Yay, away!!!

So we set out yesterday to Ashland, NH. We are at the Glynn House which we used to frequent over ten years ago. (Before dogs) It is now dog friendly and we are staying in the carriage house (which is my favorite) Miso got car sick for the very first time, to my dismay. Poor guy. Then he walked around crying for an hour once we got here. I don't he handles change well. 

Puppy however settled right in. I was quite happy. I decided not to stress over the dogs like I usually do. I made a decision to not worry they would mess things up. As soon as I decided that and calmed myself down, both dogs settled in. I think they feed off my anxiety when I bring them places. I think my calmness also helped Brian feel relaxed. So far, no accidents in the room (yay) They only bark when they hear people come in an out. (and not all the time) 

Miso and I both got carsick today because the roads are so frost heave-ish. Miso puked all over the back of the car. Poor guy. He's sleeping now. I think the ride exhausted him.

Three day get away.

Yay! We are off on a three day get away. We are heading north to the Glynn House. We haven't been for years. There used to be a little old couple that ran it. Now it's under new ownership and dog friendly. So we are taking the gang. (we'll see how it goes) We will have a fireplace and hot tub so I'm excited. Cuddling, writing and nookie.  :)


So I decided to try baking yesterday. It was left over from my dice roll from last week. I hadn't done it so I attempted Apple turnovers. Hahahaha. The first few came out like blobs so I tried to get creative and make them look like something. Nope, I said screw it and made apple burritos with the filo. They actually tasted awesome but looked less than appealing. I have to work on the presentation. Hahaha. I should have taken a picture. 


Congrats Kate Winslet It's about time. Yay. Hurray!!!! We love you!!!

Hey, it's raining slush.

Wow, I'm not sure I've ever seen it rain slush. Yet it is as we speak. Yuck. 

No cartilage torn. Yay. Crooked kneecap seems to be the culprit. Gotta lose weight, which I am, and do some exercises (which I haven't yet) other than the wii fit.  


I'm sitting here waiting for the results of my MRI, while drinking very gross D &D coffee of which I burned my mouth on. I know they are going to tell me nothing is wrong. Which is the story of my life. It wouldn't be a bad thing, just wouldn't explain why I can't stand on my right leg for more than ten minutes at a time. (I think I'm cranky this morning.)

My diceman roll for this week is to bake. Which sucks because I started South Beach Diet.  I'm down 8 pounds though so I can't complain. Maybe I'll reward myself at the end of the week. 

(So when did waiting over 45 minutes for the doctor to see you become standard? Do you\think they teach that at med school?)

Happy Birthday Miso and Happy V-day to everyone.


Five weeks old

Photo 85_2IMG_0038

Best dinner ever

So B took me out to Unums last night for our 15th. Mmmmmmmm. Everything was amazing. I had rare pan seared tuna with a blackberry/blueberry sauce. It had spinach and tomato as well. It all paired wonderfully. B had salmon that came with a cheese infused risotto. Yum. We had a great bottle of wine. Great atmosphere and great service. We will definitely be going back.


Flavor of the month


Photo 126

Working on a second list

I managed to do number six on my list. (Barely) I also did number five. I'm working on a list for this week. I should have had it done for today, but I'm a slacker. So hopefully by tonight. I've been crocheting like a madman this week. I usually only do that when I'm down. I guess I am a little. Still trying to identify why.  

On another subject. Miso Demon is turning into a fabulous dog. Puppy was whimpering in his sleep and Miso came over all upset and licked his head. Awww. He is also listening way better than Puppy. Puppy is going through a rebellious stage I think. I still don't think he's happy he got a brother. 

Today is the day I put purple in my hair. (unless I chicken out last minute.) 

The infernal wait.

So I'm presently waiting in the not so antiseptic room for the doctor to look at my knee. I had high hopes when I walked in. They called me in before I even finished filling out the paperwork. (that never happens) Then they whisked me off to x-ray in less than five minutes. They did zippy speedy x-rays and led me back to the exam room. 

"The doctor will be right in."

"Thank you."

That was 40 minutes ago. I sat for 10 twiddling my thumbs, skimmed and article about Woody Harrelson, and wrote 210 words of drivel on my book.  Oh wait, yay. here he is.......

Damn! I rolled a six

Well, this should be interesting. I have to write 1000 words this week. Hah! It should be good. Maybe break me out of my funk. Hmmm. Wish me luck.

The Dice Man Principle

So I was recently enlightened, by my friend crimsonsilk on the dice man principle. Everyday you make a list of six items to be accomplished. Six things from easy to hard. (some that will push your comfort zone a bit) You roll a dice and which ever number you roll, you have to complete that item on your list by the end of the day. Now I'm told it doesn't have to be anything like scrubbing the kitchen floor or cleaning out my loft. It can be fun things maybe I'm afraid to do like, dying my hair purple or pampering myself for a day or putting my left shoe on first instead of my right. It's supposed to make you think differently and get you to do things you may not ever try because you were too afraid. ( crimsonsilk  explains it more eloquently so feel free to click on her link)

So Crimsonsilk and myself start tomorrow. We have modified it to weekly (because I'm a wimp and a bit lazy) I'm inviting anyone to join us. It will be fun. If you do feel free to share or not share. The more the merrier. :)   or