5000 words written✔ dogs bathed✔ Cute video of dogs after bathing✔ laundry washing✔ soak in a hot tub while watching passing clouds make pictures✔ Moving forward✔ feeling happy✔✔✔

Well I had an amazing day of writing. I haven't had that in so long. I still have about 1000 words milling around in my brain that I hope to get to type today. It's on my first book that starting my writing craze so many years ago. B calls it my "war and peace" because it's so long. I have gaps in the time line that I never filled in so I had a creative whirlwind today and am doing that.

I finally gave the dogs a bath, they are both passed out now from the excitement. They were extremely well behaved and no crying this time. :) I decided to soak and reflect on the past week. I love being able to see the clouds out the window when I soak. It brings me back to when I was a kid and used to lay in lawn and watch the clouds make pictures. It's very relaxing, not to mention fun.

I was reflecting on how messed up the situation with my "friend" got. Because of miscommunication and misunderstanding and lack of honesty. It comes down to-all she had to say a few months back was "Jen, we are not comfortable staying with you and your husband (due to your current circumstances) for the vacation we planned, so we are renting a separate beach house." I wouldn't have taken offense.   or