The Coffee Factory

So I decided to crawl out of my cave and hit the local coffee shop. I've been in twice but just to get coffee to go. I figured I would spend some time here and possibly write. I'm not feeling the love (writing that is) So I'm going to people watch for a bit. I also have to go ask if they have wifi. It's a nice place. Much better than charbucks and they roast their own coffee right on the premises. It's super awesome coffee. I will have to come in on a wednesday morning sometime when they are roasting and watch. It's run by a super friendly older asian couple. 

I normally get a black coffee of the day, but today I treated myself to a Pumpkin spice latte. You know I'm a whore for the pumpkin. It's so tasty.  

I'm in the back corner where I have a view of the shop. Straight across from me on the other end are three people. A man and two women. I think they are talking business and I'm trying to hear them, but it's so boring I can't focus. LOL There is a middle age woman in the center with her back to the door and she is reading. I feel she is very self conscious because she is hiding her face with one hand. I used to lean my head on my hand when I read in public places so no one would look at me. I now know it makes more people look at you. A young asian girl just came in and is talking super loud on her phone. There are two very senior men to my right talking away in chinese and people watching as well and last but not least there is someone reading a paper on the other side of the Christmas tree that I can't see. My plan is to become a regular. Hopefully, eventually I'll meet some other regulars. I so desperately need a coffee buddy. 

Next time I'll sit a little closer to someone and strike up a conversation, but for now. I'm just gonna get comfortable and watch.

Okay, I'm gonna go see if they will give me the wifi password. If not this won't get posted till later.   or