So apparently

since I switched templates, you can't click on the individual blog. So pictures are missing. I'll work on figuring this out. :)

Pictures at 5 am.

I'm still on NH time. It's 5 am in Santa Fe. (Well 5:20) I was up at 5 though. Anyway. Here are some pictures. You may need to click on the individual blog to see them. Some will be in this text box. Some will be on the side as a pagelet. :)

Our room.



Private outside sitting area.


The old Mission



down town


The Plaza


oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man...

I had the single best experience today that I have ever had. The four hands massage. OH MY GOD!!! I can't even do it justice. It was amazing. So incredible. I was trying to convince the therapists to move out to the east coast. I would be there every week. I have the most incredibly tense neck muscle of any human being ever and they are relaxed. They usually feel like rock. Not now. Amazing. If you ever get the chance to have a four hands massage, take it. You won't regret it. You can't mind being mostly naked though. But you still won't regret it. I could keep going on and on, but it would just be how incredibly awesome this massage was. Indescribable. Truly indescribable. That's all. I'll post pictures of our trip soon. We still have 3 and a half more days. Tomorrow we go to Madrid to the artist town. I'm so excited and also going to the Bandelier National Monument. I might post picks tonight. 

So I got sick today after lunch right before my massage. I thought it was going to ruin it. But it passed. Seems the red chile sauces out here have wheat. I thought I had gotten everything safe. I know now to ask about everything. I'm glad it passed within the hour.  That massage was so awesome. 


Okay, is it just me, or shouldn't math be standard when you are working retail? 

I went to buy 10, 42 cent stamps. She tried to charge me $8.40. And when I pointed out the problem, she got upset. "That is the price of the stamps."

"No, that is the price for 20 stamps. I only want 10. 10 times .42 is $4.20."

She pondered this for a minute and then the girl next to her said.

"It's $8.40."

"I said no. It's 4.20."

So she had to ring in each individual stamp to prove me wrong and hold the line up. Guess who was right? :) Go on guess. The guy behind me got pissed. The line was so long. It took me fifteen minutes to buy 10 stamps. That has to be a record. I was pissy at first, but now I think it's kind of funny. 

Only another hour for my flight to take off.

"Not quite dead yet..."

Well, we made it to Chicago. Now we have a two hour layover. Found a place that made omelets. It was actually really good. I figured I would get in another blog before my battery dies. I am on a mission to find a post box. I haven't seen one yet, but first I have to brave the really long line at Hudson News to get stamps. I do have time, i should just do it. Okay, I'm off. Bye. 

Yay Vacation

Sitting at the airport, waiting to board. Oh, here we go.... Okay, so we successfully took off, I'm now listening to music for the first time on my I-Phone. Currently it's "She has funny cars" by Jefferson Airplane. I am also going to break out an old tradition when I used to fly years ago. I write an insane amount of letters to the same person. Hmmm. Who ever could be the the person :)  Seeing as I don't have too many friends, it might be you. Oh and Crimsonsilk. I did not get that package out so it will have to wait one more week. Well, I'm going to get to editing one of Imara's books. I'll blog again if we land safely. 

Superficial beauty

So I just spent the evening at the MIss NH Ball. It actually wasn't as dreadful as I was expecting. I had some fun. The whole pageant thing isn't my thing though. Girls all obsessed with how they look. Who has the best gown. Blah, blah blah.....

two days

I think that old lady was fucking with me. (on further pondering) Anyway. Leaving tuesday for vaca. Hurray. Hopefully it will go smoothly. I have a friend stuck in chicago because of t-storms, but they are supposed to be done by tuesday. We have to fly through Chicago. I'm sure it will be fine. I haven't decided if I will take my laptop. I'm leaning toward yes. (so I can blog or write)


Miso is being a cat this morning. While writing this blog I am whipping a ball on a rope around with my toes. He keeps pouncing on it and batting it like a cat. Maybe he's confused about his species. :)

Is it a full moon tonight?

Okay, so I'm not even kidding. It's either a full moon tonight or I started descending into a David Lynch film. (that would be kinda cool actually.) 

I'm the only one at the laundromat doing laundry. Then an older gentlemen comes in to do a load. He says hi. He was very pleasant. I now have my two loads of laundry in the dryer. Okay so this laundromat has at least 12 dryers. (I'm just setting that up)

Okay, enters little old lady with a trash bag. I'm now folding one of my loads of laundry.

"Are you going to be done with that dryer soon."

I look up from folding.

"Um...I have six minutes left."

The woman sighs.

I make a face at Imara. She's laughing her ass off.

"I can help you load that into an empty dryer if you need help."

(there were at least 12 empty dryers)

"No. No. I'll wait."

Did I have her lucky dryer? Was I ruining this old lady's day? I pulled my clothes out early and got the fuck out. 

Did I mention how much I hate the laundromat? Oh and by the way. I love my man!!!


Did I mention how much I hate the laundromat? Imara's mood is catching. I was all set to write a happy puppy/kitty blog about how much I love having energy and all the things I love today. How I thought I was only walking a mile with the dogs and I found out it's more like two and how happy I am and now I'm pissy. Grrrr. 

Okay so I here at the laundry mat. I went to the ATM and should have 3000.00 in my account, nope 1700.00. So I have no internet to check it but I withdraw 20 bucks. I go next door to Billy's Famous Pizza and order a greek salad to have while I'm waiting for laundry to be done. Salad and soda $8.90. She hands me back $11.10. Good. Plenty to do laundry. (Did I mention how much I hate the laundromat.) So I take out my $10.00. I know it's a $10.00 because I was admiring how crisp and new it was. I stick it in the quarter machine and it gives me back $5.00. Great!! Not enough to do laundry. 

