Itch, itch, scratch, scratch.

Okay, so last night we ordered from out local chinese restaurant. It's a regular thing we do on either friday or saturday night. They even make special dishes for us because we are regular customers. The owner is a trip, anyway. So we get our food. (same dish we had last week) beef, shrimp, brocolini, carrots. All good stuff. I broke out in one of my most severe cases of hives. 90% of my body covered. They started at tmy head and rapidly moved down my body. My ears swelled shut, lips swelled up, eyes puffy, shoulders, back, stomach covered.  asthma kicked in, the whole nine yards. 

So miserable, thank God (not really it's just an expression) for benedryl.  I woke up today and still have them but not as bad. I used a whole tube of benedryl cream and lots of benedryl pills. 

I think I'm developing freaky food allergies as I get older. Which sucks.  

That's my post. Hope your weekend goes better than mine.

(Yenney sighs with relief)

Yay, we won't be begging on the corner for spare change or prostituting ourselves to pay the rent. :)

Oh the waiting...

Sitting here anxiously awaiting to here if my hubby got laid off. Didn't sleep well after his company messed up and sent out an email informing everyone there was going to be a layoff. Then hubby gets stuck in traffic on his way to work, windshield washer fluid not working and finding himself going to be late. Oh the waiting...


Slipped and fell on the ice last night and hurt my bad knee. 

Good friends make everything better.

So I was AIM chatting for like an hour with my friend Crimsonsilk. She's the best. Good conversation makes me feel better. (that means I'm better by the way) 

Also I have a great husband and two awesome pups. We've been watching really bad Sci-fi movies as well. There is nothing like a good/bad Sci-fi movie.  Moving on to a better place now. Thanks for sticking with me. :)

Very Bad Place

I am in a very bad place today. I guess I thought I could open old wounds freely and not bleed a little. I really thought I was over that part of my past. I guess I never will be. It started with me feeling pretty proud I was able to talk about it on line with a friend, then I moved to a weird place last night followed by a bad night of horrible memories and now this morning a very bad place. I know it will pass. I just hate letting the past control me. 

I'm attempting to counter my mood with episodes of family guy. Wish me luck.            


So I started watching the Sopranos. I had never seen the pilot and never seen the last two seasons. So I'm starting at the beginning and giving it a go. All the women so far are bitches.  I hate that. But I'll give it time.

Challenge accepted

So I put a friend of to a challenge the other day, based on a blog she posted on the 21st. She accepted. Yay, the battle to reveal oneself is on. Check it out. It could get messy.   *shrug*

Miso and Skittles

So here are some pics of Miso and his girlfriend Skittles. If you are interested you can pop over to the Random puppy pace and see more. Scroll down to the bottom. The picture quality is not the best :)IMG_0216

I may have something to comment on later today.


Puppy and Miso after a long day at the groomer.   Ooooooh!



So this was my art attempt. You can laugh, it's okay.

So here is my first and second attempt at painting. My third I am still working on. I guess it can only get better. Right? (This was really hard to post)

Sea of Color


Feeling Blue


New Puppy pics

New Puppy pics up on the random puppy page. 


Wow the silence is amazing after a tense morning. I don't believe it's ever been this quiet in my house before. I am sitting here anxiously awaiting the inauguration. 

I woke after a horrible nights sleep, internet was down, (hubby to the rescue) Seeing as that is my only way to view it I was getting cranky and I was having withdrawals from not being able to get on line. (I'm rather addicted) Imara was yelling at the dogs. Both were being rather obnoxious. After a knock down, drag out puppy tornado, all of a sudden both are silent and drifting off to sleep. Everything seemed to go quiet at once. The dogs, the coffee pot, the washing machine.

It is making me think of the calm before the storm. (Let's hope not.)

Wow a full five minutes of silence. It was just broken by the sound of my email...hang on...

Oh, Jonathan Phelps died, age 42. Wonderful choreographer. Very nice. I had the privilege of taking some classes with him years ago. Wow, 42. Only the good die young...


