OMG he's so terrible

I really am so distraught he sucks so bad. He was so good in battlestar. that i am really upset he sucks so bad as merlin. He uses this deep voice that sound so forced. It's really sad.  Now the daughter of king arthur is fighting the lady of the lake. this really sucks. Not really sure what's going on.

I did indeed paint.

Seven in all. Most I like. One or tow I will either add or paint over. I stood to leave my loft. As I did I looked at my ceiling. It's slanted and m head almost touched it. It had all the nice textured ceiling stuff. Hmmm. I put green and blue and purple on my pallet and began to paint the ceiling. It's kinda tie dye affect. It looks cool. I like it.  I'm going to finish the whole thing I think. I'm going to take pics as I go.

Yay. Then I'm going to do the walls. Yep. all with my hands. 

Ho Hum

Fiddely dee. On the porch. I just finished my tequila. The dogs are harshing my mellow fighting over a ball. Puppy is half stones from the pain meds but still knows how to get Miso barking. Grrrr. It' a beautiful eveining and the sun is shining with a light wonderful breeze and no bugs. So what's my problem. I think I'm bored. 

I smoked a Padron longsdale cigar with my tequila. It was pretty good. I almost finished it. I haven't had a cigar in a while. Oh I take that pack. I had one on the ay home from Portsmouth after that big ass crown royal. 

Any how. I'll be good on those for a while. 

I went out with Jeni last night and had a blast. We talked about things past and present and future. I don't think we set each other spiraling like we did before. I think it was good constructive, cathartic conversation. (she can correct me if I'm wrong) 

It's really nice to have a friend to go out with. It feels like it's been ages. I am also thinking about crimsonsilk. She lost her aunt this week. I hope they are all well. Sending xxxxxx and ooooooooo's their way.

Puppenstuff survives.

So the vet said everything went superlyduperly. (not in those words of course) It was less expensive than quoted but not by much. Puppenstuff was all whimpery and pathetic when I picked him up. He looked awful. I tried to make him walk when we got home but he wouldn't have it. So we went inside and he perked up. He headed straight for the food which I had to make him wait for because I had to soften it up.

He got all stampy foot and impatient. I swear the look on his face was. "Give me food bitch." (I'm projecting again, but that's what it looked like.)

Worry, worry, worry, worry......

Pups is presently being prepped for surgery. I went in yesterday to talk to the doctor because of major concerns I had. Seeing as how the last surgery (neutering) was an horrific ordeal. I wanted to make sure that that vet was no where near Puppenators body. (hack) 

Anyway. I met a new doctor. Dr. Rosa. He's a little guy with a thick accent. He answered all my questions in depth. I was impressed and felt Puptator would be in excellent hands. 

I tried not to be nervous this morning I didn't want Puptacular to think anything was wrong. It seemed to work. So I bring him in and the vet tech hands me a paper with all the possible problems that could go wrong. (kind of reinforcing all my worry that went away the day before)

"I know it looks bad, but I've never seen any of these happen. But we have to show them to you."

"I know."

I said resigned. What am I supposed to do. He has to get the tooth pulled and those are the risks. I just worry he will have long term affects from then anesthesia.

He was a completely different dog after we had him neutered and not in a good way. I should know in a few hours. 

Memorial Day Dog Fight

So we were having a non planned memorial day doggie party. It was Miso, Puppy, Skittles, Bogart and Charlie. We are having a grande old time. Dogs are great. Even Puppy was happy. It's beautiful fun filled afternoon. Then enters Buster the Bulldog. the same Buster that almost ate Puppy a few weeks ago. Puppy knows to stay clear so I wasn't worried. Actually I picked him up cause he was nervous. Everyone is playing and then 'BLAM' Buster is attacking Miso.  

I throw Puppy at the Neighbor. "Can you watch him" and attempt to chase Buster and Miso. Buster was making him yelp considerably and I was worried Buster was actually biting him. Miso being the quick little fox he is broke free before we could separate them. I have never seen a Bulldog move so fast. He was on him again and then Miso bolted. Thank God no cars were coming. Buster chased Miso half across the condo complex. Then finally buster gave up. Miso is too fast. 

I called Miso back and he came running and crying at the same time. :( I was so sad. i really thought he was hurt. He was shaking so bad. I've never seen him that scared. I didn't want to leave him fearing doggie play time so I brought him back to the group. He was crying and squirming all the way.  I got him to lay down about five feet from Buster. I felt that was a good thing. When I let Miso go he ran to Skittles (his girlfriend) and snuggled right between her legs and whimpered. It was so precious.  

Splendiferous Day at the beach.

Well what a glorious beach day. It was sooooooooooooooooo wonderful. A bit windy but it was pleasant. The was was freezing, but as Imara would say, I grew a set and dove in anyway. It was so refreshing. The clouds were wispy like feathers which I tried to take pictures of but they don't do them justice. Much prettier in person. Here they are anyway.

