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Check 'em out. two more up


This is all that is left of Miso's bear. I think he may have eaten it. :)

Photo on 2010-01-19 at 13.42

Calling a snow day today.

We are supposed to get another big storm today and the person who plows has been plowing all night so the studio is plowed in. I'm calling a snow day. yay. 

Two knew paintings up. Not my best work but as crimsonsilk says, let other people be the judge. 

Found out why my allergies are so bad.

Apparently the couch pillows are all goose down. I'm really allergic to down. Hence the swelled face and sneezing attacks. 

Night on the Town

Had a fantastic night on the town in Reno last night. I'm not sure when this will post because I have been fighting with the internet connection for almost 3 hours. I can't seem to log on. Anyway we went to sushi and I brought my own soy. I apparently had a sushi roll with panko shrimp but luckily my stomach didn't react. It could be that I still feel lousy or it could be I just got lucky. Then we went and bought several canvases for me to paint on.  Stopped at a cigar shop that hand rolls their own cigars. B sat and enjoyed one. Then we headed off to the Peppermill Casino. Not to gamble, we both just don't find it very fun. But to check out what they had for bars. We found a few and I had a glass of Remy Extra (mmmmm. So good) and had gelato for the first time. It was tasty.

We stumbled on the fireside lounge and it was really nice. Here's a pic.17057_297466627626_689862626_4755182_6847736_s

I had two mochatinis. They were tasty. We ended the night at 17057_297493812626_689862626_4755639_3850701_s

burger. Finally. Love their burgers. mmmmmmmmmmmm.  Slept in till 9ish this morning. I needed it. I think I'm going on strictly salad and a little protein for the next week or two to get whatever is in my system out.  

mmmmm soup

♫♫♫ I wish I was an Oscar Meyer wiener, then i would be all eaten up and not still feel like shit.♫♫

So I think my immune system took a tank this week after the gluten thing. If I don't feel better by monday I shall be scouting out a doctor in town. My body is definitely trying to fight something off. Don't think it's winning yet. I went back to bed for two hours and I still feel like I need more sleep. 

I'm having a bowl of Brian's delicious soup which makes me happy. <smiling ear to ear> It's definitely good for the soul. We are heading into Reno later for canvases and sushi. I can't for get to bring my gluten free soy. 

Been having strange weird dreams. I actually have been remembering bits of them. I haven't been able to remember any since I got here. (dream doctor Jeni I may be enlisting your services) :) 

I started an adult tap class last night with three very nice ladies. Amazingly my feet and knees held out. I'm not even sore today and I did tons of jumping and shuffling. :) 

hmmmmm... I'm debating on having another bowl of soup. 

Yay painting

Spent the last hour painting. I miss my aisle. I forgot to pack it. Just been propping my canvases up on a folding chair. :) I might pick up a cheap one. I'm officially out of canvases. I really need to pick some up this week. I sent a follow up email to the gallery. I'm not expecting to hear anything. I'll try them again in the spring if I don't. 

I'll post some pics later if the lighting works out. 

Allergies have calmed a bit but not subsided. It's probably the dust. It's so dusty here it's ridiculous. You dust down the whole place and the next day it looks like you didn't even do anything. Craziness. 

Okay I'm out of things to say. Till next time. 

Whooooooaaaaaaaaa nelly

I'm definitely allergic to something here. last night my right eye swelled and my asthma kicked in. I haven't had any asthma in months. I took two benedryl and got and excellent nights sleep. I thought the benedryl would do the trick but apparently it didn't. My face is all swelled and pretty today. My right eye almost shut completely. I just popped a generic antihistamine. I hope it kicks in. I hate allergies and I hate being miserable. <grumble grumble> Photo on 2010-01-13 at 08.44

ain't I pretty. (yes I said ain't) 

Sleepy but no relief

I'm so tired but very A. D. D. tonight. I just sent Jeni a slew of crazy emails to find at work. My mind seems to be a whirlwind of nothing in particular. Which is very frustrating. I'm so tired and sleepy. Hopefully when I close my laptop I will drift off into slumber town.  

I've decided I hate mondays. I miss Dance Dimensions. I'm losing my drive and will to teach. I'm frustrated with the length of classes. Pre-school is 15 minutes too long. Ballet 4 is 15-45 minutes too short. I don't like hyperactive kids and I feel like I'm waisting my time. Though I think most of the kids like me. I even got a present today. One of the little girls gave me a porcelain ballerina in purple tutu (my favorite color) 

We are here till April 10th then we have to find new digs. I thought we were here till august but again my sister deceives me. So we will have to decide if we rent a place in town or move down south. I probably should stay through recital but not sue if I want to. 

I know my sister expects me to take over the school but not sure if I will. Not sure I want the hassle. I would have to run it the way she does now or risk losing kids. I won't be happy running it how she is. I would feel like a tool. Her prices are way too low and her classes are geared more toward recreational. I don't know. time will tell. 


