Well, hasn't this been fun.

Just when I thought I had escaped, wrong! Quite an interesting day of conversations. On both sides of the fence. I think I'm mentally drained. Though I feel like a bit of "Yenney the Conquerer" emerged. Maybe even a bit of "Yenney the Corruptor." I'm sorry that "Jeni the Corrupted" wasn't present to witness it. (hope you had a great day my dear bestest friend in the whole insane world) 

I had half a pot of coffee tonight, which probably was a very bad idea. Then I watched two weeks of "Lost" that I had missed, but have tonights still to catch up on. (stupid show) I still have a love/hate relationship with it. Though I did like the back story on Richard/Ricardo. 

Took Miso to the vet for a lacerated foot. No stitches and it's not infected but the poor little guy keeps licking and biting it. :( 

Puppy has been extra needy. He crawled up on my shoulder and fell asleep tonight. He might know something is up, like that we are moving. Feeding off the excitement. 

Crimsony has still not texted me and I'm worried about her. She's in Pakistan for a wedding. I'm sure she's fine. (I'll just keep telling myself that) 

Yay friends

I think I made my first official friend tonight since being here. We had a fun chat at the studio and then online on FB. I feel many more fun and interesting conversations in our future and now I have someone to invite over to our new place. Yay!!! 

It's official...

My sister has turned my cute sweet puppy into a whining, demanding brat who won't eat his kibble. He's begging and whining for food. She's been feeding him bacon and beef when she thinks I'm not looking. Won't he be in for a few days of hungry when we move and all he has is kibble. He has been eating lots of veggies and skipping meals which has been good for his knees. He's dropped a lot of weight. But this whining is really driving me crazy. And the waking me up at 6:30 so he can go see Kim and hope she will feed him and when she's not up curls up on the couch and falls back asleep. One more week. I can do this. Just one more week.

Knock down drag out...

well things came to head today. After two days of barely any sleep and aunt flo being extra bitchy this week, I lost it this morning with my sister. I was visibly and verbally upset. I didn't swear or anything but was clearly miffed. Yes I said miffed. But I think things will be better now. 

We can officially start moving in around the 5th I think. It will be awesome. Hopefully they will allow us to put up a fence for Miso. 

I'm excited to have a real place to paint. Lots of place to spread out. 

Wow things change fast.

So, not taking over in september. Woohoo! My sister can't take the changes I was going to make. So I just get to come in and teach like I wanted in the first place. Yay. things are looking up. Saw an amazing house for rent today. It was supposed to be already taken but the couple hadn't filled out and application yet, so we did. I can't even describe how amazing it is. I wish I had taken pictures. I know I shouldn't get my hopes up but, wow. I hope we get it. 

Wow, what a day

I spent yesterday in a stressed induced highblood pressure fog. Not fun. Today woke up better. It was a beautiful day. was preparing to talk to my sister. Of course blowing it out of proportion because no conversation with my family is ever pleasant. I've been avoiding it all week hence the blow out yesterday. I haven't had a blood pressure episode in a year. Anyway. spent the morning doing books (accounting kind) told my sister we had to have a sit down when she got home. Made a couple of phone calls. (have i mentioned I think I have a phobia of the phone) 

Drove and picked up Brian's audrey kowasaki print at the framers (probably spelled that wrong) then came back chatted with a sick Jeni and then we embarked on a much needed long walk.  Dozer the neighbor dog (who intimidates Miso but is a sweetheart otherwise) decided to join us. I was nervous he was going to get hit after strolling into the road a few times. I think we took him further than he's ever been. I tethered him to puppy so he wouldn't get hurt. They managed very well together though Dozer I don't think has spent much time on the leash. He was very good and listened awesome. Miso even settled down and walked without any stress. 

Topic of conversation of late...

So got in a conversation for probably an hour with a child hood friend. topic of conversation...Child molestation. Not sure if she reads my blog but clarification if she does. (hit the comments bar.) Not sure If I get all her points as of yet but we will be conversing more. I lover her to death and I think she has a pretty level head. She informs me she was molested at the age of 7 by a neighbor. (the first I've heard) So we have common ground. However this does not help me with the fact that my religion covered it up. (still a sore point.) And I really don't care that they have changed their tune, because I feel they have only done it to save face. That in my book doesn't lend credibility to God. If he was running or inspiring the "true religion" it would be pretty close to flawless, but the fact that they couldn't make a ruling on child abuse before the catholic church was run through the muck only shows me they are trying to save face. (they are not catholic if you are confused)

No credibility in my book. It's fairly clear what's right and wrong and if cigarettes can get you banished, surely sex with your own daughter should be much higher on the list, but who am I to say what God likes. If that's his bag then it must be right. He didn't have it put in the bible so he must not have an opinion. Then I guess we shouldn't either. 

feeling stressed

Okay so still feeling pretty bad energy wise. I'm starting to feel stressed now that I said I would take over the business in September. My sister is going to have a hard time letting go. She's already instructing me on things but trying to make me feel like it's my decision. Though when I decide something that she doesn't like she strongly urges me to change my mind.  I honestly hate that. It's like a mind game to me. Make me feel like I'm in charge but run it behind my back. I guess I'll have to have a talk with her. 

