I really love my new friend. She's funny and awesome and I think a bit misunderstood. I get her though. Totally. We had an awesome breakfast and then random conversation on FB today. So funny. So awesome. Wild girl at heart. We will get along great. It's cool because I really didn't think I would make any friends here and I was okay with that. I love it here. But bonus!!!! I did. I am very lucky to have made so many awesome friends over the last year/year and a half. I love all of you. You make my life happy. You so know who you are. (you better anyway)

Dammit I miss you Jeni. (hope I get to see you this june) 

spoiling still to come. :)


I'm very excited to be a surrogate auntie. I am preparing to be a spoiling one. Provided the snafu, with the new buyer of the condo, works out. stupid greedy buyer. We'll know soon enough. It may put another crimp in our coming to nh plans. We'll see. 

I met the original owner, of the house we are renting, today. He's a german guy who built it. He was walking buy and my dogs accosted him and barked at him and chased after him. As I tried to distract them and bring them in the house he said "Are you living here?" I said "Yes" and he said. "I built this place." and I thought "No shit you seemed mentally challenged when I spoke to you five minutes ago." but is said. "Oh wow, so you owned the restaurant in town that just became Jimmy's roadhouse?" and he said in a thick German accent. "Yes." 

So we chatted for a few minutes. He said "the house is always so quiet. I thought it was empty and there is usually all kinds of stuff in the lawn." I happily said. "We are pretty quiet and we oh so love this place." Then he told me he owns the 5 acres across from us. Then he went on his way. I managed to grab Puppy and entice Miso in with the promise of a ball. 

Yep, spontaneity.

Painted over two of my paintings. Yes I did. I'll look at them in the morning to see if they need more paint. One of them was really textured and I sliced my finger and rubbed the rest raw. The price we pay for art. :)


WOW!!! Do I need to paint. Yep, I certainly do. The mud outside from all this rain is very tempting to go mush my hands in. I think I am going to go paint over something. feeling the urge. Don't think I can wait another week. Nope. Can't. Bye

another failed attempt to hike.

Which was okay cause I was being a tired poop. went to bed around two and got up at seven. Been a bit draggy today but I did take the dogs on a walk earlier. We drove back up to that hike that was blocked off before and made it a bit further up the road till we hit all snow.  On our way back down one of the two cars we passed had gotten stuck in the snow. Parts of the road were still covered but we had the truck with four wheel drive so we were fine. Though I was envisioning getting stuck like we did that April two years ago. 

Anyway, we got out to try to help push this car out  that had wedged itself into the snow. We didn't end up being much help, but at least we tried. They finally got unstuck after maybe a half hour or so.  It was an adventurous sunday afternoon. Now I'm really tired. :)

Spend a lot of time pondering this week

I'm still pondering. Not changing my stance but pondering the reasoning, because the reasoning is contradictory.  So my complaint was that if God was running and organization it should be run like a God driven organization with people in charge who adhere to bible principle and led by holy guidance.  I don't think that is too much to ask. 

But in my case the people in charge kind of did their own thing. So they used their freewill to cover things up. So if God had put thoughts in their head and made them do the right thing it would be imposing on their free will. (this is what I am told) and he doesn't impose on freewill for anyone. Okay. I can buy that but that would have to apply to everything not just my case. So here is my dilemma. The bible was written by imperfect men. Now "Inspiration" is a whole different ball park from penned. So if God put thoughts into these imperfect mens heads and made them write what he wanted to, then this is imposing on free will. Right?  I'm confused.

 I'm not denying the bible was "Inspired" by God. People have been inspired for thousands of years to do, and write and create. But that doesn't mean what ever "inspired" them had any physical input on what they did. There didn't need to be any collaboration between the inspired and the one who inspired them. 

Well well well...

Not sure if I mentioned this but when getting together my taxes I found $1200 in erroneous charges on my credit card from last year. And the CC approved it over my limit. It was last april when I was really sick and figuring out what was wrong and I wasn't checking my statements. I'm sure I won't get back my over limit fees but I sure as heck hope I get back that 1200. Sent a letter today through and online faxing service. Hope that works. (seeing as we don't have a fax) If I don't hear back I'll usurp someone's local fax. :) 

Well we had snow all day yesterday but it didn't accumulate. It was very pretty. I also went over Laura's for coffee and gluten free brownies, then we did a Wii dancing game. It was fun. Then off to the thrift shop to find a skirt for Renaissance day at the elementary school. I'm volunteering to face paint (LOL) I'll probably send kids home crying. Or I'll just psychedelically paint their faces with my fingers. (there are probably rules against that. 