  IMG_0468     IMG_0469     IMG_0470        IMG_0467

  IMG_0472           IMG_0477

IMG_0471              IMG_0478

Then we headed off to Portsmouth which was crazy busy because everything opened today. Our usually waterside haunt hast closed down and all the other waterside bars were crowded. I really wanted steamers and there is a great place for that on the water as well. They claim they have a full bar, but it's not. Very they also serve all their drinks in plastic cups. No biggie. The steamer make up for it. 

They only had one server on for about twelve or so tables and every table was full. I felt bad for her but she seemed to be keeping up well. I ordered a crown royal on the rocks. Normally served no more than about 2 ounces and usually packed with ice. This is what I got.

Sing to the tune of Jingle Bells

Beach beach beach

beach beach beach

beach beach beach beach beach

Beach beach beach b-beach beach beach b-beach beach beach beach beach  Yay

Poor Puppenator

So apparently poor puppymeister has a fractured tooth and that's why he's been so needy. Poor little guy. 

Strangely Beautiful

So I woke this morning not happy I had to walk the dogs in the rain. I was not looking forward to the battle with Puppy to get him out in the rain. To my surprise he went right outside. I stepped outside to a milky white sky. There were dark storm clouds to the east. It was chilly and there was a light rain, but it was blustery like a fall day.

My first thought was "what a strangely beautiful morning". We walked and I realized how quiet it was. You could just hear the wind. No birds, no noises. Then I thought "this is cool" and "I wonder is a freak tornado is going to drop on my head."

Anyway, a very unique morning. And I didn't mind the walk in the rain. The birds have since started singing. 

My friends...

So I was thinking about friends today. I've had many so called "friends" over my life. I always seem to get burnt or spurned for some unknown reason. As a kid I would throw myself into a friendship whole heartedly only to be smacked down by talk behind my back. I know everyone has gone through that at some point. It seems to be a running theme in my life. If you've read my blog, you know I had one life long friend who recently shunned me because I gave up religion. Which hurt because we shared so much. She was the one person I could say was a true friend to me. 

I pulled away from making friends for a while because (two reasons) 1. I work to much and don't have time and 2. I find I get severely disappointed. Most of my so called friends are really more acquaintances. Once in a while you get invited over. They say hi on I-chat. But mostly they could care less what is going on in your life. (unless they like to gossip)

Well, like I said I have been thinking about friends and I feel very lucky and very happy to have let myself get close to two very dear people over the last few months. One I haven't met in person, but we correspond and the other I went out with last night for drinks. (you guys know who you are).

Recently found picture.

So here is a recently found picture of my past. I didn't scan it so it's pretty rough, but I thin you will get the general feeling of Ahhhh. Aren't they so cute!!!

Photo 210

This was 14 or 15 years ago, I believe. B can correct me if I'm wrong. He had recently surprised me with Billy Joel/Elton John concert tickets. (Hence the shirt) It was a dream of mine to see them together in concert before I die and I never ever thought it would happen. Best concert ever. We were 18 rows from the stage and could see them sweat. (heaven) Oh man. One of my best memories. I love both of them. (Elton a little bit more)  Billy sang Yellow brick road ( my favorite all time song of Elton's) Elton sang (oh shit, what did he sing) I think it was Italian restaurant. Damn. I think it was that. 

They each did there own set and then a set together. Totally amazing. I will never forget it. Best present ever. and he paid big bucks for those. i love my man. 

Anyway. I think this was taken at John Harvard in Cambridge (boston) Mass. B can correct em again. During christmas time.  I just wanted to share a bit of Nostalgia. 

I don't know why I do it.

Every week me and B watch lost and every week we swear and curse at the t.v. This week was much funnier. I guess you had to be here, but B was hilarious. matter of factly he said "If I see the writers, I'll kill them myself. Yep, gonna kill them."

Enough said.

Sing this to the oscar meyer theme song(the bologne song not the weiner song)

My soulmate has a first name. It's B R I A N

My soulmate has a second name. It's B R I A N

Oh I love to see him everyday. And if you ask me why, I'll say

Cause Brian always has a way of I <3 Yenney every day. (that's a heart by the way. If you were wondering)

Oh Imara...

... you are such a bitch. But I love you anyway. And yes, I will take you on your birthday if you wish. I did have a blast...

so sick

So I'm nice and doubled over in stomach pain on B's Birthday. Great. I feel like an ass. We went out to thai for lunch and I asked if my favorite soup had rice noodles because I have a gluten allergy and she said yes. Well something else in the soup must have had gluten cause I'm in so much friggin' pain. This sucks so much. I'm so frustrated. Garrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!!


