. It's going to close to $5000.00 and we don't have it. Guess we'll be throwing out a lot more than we already have and storing the rest. I think I'm going to need new clothes  anyway

Yep, did it. <don't be sad>

I did indeed paint over three of my previous paintings. And surprisingly I feel better. Bet you can't guess which ones. Maybe you can. Here they are. And wow they all have titles.

emotional explosion                                                                I wish I was

DSC01486              DSC01487

self deprecation 


More destined to be painted over

really need to paint. I think I may paint over some of my paintings tonight. Can't sell them so why not. Not even at 50% off. They are useless sitting there and I need to paint desperately. Don't think I can hold out. I think three are going down tonight. Just the mood I'm in. I hope it passes. I don't like it. Can't wait for the next few weeks to be over. Very stressful. 

Hmmm. the power of the Puppy

Wonder if I should take leads off Puppy as far as people are concerned. They are supposed to have a sense right? Puppy usually hates older men for whatever reason. He usually growls and barks inconsolably, which then sends Miso into a state of shrill barking. We took our second long walk today and met a neighbor down the road who was working in his amazing garden.

 He is an 80 year old sweet sweet man. I said hello and expected Puppy to go into his usual rant. Nope, not even when the man approached. I asked him about a particular purple flower which he invited me onto his property to take a closer look. It was some kind of vine that he couldn't remember the name of. I'm not surprised he has so many variety of flowers I know I couldn't keep track. 

We got to chatting and i look down at Puppy and he's lazily laying down in the yard all relaxed.  Miso was eagerly watching the squirrels. We chatted for about 15 minutes. He got the Puppy approval which is great. 

We continued our walk and halfway through Miso stopped and starts biting his foot.  I bent down to see the problem and found a swarm of red ants all over his paw. I brushed the off (nasty buggers)  Now we are all chillin' in the living room with the doors open. There's a nice breeze and it's a bit overcast but the temperature is pleasing. We are going to take another walke at 1:00 to give B a break from work. It will help me work off that mini snickers bar i ate. :)   or