I'm off to research face painting as we speak. I have confidence that I will suck. But I will do it with confidence. :) 

Yay Frankie

Frankie is responsive today and seeing the surgeon tomorrow. Hopefully he'll be fine. He might have a concussion as well.

Oh happy and sad day.

Well yesterday started with me waking up at 5am. Aunt Flo is back in town. I got myself moving and was feeling pretty good. We cranked on the cleaning and it was good except the vacuum was being cranky. The sun came out and it was a beautiful day. Played with the dogs, even vacuuming up the infestation of gross little bugs, every hour, didn't even bother me. We got an offer on the condo and countered. so we decided to go take the famed "River walk" while we waited. Blam, second offer on the condo came in. Great.

Now we can have a price war. We took our extremely beautiful walk. The dogs were great when seeing all the other dogs out, but one. Not bad. When the path ended we walked down to the river and Miso jumped in without batting an eye. (I think he was hot) He almost pulled me in with him because we were on a steep banking. He crawled out and we went to a shallower part. He wanted to go back in but I think he was nervous. He would put his two front paws in and paddle then jump out and whimper. (it might have been too cold. I was extremely proud of him for trying.


so I was sitting here bored out of my skull, thinking, I have never had trouble keeping myself busy till the last few days. I am actually trying to find things to do because I'm bored. I've even turned myself into a cleaning machine. (crazy I know. I'm such a slob) I think I've mopped my floors everyday.  I'm weening myself back onto reading. It's been so long. I've never been able to focus long enough to read many books in the past few years. 

Then I came to this thought. Is creativity only born out of angst or turmoil? I have to say I have been so happy since we moved into this house. Really happy and content and peaceful. I have no urge to paint, I have no urge to write and I have no urge to choreograph. Hmmmm. makes me wonder. I truly have done some of my best work under duress. But I think i would take happy over creative. I have never experienced this state of shear contentment. I really hope it lasts. 

I'm thinking the dogs are so happy because I'm happy. No stress, no tension, no anxiety. I hope it's not the end of my creativity but I promise I won't start drawing puppies, kitties, rainbows or bunnies anytime soon.         

The power of a squeaky ball

woke up just before 7am. I let the dogs out and put on my shoes to join them. They've been wandering off and I wanted to keep an eye on them. When I get outside they both had a look of "we're up to no good". I think they were getting ready to run up the long hill to the neighbors. Anyway, I played fetch with miso for a while to try to tire him out with a new purple squishy ball (he only likes it cause puppy does) 

Then I had to go find the wandering Puppy who is immensely enjoying the freedom.  (he's back to puppy status) then he tried to play with Miso (well get the favorite purple ball back from him) 

I brought them inside and continued playing but both fighting over the same ball. I pulled out all the toys hoping to distract one of them. Nope. Then remembered I bought some squeaky balls. I pulled two out and they forgot all about that purple ball and ran around squeaking to their hearts content.  It was quite funny. 

That's my story for today.

Starting to feel like home

Yay!!!, settling in. All of us.  My sister took me shopping yesterday to get essentials so we can at least cook. We had a great time. I know I have to be more patient with her. She is really high strung but has a good heart. She spent her hard earned money on us last night and I will find a way to repay her.  

This place is amazing. It makes me want to take care of it. Glad I have a lot of free time. I'll be using most of it to clean. Speaking of which, time to wipe down the kitchen.

New painting up

You go there now!!!!

I stick with my body parts, thank you very much.

So I got the overwhelming urge to paint today and I had one 36"x36" canvas left. I grabbed my big ass brush and decided to give it a go. Disaster. I got really irritated and began painting with my hands. I'm no thrilled with it but hey, I can always paint over it. I think it looks too much like another one I did but I'll know more about that when it dries and I put them side by side. Feeling a little anxious about finances. We had to by a bed and essential starters for the house. That came to about $1200.00, plus we had the security and first months rent and upfront costs for the utilities.  Looks like a lot of rice eating over the next few weeks. We are dropping our condo price again to almost bare minimum. Hoping someone will snag it. 

Good news. My sister just converted to being a MAC user. yay. There is hope for her yet. Things seemed back to normal today. Hope it continues. 

Revamping the site is taking me forever. So I guess it will be a while more. 

I'm really missing my friends today and I wish the stupid sun would come out. 

So continuing in my rebellious stage...

it being good friday and all, I had to go get me one of these...


mmmmm, mmmmmm, YUM!!!


We will be revamping the site a bit. Not sure if I will be removing the personal blog or not. I haven't decided. I'm adding a painting blog for various viewing reasons for prospective websites etc. Imara may add her writing page back in. She's undecided as well.

any opinions for or against are welcome :)   or