It's like she has all these grandiose ideas she was afraid to try but if I try them, it's no risk off her. She can just say "well that wasn't smart." 

She also asked me to tell her what kids I want together next year so she can tell the kids. So anyone she doesn't agree with she says. "No you should leave them where they are. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. If she's going to run it. then she can pay me to teach. I won't take over the business if it's not mine. 

I'm just venting. I'll work it out. But this is what I'm stressing about. I don't want to feel I was in the same situation i was in with my mother. 

oooo fun.

We drove into Reno last night and checked into a cheap $39.00 room at the Atlantis. B had a 7 am flight so we figured we would stay. We met my sister and her hubby for dinner at my new favorite restaurant and I was very excited because i get to have gluten free chinese food. 

My first experience at this restaurant was fabulous and i couldn't wait to go back. Well either our waitress was a ditz or she was way over worked. I haven't figured out which. We should have stayed and ate at the bar where we had a few drinks and some salad wraps.  it took well over an hour to get our food and after the evening I spent doubled over and nauseous, I know my meal was not gluten free. My ankles swelled and my skin is red and itchy. I had a wrestles night sleep and got up at 4am to drive B to the airport. I was home by 5:30 and figured I could get a few hours more sleep because I feel so crappy. I think I should have stayed awake. (though I probably would have felt this bad anyway)

So tired, my face is puffy and my stomach still hurts. Ankles are still swelled and I feel like I could sleep for a week. This will drag on for at least 3-5 days. I am really upset and i will be calling the restaurant. Work will be a struggle today, not to mention pilates. I'm off to make some ginger tea for my tummy and figure out how to get through this very long monday.


Just got done listening to Neko Case "The tigers have spoken" .  Love her. Such a great and unique voice. Oh, is see my sister coming through the door. 

We took a long walk with the dogs today. Miso made a friend, Jet.  A labradoodle. plus he got to play with Josie today his new girlfriend.  

Puppy is currently sitting on the footstool listening to B strum on his guitar. B is singing to him. So cute...

hahahaha, now both dogs are sitting with my sister and puppy has his head on her lap. 

I've been writing a little. Just working though past stuff.  I can't get this song out of my head though. "I'm on a boat."  I need to learn all the lyrics so I can sing more than that one line. :) 

okay to many distractions be back at a later date.

I can has Pilates

I start Pilates today at 10:30am. Yayz. Hope I like it. I will be walking. Im up a bit too early this morning. I'm afraid if I go back to bed I'll sleep too late but I know I'm going to be toast by my last class tonight.  My mondays seem to be getting longer. 7 hours of dance classes. that's a long day.

Images from this evenings walk



 IMG_1948           IMG_1949IMG_1950


Successful weight loss this week.

It hasn't been to horrendous. Not the usual struggle I have always had over the past (my whole life) I'm down about 8 pounds since last monday. I know it's a lot but I think mostly water. I have been watching what I eat. I haven't had any junk and the biggest thing though is I've cut my portions. does the trick every time. Size 16 here I come. I hope the rain holds out today so I can walk. (a bit cold to walk in the rain)  Now if I could sing.....

I saw a labrador/basset hound mix the other day and almost died from his cuteness. He was so scared of people but curious. He was from the local shelter. He wanted to come see me but every time I talked to him he would run behind his owner. So cute. Basset hound body and a labrador head and coloring. so so so cute. I wish I had taken a picture. 

That's all the exciting news for the day so far.

Down to two titles

I'm trying to name my latest. I'm down to two titles. I want to thank everyone for all their suggestions. They were all great. Feel free to throw more at me too. These are the two I narrowed it down to. The first because these paintings are not my normal style  So:

De-                       via-                   tion



Tri-                    par-                     tite


because it's in three parts. (pull out your dictionary) 

Which one do you vote for? Or more witty suggestions. I love them all. :)

Stupid 1:15 a.m.

A bit of insomnia I think. Dammit. Did some painting. Got done around midnight. After destroying two of the three paintings in my set I started on them again. fucked them up good a second time and then tried something I've never tried. At least they will be original. hope they look better when they dry.  they are really different. I'll let you tell me if they are different good or different bad. Well I'm going to attempt to try and sleep. hopefully I will succeed. Night..

Love my boys

I absolutely love that my dogs are veggie whores. They love their veggies. Miso is rolling around and giving me kisses because I just shared my snap peas with him. Snap peas are the new treat around here. It's awesome. Treat for me too as I am trying to drop to a size 16 to fit into my goal dress. 

Ooooh, Jeni, you will have to send me your too big clothes cause you are shrinking at a faster rate than me. :)   or