Well I don't have much to talk about today. This week is definitely going to be better than last week. I had a good day at work and Tomorrow we get a New President. Hurray! It's been a long eight years. I will be watching the inauguration on my laptop, because I do not have cable and have not had it for four years.  I am looking forward to whatever changes he will bring and I hope he's as genuine as he seems. Here's to the future. (Yenney holds up her glass in a toast)

New experiences

So yesterday I said I was going to sit down today and try painting. I actually did. I'm proud of myself. I blew off going out to breakfast with my husband and gave it ago on this very snowy, very dreary sunday. 

I enjoyed it. I am definitely not a painter. It was interesting how the painting changed depending on what I was thinking about. My first attempt started out well, I was kind of liking it and probably should have stopped, but something spurred me on. It turned into a mess of a mess. So I painted over it. I took out a smaller canvas and did something in just blue. I kind of like it and probably won't do anything more to it. 

Then I went back to the larger canvas and began again. Again it started off pretty good and then I messed it up again. I played around with it some more and hopefully it will look better when it's dry. I may try adding to it, I may not. 

Oh and I did it all with my hands and fingers. No brushes.  I had fun. Now I'm going to eat my Miso soup. (and no I didn't make it out of my dog Miso)


I think I'm going to try my hand at painting tomorrow. (it being sunday and me having no official plans. I will see how I will see how I feel when I wake up and of course after coffee.

A side note. I had a "friend" say to me, that I will never make friends if I hate people who are religious. Well I never said I hated people who were religious. I just hate religion. It's not for me. I did it devoutly for 24 years. It made me hate myself, feel anxious, and feel worthless. If religion works for you, I say "go for it". It wasn't a good fit for me. I poured my heart and soul into it only to get walked all over and suffer great atrocities. I have many friends who are religious. It doesn't bother me. For some of them it's a way of life. It used to be for me, but not now. I don't judge people for their beliefs and I don't expect people to judge me for mine.

 I think we should all get along. We all have great things to offer to each other. I just feel religion puts a barrier on it. I know my religion did. I couldn't have any friends outside my religion, because it might affect my "faith".  Well guess what, I missed out on a lot of great friends because of this. Not anymore. Well that's my rant for tonight. I'll be back tomorrow.

Better Now

Okay, so I stewed about my friend for a couple of days. I ranted and vented and felt sorry for myself. I think I'm better now. Yay. I hope I didn't scare any new friends off :) 

Well, I haven't written in five days. I want to, but I got nothing. Hopefully soon. I am feeling the need to paint as well, but with my hands. I got this urge once before a few months ago, but had no paint. I guess I should have went and bought some. I've never painted, not even once, but I've always wanted to try. If I manage something, I will share it wether it's good or bad. I'm always up for new experiences. Hopefully you are too. Have a wonderful evening.

Oh Coffee. How I love Thee

Sitting on my couch with my coffee and laptop on this dreary tuesday morning. Nothing really to say except, Wow I love coffee. Good coffee, not the D&D stuff.  That's my tub-o-coffee to the right :)

Oh Summer you are so far away.

So we had about a foot of snow yesterday. I have a love/hate thing going on with snow. It's pretty to look at. I guess that's the only part I like. I woke up today glad the temperature had risen, things seem to be melting a bit. It made walking the dogs better than in the bitter cold. I have two dogs. One loves snow and one doesn't. Hmm, kinda like me. 

The sky is clear baby blue, no clouds. I fear a long winter ahead. One that drags on till May. I'm liking the idea of moving somewhere warmer. We'll see. Life is short, what am I afraid of. I should just do it.

1st Yenneyblog

I will try my hand at blogging. I've only ever done it once and that was for a rant that went on for days after the 2004 U. S. Election. 

I've never been very political. I actually never voted till 2004. But I'm learning.  

Goals for this new year are to live life, take time out for myself and have no regrets. I choose something every year to overcome that I have been afraid to do in the past. (sometimes I choose two.) I haven't decided yet what it will be, but I'll keep you posted.  Maybe skydiving. (Ha!)   or