I went for volunteer orientation today at a local homeless family shelter. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I had a good vibe, so to speak, after reading their website. They provide shelter for homeless families and then transition them into housing and help them find jobs, etc. They provide daycare for the kids and after school homework help. The woman who showed me around was wonderful. We talked for a good hour and she asked where I would like to volunteer. I told her I would help where ever they needed me, but I would like to start either in the donations room (organizing clothes and stuff), in the kitchen, and/or keep me on the last minute call list if they are in a bind. Somehow she translated this into working in the daycare. I laughed and said if they were short handed I would, but put me where they need me. 

She admitted that the woman running the donations section always needs help and most people don't last there because it's small and cramped and boring. I said "It sounds perfect." She showed me around and said she would put me on the schedule for next monday and if I wanted to try something else till I found what I liked that was fine. All I could think is they must get people who can't make up their mind or think volunteering is a not hard work and end up leaving. 

She told me all about their programs and this is truly a fantastic place. It really makes families self sufficient and gets them on a good schedule among  many, many other things. Then she brought me to meet the woman (I'm not supposed to use anyone's names) in the donation closet.  She speaks Spanish and minimal English.  I was introduced and she was told I would be helping her. The woman half smiled and didn't look confident I would last. Her helper today didn't show up and she had lots to do. I then asked her if she needed me sooner than monday. She looked surprised, smiled, bit her lip and then nodded.  She sheepishly asked "mañana?"  I said definitely.  i'm going to help her clean a room for an incoming family and then work on organizing the donations.

The coordinator was also very excited that I teach dance. I will be scheduling a hip hop or two for the 67 kids they currently have. 

I'm very excited. I'll let you know how my first day goes. I start at 9am. 

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