Full day of work tomorrow. I move my thursday evening classes to monday in prep for my sister returning. I should be nice and tired when I get home. I forgot to call one of my adult tappers to tell her we moved the class. Hopefully I will remember in the morning and she won't be too upset with me. ( I hate running a business) Did I ever mention I hate the telephone. Any  way. Probably will be too tired to finish my third in a series of three paintings. I still have to prime the third one. I may get that done. I'm not thrilled with how the other two came out but I'm hoping the third will tie them all together. No titles in mind yet.

I kinda like the one I did yesterday. though it feel too much like some of my others.I was heavy on the green with i do once in a great while. 

Apparently I may have to start painting with gloves again. Got another lecture from the other half of the art supply store. He said the "safe" label means relatively safe but not totally safe just better than the really bad stuff. Plus B is worried I'm going to get cancer and that I'm sick because of the paint. He could be right. I guess I'll have to just suck it up (like getting finger printed) grrrrrrrrrrrrr. I shall claustrophobisize my hands for the sake of my health. (yes I made that word up) 

Thanks Crimsony

I signed up for today. thanks Crimsony. I submitted some pictures to the other link she gave me too. Not sure I'll here back from them. My website isn't professional enough. :) I have to get cracking on my professional site.  Feeling a bit icky today. Heading in for a nap. Of course it's a beautiful day out and I should be taking a walk but that will have to wait for the stomach thing to pass. Okay. that's it. Short blog.

It's all "Ood"

Season four of Doctor Who. We are blasting through the series. Just watched Planet of the Ood. Now we keep using Ood in sentences out of context. "It's all ood man"  "I feel ood"  etc....

Ho Hum

I hate when Aunt Flo comes to town. She's such a bitch.  She never gets a hint.  Just barges right in and takes over for several days.  Anyway, moving on. :)

My sister will be back next week sometime. I think B will be out of town on a Business trip. He hasn't done that in forever. 

My ballet kids have suddenly whipped into shape. I hope my sister notices a difference. They really have worked hard.  

I need to paint I think. I need some canvases this weekend. Totally inspired by crimsony. She did some cool paintings this week. Very cool. I love all of them.

Oooooh, going now. B just put in the Big Labowski. It's been far to long since I've seen it. TTYL

I'm getting good.

I'm getting pretty good at making breakfast. I did an omelet today with queso fresco, chopped green pepper, onions and snap peas. topped with jalepeño hot sauce and a side of nice and creamy grits. Yum. I used to hate cooking breakfast but have been really enjoying it since we have been out here and I'm getting good at it. the equipment helps too. We have awesome caphalon  pans and an amazing skillet. 

Oh snow...

you have ruined a perfectly awesome week. (actually i'm not minding it too much because it's not 20 below) Miso is loving it. we actually had a snowball fight today. Well I clearly had the advantage. I was shoveling snow on top of him and then throwing snowballs at him and he was catching them. Pretty funny. Even puppy played a bit with all the excitement and he hates snow. :) 

Photo on 2010-02-21 at 09.55

I just love having my brain back,

I can't even tell you what a joy it is to have my brain back. It's not 100% but it's slowly and surely returning. I actually have a vocabulary now. (I don't just grunt anymore) I think I'm still amazing B. Especially when I remember stuff. He has really only known the foggy brained yenney for the past 16 years. My wit is even getting quicker. Not up to par yet but sometimes I amaze myself. :) It's nice to be able to remember past last week. I am finally becoming whole again. yayz. I have a ways to go but things are looking good.

better now...

Wow, I think I just needed to paint. It's been exactly one month. I feel much better. pictures to follow tomorrow. :)


I don't know what bit me in the ass tonight but I am cranky. Trying to fight it. I think I'm restless and worried about my sister coming back. I thought they were coming tomorrow but I haven't heard from them. I hate not knowing. like walking around in my undies and them coming through the door. :) 

though watching B play brutal legend is fun and he's started it again so I'm going to watch and hope my mood lightens. 


