3rd visit to the dog park. 

I went back to the dog park friday. We got up super early and were their by 7:30. We had the place to our selves. I played fetch with Miso for about half an hour when a lady, Renee, showed up with 3 dogs. Miso and Puppy started to bark because Renee was behind the gate and didn't come in quick enough. I grabbed Miso and chased Puppy away and they all came in. She noted that most dogs do that when there is a separation of a gate or when on leash and I agreed. I put Miso down and the greeting began. She has a 5 year old long haired dachshund named Michael Angelo,  a 12 year old mix named molly and a 14 year old mix named buddy, who was a rescue. 

Mikey (Michael Angelo) was very vocal and immediately tried to dominate Miso. MIso of course wouldn't have it and gave a warning growl. Mikey tried again and Puppy took this opportunity to dominate Mikey. I told him to get down expecting to get yelled at. I was still shell shocked from wed. Renee said. "Let them work it out."  I was shocked. That's how I feel. So for half an hour Miso, Puppy, and Mikey had a threesome going. Nobody was winning. I got to talking with her and told her about wed. She immediately said. "You didn't leave did you?" and I said "Yes, I was in shock and didn't want to get into a screaming match." "Don't let that group scare you away. Their dogs can do no wrong." 

I was shocked and a bit relieved I was not the only one who felt this way.   Mikey was very vocal to Renee. It was like he wanted her to fix the dominance problem in his favor and she wasn't helping. Every time Miso would growl or Puppy would jump on the back of him he would look at Renee and bark. We were both laughing. Miso got bored with the dominance game and insisted on playing fetch again. So we did.. Renee was telling me about Buddy and how he was her neighbors dog. They had bought a puppy and then proceeded to tie him to a tree for 12 long years. She finally, through kindness got them to give him to her and she's had him 2 years. My heart was broken for this dog. He was so sweet. He walked funny due to muscle atrophy but she said he is surprisingly in great health. He was a love. I rubbed his head and told him I would smother him with love and then he proceeded to follow me around. He liked to rest his chin in my hand while I rubbed his head and talked to him. 

I hope I see her again. She restored my faith in dog owners. I hope I can get her contact info next time. I would love to hang out with her. 

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