Wow, I've missed flying on a real airline

Of late when i fly, I've been flying southwest because the rates are (or were) crazy cheap. Their prices are going up and I wanted a direct flight to NH this year instead of the usual 4-5 hour layover in Chicago and this time of year it's almost assured there will be more delays due to the weather. I booked Virgin America. I've never flown them before. The seats are a bit tinier than Southwest, but I fit none the less. My favorite feature is that each seat has it's own little "TV" screen. Instead of trying to wave down a flight attendant or pressing the call button, you just punch in what you need on the screen and they bring it to you. Drinks whenever and food whenver. They actually have meals too. The last two times I've flown Southwest across country I got two bags of peanuts for a 5+ hour flight. 

I lucked out in an almost full flight and the middle seat ended up being empty. Woohoo!!!! Room to breathe. I've tried to sleep on the flight because I didn't really sleep last night due to excitement and anxiety. I managed to fall asleep, but barely. I kept waking myself up thinking I'm snoring. (I guess I shouldn't really care if I am or not)  I managed to sleep all the way through Iowa :) 

The last leg of the flight I know is going to drag on. I can't wait to see Jeni, Justin, Fi, Mr. Shiggs and Ruby. I'm looking forward to the hour drive and I hope I'm not too sleepy but I'm sure I'll make it. I'm also hoping traffic won't be insane. (I can hope right?)

I'm listening to my exercise music to try to wake myself up. I already miss my boys (all three of them) There is a woman in front of me who I thought was going to drive me crazy the whole flight. I'm really glad I didn't get stuck sitting next to her. She's older and thinks she's entitled to take as much time as she wants and get anything she wants. The airline let people who only had one bag (the bag that goes under the seat) pre-board.  That was the condition so you aren't tying up the isle. She stand in the isle with her hubbs behind her and spreads her stuff over two seats and starts sorting through it and handing him stuff to put in the overhead bin. Then he wasn't quite doing it right so she complained and then he went to put his bag under his chair because he has meds and snacks he needs and she insisted he put it in the overhead so she could spread her stuff under his seat. I wanted to bitch slap her. They finally let me pass and she stood back up and started rearranging again. Good thing we were at the back. She's been up and down a lot but finally has settled down.

I managed to remember to bring everything but my book and my hat. (As far as I know anyway) Fi's pressies take up half my suitcase. heehee. I really hope she doesn't cry when she sees me. i know she has no idea who i am, but that's my worst fear is that she will cry all week every time I look at her. She'll be like "Mom, who's this crazy bitch who tried to kiss my cheek." I'm going to hug Jeni for like 10 minutes. I did forget to get Mr. Shiggs a cat toy. I was all set too and then it slipped my mind. I'm gonna see if I can pick one up on the way.  Okay, now I'm rambling so I'm gonna finish. The end.

Oh wait!!! I think one of the Myth Buster guys (the grumpy one) Jamie (I think) he's in first class. I was going to smile and say something when I walked through first class but I was distracted by the lady. Brian dared me to say "hey, your the grumpy guy from myth busters right?" but I blew it. 

Here are some pics of the sunset before we landed.

IMG 5294
IMG 5293
IMG 5287
IMG 5286
IMG 5285
IMG 5284
IMG 5283
IMG 5282   or