2nd visit to the dog park. 

Wednesday I decided to take the dogs to the dog park again. We had had a perfect morning walk, no barking or growling at anyone and we even were able to meet and greet with a view dogs where we live. I was feeling awesome and proud of my reformed pooches. I looked at them and said "Let's go on an adventure." They somehow new this was a ride in the car and flipped out. 

We arrive at the dog park and there is only one person there so far, Melinda. She went absolutely nuts over Miso and even was playing fetch with his slobbery ball. She said she had never met a Pom with his demeanor. Most she had met are biters and nasty. (I felt good that all the training was helping)

 Puppy was wandering around marking his territory and Miso and I are playing fetch some more after Melinda left. I wanted him good and tired. All of a sudden 6 dogs show up at once. I noticed Miso get slightly nervous but he settled quickly. They did the meet and greet with 2 basset hounds, a Westie  we had met before, an adorable mutt and two pugs I am now calling the bully brothers. 

Miso was thrilled to see so many new people. More thrilled than seeing new dogs. He began taking turns lying between peoples feet who were sitting on the benches. He was calm as a cucumber and not acting like a nervous yippy Pom. (again I'm very proud.) Now the bully brothers are not happy Miso is lying next to their owner. They both come over and corner and pin him under the bench. I hear him give a warning growl and I get up to try to diffuse the situation before it gets ugly. The bully brothers owner did nothing. She just sat and watched. I didn't move fast enough and Miso got on his feet and growled and barked shrilly. It was clear he was in distress. Still the pugs owner did nothing as everyone cleared the benches and I pulled the pugs off and grabbed Miso. 

Now it doesn't take much to get a Pom excited, whether it be nervous excitement of happy excitement. He had been remarkably calm. Now he's worked up. Well the Westie took this opportunity to try to dominate Miso, Miso wouldn't have it and returned the favor. (No barking, no growling, just quiet mounting) The owner comes up to me and says. "YOU'RE DOG IS A PROBLEM!" Him and the owner of the mutt were in my face. Literally. I bit my tongue, apologized and grabbed my dogs and left. If I had stayed (which I wish I had) I would have ripped all of them a new one. Somehow it's my fault that Miso is worked up because he got pinned by the bully brothers. No reprimand for them. (because they were quiet about it) Because Miso is vocal, he must be the problem. 

Read a fucking book people. Just because your dog is quiet doesn't mean he is not the instigator, plus they were holding another dog down. Jesus!!!!! I hate people. If Miso had started it, sure, yell at me. I get it. But don't blame me because he just got beat up. Worse than soccer moms. I decided that I will not let them keep me from the park. I'll go when I want and if their dogs make so much as a move at Miso, I will be very, very, very vocal. 

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