And I am still up with a gluteny belly ache. this sucks. Got ginger ale and bitters to have to try to settle my stomach. Did I read the label. No. why would there be caramel color in either. So I had a nice big glass which exacerbated the problem. Yes I said exacerbated. I just had a big big big mug of ginger tea in a last ditch effort to settle my stomach. No luck. I hope I'm not up all night. I was hoping it would all be better by now. Dammit. Yes I said Dammit. <grumble grumble>


Reno day

Spent the day in Reno. I woke up with stomach pain today I think it was from the bourbon I had the night before. Then we went to the El Dorado and got lunch. I had a fabulous burger (no bun) and salad instead of fries. Hot horrible  horrible stomach pain for the rest of the day. I thin it was cross contamination. They forgot to leave off the croutons but I didn't each mush of the salad for that reason. Could have been the dressing too. I guess I should start bringing my own.  Stomach still hurts as well as my head. I hope it doesn't last more than today. 

We walked around and I went into the gallery i submitted to, to check it out. It's small but had some good and okay art. I haven't heard back from them yet and I still hate waiting.  I didn't say anything when I was there because they don't like that sort of thing. Hopefully they won't leave me hanging. I'll send out a follow up email this coming week and see what happens.

"oy. what's the trick then?"

Wow did I have one hell beast of a child yesterday. And lucky me I had her for two hours. What a terror. Stamping on kids feet. Hanging on the bars like a monkey. Talking while I"m explaining things. Poking and touching kids and taking their hair elastics. Wow. That proved to be a long day. Then she expected me to giver her a lollipop and sticker. Hah!!!! I laughed. Out loud. 

I had a really good older girls class. It was only and hour and 15 minutes and that included point so we didn't get much done. I basically dissected their ballet barre work. it was good. They actually fixed some of their mistakes immediately.  Hopefully they will retain all that till monday.

I'm still incredibly tired. Maybe going to bed too late. Not sure. Or I'm not sleeping as well as I could. I feel a midday nap coming on though and it's not even 8am yet. 

I've met a few of the dance moms. Most seem really nice so far.  One mom made me fresh rolls. I didn't have the heart to tell her I couldn't eat them. She is a sweetie as well as her daughter. I liked her immediately.  Well that was my thursday. No plans for today. I really do need to make a reno run. That might wait till saturday even thought saturday is a crazy day there. 

I'm pleased to say...

the colors dried quite nicely. I took another picture. Still a little blurry.


Yay finally painted

I trudged down to the cold basement because I needed to paint. I put on the space heater so I wouldn't freeze my tatas off. I like the new paints but not sure how they will dry. The felt great on my skin though, well before they started to irritate my skin. I sent a request to my first gallery today. I'm hopeful they will be able to give me some good advice or pointers even if they don't like my work.  Crimsonsilk has her Etsy page up and running. It looks fab. I may go that route when I'm ready to put the time in. 

Wow it felt good to paint. A bad blurry pic is up. You know where to go. Not the thumbnail page the other one. 

Midday random blog.

So I have discovered the tomato again. I used to eat them all the time. like an apple with a little bit of salt. I loved the juicy taste and the compliments of the salt. I had gotten away from eating them in recent years because they never seemed to be ripe in the store. When I would try to ripen them myself they would get all mealy. Bleh. 

I've been having tomatoes since I got out here. Almost everyday. The flavor is like how I remember them years ago. It has been my midday snack since our arrival.  I haven't been avoiding them on salads or other things.  I'm very pleased. :) 

I looked up that gallery again and I'm getting the nerve up to send my paintings. I now have to go through my website and list sizes and prices. That will probably take me a few days. (i know crimsonsilk knows what i"m talking about) So I'm going to try to get that going.

Did some light cleaning and laundry and dishes. We are waiting for a call from the realtor. we are going to have to lower our price and get royally reamed. It's that or continue to pay !500.00 a month between condo fees and mortgage. Plus mortgage out here. ( I've been practicing my bending over posture. Feet firmly planted on the floor.)

wow, I still don't know what day it is.

I haven't been able to keep track of the days since we left. When I'm not on a regular schedule, I have no idea what day of the week it is. Plus I think I'm still on NH time. I woke early today, a little before 6am. A bit nervous for my first day of work and going to the bank to set up accounts. Worried I only have two days for my sister to show me the ropes. I was trying not to wake anyone while I was on my laptop. Miso was extra frisky this morning and making noise. He has attached to my sister like she is the the goddess of all dogs. He whimpers outside her door till she comes out or i tell him to stop. She has also managed to spoil both of them already. She shares her food with them and bought them toys. She's so funny. I told her if they get diarrhea she can clean it up. :) She loves them though. it's so cute. Miso can't get enough.

B got up not to long after me, worried he had woken me. Then after I said something I can't remember he informed me it was only sunday. Shocked and relieved I stopped stressing and now can stay in my cozy flannels a bit longer and type this blog. B is making coffee and I already had a bowl of cinnamon chex mix.   or