I say. (through and open window at the counter) "Excuse me Sir. I put a ten in the machine and it only gave me five."


So I started doing laundry yesterday to prepare for out vacation. I only made it through half a cycle before my washer broke. (Didn't I just get a new one) I cursed and grumbled for a short time and realized that was not helping. (Well it made me feel better. Now I get to spend the afternoon at the laundry mat before work. (Grumble and Oh Joy) Sigh. Well I'm off to call the Home Depot and see if my warranty is up. 

I've been neglecting my blog again.

So I promised Crimsonsilk I would be blogging again. It's nice to know someone missed me. So let me know your thoughts on the new look. I had to change the template to get comments to work. I figured i would try this for a while. 

I'm heading off to Sante Fe next tuesday. Yay! Vacation. i haven't had a real vacation in so long. 

Health wise, I'm a new person. I have so much more energy. It's amazing. It gets better everyday I'm gluten free. I'm turning into a chatter box. I look forward to my 45 minute walk with the dogs everyday. I'm walking with my sister and her dogs on mondays. We did an hour this past week. I honestly can't remember when I felt this good. I have occasional setbacks when I have something unwittingly. I don't have the 'foods to avoid list' memorized yet. It's amazing how many annoying ailments I had and that are now diminished or completely gone. Especially some of the more troublesome ones the doctors couldn't explain like muscle weakness and numbness in my hands and feet. Those are gone. Yay! 


So I had two craptacular days monday and tuesday. Totally my fault. I snuck a piece of mediocre pizza and totally paid the price. I was nice and lethargic, headachey and hivey all day monday. Monday night I had a reaction to something, I thought maybe it was the four sips of bourbon I had, but still not sure. I think I may be allergic to soy as well. (I will test that this week) so tuesday went much like monday. After drinking some vegetable broth last night I broke out in hives. (has soy in it I believe) But today I have energy. Yay! Feeling better. I just updated my website software so I'm off to test the comment and see if they are working. Feel free to try as well. Have a great day.

Yay friends!

so we went over to Jeni's and Justin's yesterday. Had tons of fun. Played rockband and watched 'Flight of the Living Dead'. I also broke my no meat rule. We had steak and potato. Mmmmmmmmm steak and potato. I knew it would be short lived. But who knows, tomorrow is another day.


So... I was wondering why no one was leaving comments. Well since I upgraded my website, comments has been quirky and not letting the majority of my readers  leave comment. (not that it's a lot of readers) but anyway. I've been emailing with Karella software and they have been awesome. They are a small company and I even got an email on easter sunday. You guys rock. So thy are working on the problem and hopefully soon my friends can leave me comment because I miss them desperately. :)  (I'm so needy) So once it's fixed, I will let you know and please feel free to leave me comments for past blogs. I will surely appreciate it. :) :) :)


Farewell of coffee mug. You brought me such joy and comfort for a year now. I'm sorry I dropped you on the Wii fit just before I filled you with piping hot coffee. Oh, what will I do. You held three glorious cups of coffee at once. Now I will have to settle for one at a time. Oh, wait! I have a back up mug at work. Yay! 


Okay, so I had my blood test to see if I had the necessary antibodies to confirm I have a gluten allergy. I specifically asked. "I've been on a gluten free diet for weeks. Will this affect the test?" the nurse says. "Oh no, it shouldn't." 

Well guess what? Everything I've read (and I've read a lot) says 'any kind of change in diet will affect the test. Great, well mine came back negative and the nurse says "Well just keep doing what you are doing and keep a diary of what you eat and what makes you sick." 

I got kind of mad. "Isn't that what I'm doing? Isn't that why I KNOW I have a gluten allergy. Because I get sick every time I eat it. Grrrrrrr." 

I didn't really growl out loud. But now I'm thinking I should have. So as far as the doctor is concerned, I'm a loony and to prove I'm not, I would have to go back to my old eating habits, which is not happening. So I'll just stay away from gluten if it makes me sick.  I have also made a list of 35  troublesome ailments and I'm going to see which ones disappear after a few months. Then I will know for sure.  I've already noticed an improvement in some. Yay!


Well, I have to say this is the first day I've felt pretty good all week. We went out for a B-day party at a bare we never had been too. It was fabulous. I feel good for once. I hope it lasts. I actually had energy and wasn't ready to pass out by 9:00 (which is when the party started) It's now past midnight and I'm still awake.  I want to feel this good all the time. Hopefully I will. Yay.

Oh, poor me.

Wow, have I been sick this week. Didn't do diceman. Could only think. Wow! do I feel sick. Serves me right for having that pizza and bagel. I skipped work for two days and came home early last night. I wanted to skip today, but we have more competition in two weeks and we definitely need the rehearsal time :) The Nausea is a bit better today. It's been on and off instead of 24/7. I got to meet my friend Jeni for coffee yesterday and we talked from 9:00 a.m till 12:37 ish. It was fun. I hope she had as much fun as me. I like having friends. (this is a new thing for me)


...I forgot to blog yesterday. I really thought I had. I was pretty sick so I'm not even sure what when on yesterday. Still not feeling well today. I went for my gluten/blood test today. I don't get results till monday, but I already know what they will be. I had pizza last night. Within ten minutes, my ears started to itch and swell, then my head broke out in little itchy bumps and then proceeded to my neck and shoulders. Then the not niceties happened to my insides. I'm convinced. Yay! now I can get better. Yay!

I'm sick of being tired and I'm tired of being sick. Maybe I can actually get back to a normal active life. :)   or