Okay so I took two sets of pictures of the paintings Imara and i did. They all came out sucky because of the sucky lighting in my house. I have to find my real camera and not use my I-Phone, I'm thinking. So no pictures yet. 

We did paintings total. 

1:01 a.m.

It's late. Still not sleepy. Probably from the three hour nap and the half pot of coffee. Miso and Puppy are passed out at my feet and I just wasted two hours I will never get back, watching a horrific sci-fi movie. Wow it was bad. Imara has her thoughts on her movie review page, Which I never though she would touch again, It's been so long. Miso is snoring on the floor and i should be getting off to bed. 

We were going to have drinks tomorrow with a dear friend, but his girlfriend is having a hissy fit because it's mothers day. So we have to postpone. dammit. I miss him. and he does the best Sean Connery impression ever. Oh well, hopefully next sunday. and hopefully she won't poison me. She's a fabulous cook, but when I asked her her secret she with held about five ingredients and the meal came out mediocre. (Thai woman, very prideful and secretive about her cooking) 

Oh, well. I love her beau so I put up with it. Hopefully next weekend.  :) Happy Mommy's day. 


Terminator Salvation May 21st.

Did some painting. Yay.WA

Was really sick this morning. I think my breakfast sausage made me sick. Came home from work early and went to bed for three hours. Felt much better when I woke and grabbed Imara and some paint and we got busy. Heehee. I started a painting in honor of my dear friend Crimsonsilk. It's not finished, but it's her favorite color. Hmmm. wonder what that could be? Not sure where I'm going with it yet, but hopefully will finish tomorrow. Hopefully she won't hate it. Hopefully I won't destroy it.

We went out to 'Amigos' for dinner. A new mexican joint in town. I so love Mexican. Nothing will top Santa Fe, but it was enjoyable. The Margaritas were very tasty.

Watching the end of Descent with Imara and B. Love this movie. Gotta watch it from the beginning, unedited. I'm usually not into gore but gotta love women empowering themselves. That seems to be the theme of all my books.

We will try to post some more paintings on sunday.  Ohh yay, Lake Dead is starting. Maybe Imara will finally review a movie. it's been forever. :) 

Interesting to me. Maybe not to you...

Okay so here is a list of symptoms or things I didn't like about myself before I was gluten free. Some are a little embarrassing, but non the less troublesome.

1 itchy scalp.

2. itchy ears.

3. random hives on back

4. itchy skin in general

5. random cramping in ribs and back

6. numb hands and feet

7. numbness in left leg

8. tired 24/7

9. no interest in doing anything

10. diarrhea

11. nausea

12. severe menstrual cramping

13. bloating

 14. constipation

 15. itchy rashy, scabby, thingy (eczema like)

 16. headaches

17.  muscle weakness in arms and legs

18. no sex drive

 19. lethargic

 20. hungry hungry hungry

21. irritable

22. impossible to lose weight

23. achy muscles and joints

24. achy collar bone

25. swelled finger joints

26. swelled feet

27.swelled ankles

28. can’t stand on feet longer than ten minutes

29. stiffness

30. emotional

31. Bad memory

32. acne

33. Completely useless on the second day of my period. (Sleep most of the day)

34. night blindness

35. Depression

36. abdominal pain

37. stinky bowel movements

Happy happy.

I had to share my happy news. I am officially down 30 pounds. Yay!!  130 to go and counting. I have a long term goal of two years. I so want to shop in a normal store. :) I'm throwing a party when I do and everyone is invited.


Maybe a little dark for Pistachio. How about Evergreen? 

Photo 204

Photo 205

Yay home.

After a long day of flying. We are home. Yay. What an awesome week. It really was a perfect length. I enjoyed it thoroughly, but I am glad to be home. I missed my "kids". 

Cool Swag

Yenney ring


Brian's Ultra Cute Earring (it's a turtle by the way)


Brian's awesome ring.


Bestest, most comfortable hat ever. (and I have a lot of hats)


from "Ten Thousand Waves."


Picked this up in Madrid at the local artists colony. Hopefully none of it's from China. (If it is, don't tell me. I would have to hurt someone)


that is the Santa Fe swag. (bazillion dollars later)

Rio Grande

Mind blowing. The pictures don't do it justice.







Okay, see all the little holes in the side of the mountain. Yeah, homes. Caves to the Native culture. Pretty cool. I got to look inside. Very small. 


This is the remnants of housing. After coming down from the caves. These small rooms were several floors up. The entrances were on the roof.


cool writing spot. But off limits.


One of the cave dwellings. So tiny.


cool lava rock formations.


Miles of hiking trails in there.


Top view of the settlement


A cute brian in front of the wall caves and hieroglyphs.


The road to Bandelier

IMG_0340IMG_0341IMG_0342IMG_0343IMG_0344IMG_0345IMG_0346IMG_0347IMG_0348IMG_0350IMG_0351IMG_0352IMG_0353   or