Well I seem to have been MIA

I've gone into the busy season for dance and art. Going to be crazy for the next 8 weeks. I dropped of two of my paintings for the first art show this month. It's at a dank, dark, worst location to get to part of town. The show is being held at the San Jose Bridge club (yes, as in card playing) Not sure what the range of people viewing the art will be, but hey, at least I'm hanging on a wall. Here are some pics. 

IMG 6636

That's me up on the top left.

IMG 6637

close up of "Splash" Sorry for the grainy pic. I had to lighten it. It was so dark in there. :-D

IMG 6638

"Firelily"  up top

IMG 6639


I drop off 4 paintings next week for the Triton art show. Still haven't picked all 4. Well I have but don't think I can afford to frame two of them before next week.  We'll see. Wish me luck.  I'll post pics of the next show when it happens.

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