Jeni has cracked her whip and long distance bitch slapped me so I must post :)  We had a cool drive to south lake Tahoe yesterday. It was great except for being carsick. I haven't been carsick in forever and I think it was something I ate at lunch. All I can say is I'm so glad I wasn't like that for the cross country drive. Two horks later and an episode funning to the bathroom, I felt much better. Today we went into Reno for Sushi (yum) 

On my way home from tahoe yesterday I was quite creative. I wrote my first punk song. I knew if I didn't sing it all the way home I was going to forget the melody. Sure enough we listened to an audio book half way home and I forgot it. After 12 hours of dammiting and motherfucking, It came back to me. I've written down most of the lyrics and now am going to mess around on garage band to see if I can get and actually melody down. I'm not too hopeful because I have no idea how to use the program but if i'm successful it will be very catchy and I will have you singing all week. It's called. "You're and asshole and I'm through with you."  :)

OMG I had the best fucking night!!!

Okay so i almost was a pooper and told B I wasn't feeling good enough to go into Reno. I'm glad I held my tongue. I was feeling quite craptacular today. We were both sick on thursday for out anniversary so we headed into Reno tonight to celebrate. We decided to go to the steak house in the Atlantis Casino but we couldn't get reservations till 9:15. We went to the sports bar first. The cool thing about the atlantis is if you gamble (any amount-could be a penny) you get free drinks. So we moseyed up to the bar and played the video poker and slots and got free drinks. I ended up winning back the same amount we spent between both of us, plus we got free drinks so really we were ahead. I cashed out and we still had an hour and a half to kill. 

We  went to the bar of a Bistro and had some phenomenal cocktails and a really awesome artichoke appetizer. I had a strawberry something or other (muddled strawberries and other goodness) and then a cucumber lemonade which was sooooooooooooo tasty. (gin, muddled cucumber and lemon, simple syrup and soda water) My new summer drink.

What's my friggin' problem?

I'm in a funk, don't know why. I think I'm bored, but not motivated to do anything new. I did get my hair dyed purple which is fun except that my hands are now purple as well as my feet from when I washed it today. It seems to want to stick to my skin. The whole back of my neck is purple as well. I look like I've been rolling around in purple cool-aid. 

I'm in a perfect position here, i don't know why I can't enjoy it. I mean really, how many people can work just 3 days a week at something they are good at. I think I feel like I'm going to get trapped into a business and not be able to let it go. but that's silly. If I want to let it go I can. I can just say, "I'm moving. Bye." 

I think most of the people like me. It's hard to tell though. I don't want to get lazy with my teaching. I could do that very easily here because maybe three kids are serious. 

I've been kind of a hermit since we got here and I gotta tell you, I'm liking it. I do need to get out and meet people but I really could care less. 


It's 3:07 pm and I'm craving apple cinnamon pancakes. I never crave pancakes. I wonder how gluten free ones would taste.

Wow it's been awhile. I'm in a lack of inspiration.


So we took a spontaneous walk today to the center of town. On the way we went down a side street and heard a flock of birds chattering.  We came on a set of four trees. One was completely covered in birds chattering away. I pulled out my I-phone and tried to recored it. It's too the left if I uploaded it correctly. We listened for almost a minute and then it went dead quiet and they all flew away at once. It was so cool and very reminiscent of "The Birds".

We walked through the center of Old Town and then over the bridge to the main drag. We went to our favorite coffee roaster and got our first coffee in almost two weeks. Good Lord thank the baby Jebus. It was so good. I feel back to myself. I think my body needs a steady stream of coffee not to be tired. I have been so tired since I quit coffee. We bought half a bags worth and checked out the local health food store. It was cute and we picked up some tea and gluten free pasta and a gluten free potato soup (haven't tried it yet.) We walked back down to old town and stopped at the barber. B got his hair cut and then we hit the book store. I bought a gluten free baking book and a thank you card for one of my students for giving me her favorite porcelain ballerina doll. then we checked out the local thrift store and the local pizza joint. I had the antipasto salad and B had the Hearty Arty Pizza. It smelled and looked so good. (sigh yarrrrr) then we walked back home .  It was a wonderful afternoon.   or