Oh Monday. That's all.

I hate when I suck

I hated it more when my dancers do. 

So tired. What a long day.

I just spent 15 1/2 hours at a dance competition and I go back again tomorrow. 

Token blog

Okay, so this IS a token blog. I almost went to bed and didn't blog. but I said I would every day so I am. It's 11:00 and I have to be up at 6:00 for dance competition. Yay! (yes that was sarcastic) See you tomorrow.

It's your luck day.

Wow! Two blogs from me in once day. I must really like you. I had to post my happiness after a grumblymumbly morning. 

So, the flavor of the month is Raspberry.

Photo 203

I'm pretty tasty, by the way. 


Grumble, grumble, grumble, mumble.

Killing time.

Killing some time before my first class. I am happy to announce that Miso is doing extremely well on our walks. Puppy was better too! Not as much pulling today and when I told Miso to stop barking at the landscaping crew, he did. Puppy is usually the instigator, but he was very good. (anything to get a treat) 

Miso did a little better with recall as well, but still not to my liking. He came back at least half the time, which is an improvement from none at all. We started making the dogs stay out of the kitchen when we are in there and Miso didn't even follow me in today. He laid down right at the edge and waited for me. (yay) Puppy, on the other hand sneaks in when I'm not looking and I tell him "Back, Back!" He goes and as soon as I turn around, he tries to sneak back in. He's not so happy with the new arrangement.

My hivish rash is subsiding today, I hope it's gone by tomorrow. (I clawed some skin off yesterday) I am also hoping some of my other ailments will subside if I keep away from the gluten. I'm thinking this has been my problem all along. I've been poisoning myself, basically. I'm hoping the fibromyalgia was a mis-diagnosis. Time will tell with that. I have every symptom but one of Celiac Disease. I never get the "sudden loss of weight" side affect from anything. I was surprised to see night blindness as a symptom. But I have that too! Irritability, loss of interest in normal activities, depression, and a load more of fun stuff. 


Hmmm. Almost forgot to blog today. Well, I think it's conclusive that I'm allergic to gluten. I haven't had any for weeks and had no hive or itching. I added it back in this weekend and guess what? Covered in hive on my neck, shoulders and body. Oh, yay. It had to be gluten. (damn) Grrrr. So is life....

Blog, blog, blog.

So my goal for this week is to blog everyday. Hope you join me.

Diceman this week. (and other stuff)

Okay, so this week I rolled a 45 minute walk everyday with the dogs. So far so good. It's meant to tire them out and get me some much needed exercise. Also to get my stamina up for a hopefully eventful hiking season. I am quite out of practice and don't want the first hike to obliterate me. 

I was a bit discouraged this week to find my weight increasing despite the fact that I have been very good on my diet and added exercise. I almost indulged in my favorite comfort treat last night. (A whoopie pie) But I held off. I'm so glad, I lost everything that I had gained this morning. Yay!!! 

This morning, that's another story. So after a horrible nights sleep I was hoping to sleep in a bit. My hubby has traded and now walks the dogs in the morning.  Plus it's icky and rainy and awful out. So I dose back off into peaceful sleep. Hubby comes in to cuddle before work. (Ahhhh. He's a sweetie) So Puppy decides to sit outside the door and whine and howl and whine some more till Miso joins in. Suddenly my sleep in relaxing morning turns me anxious and cranky. I put up with it for over an hour and decide to give up. Not to mention it's a pretty bad arthritis day. My hands are stiff, ankles are stiff. My body just aches all over.  I had every intention of blowing off my 45 minute walk today. But Miso was showing signs of his little Demon coming out. So I dragged our butts outside and did the walk. Puppy was dragging his ass worse than mine and Miso was happier than can be.  

Absolutely disgusting!!! Completely criminal!!!

So I"m at the local CVS picking up antibiotic for my sick, but tremendously cute, hubby. I'm patiently waiting with my coupon from the doctor which is going to make the prescription free. Then and older gentleman walks up to the counter. He was tall, he looked tired and maybe in his mid sixties. The kid behind the counter hands him his prescription and says "That will be $4800.00." At that point, my attention snapped up because I clearly could not have heard that correctly. 

The gentleman politely asked if the insurance had paid anything toward it. The kid behind the counter said "$300.00". Then the gentleman asked "And how many pills is that for?" The kid replied "fourteen."

My stomach turned over. Without thinking I blurted out "That's criminal!" The man looked at me and with a resigned look said "I have a detached retina. The medication I'm on now only costs $16.00 a month, but I have to be on this other stuff before the surgery. All in all it's going to cost me $28,000."

I was at a lost for words. This poor man. I really wanted to throw up right there. I can't even imagine what he was feeling. He calmly pulled out his credit card and paid. I'm still sick thinking about it. Absolutely disgusting!!! Completely criminal!!!

Mmmmm. Salad

So to end my perfect weekend away, I had the worst steak ever. So bad was this steak that I cheated and didn't do my Dice man roll and just picked one thing I would like to try. I went vegetarian. No not Vegan. I'm keeping fish on the menu. The kind of fish that doesn't make me break out in hives and force my lungs to shut down. Amazingly, I'm less hungry and every time I think about a piece of meat, a vivid picture of that steak comes into my head. Thank you Italian Farmhouse. You gave me an awesome meal on thursday and the worst meal of my life on Saturday. :) If I lose a tremendous amount of weight, I'll send you a thank you. 

I'm still not doing the carbs or sugar. (how's that for self control)   or