My thoughts on Jesus

revolutionary |ˌrevəˈloō sh əˌnerē|


engaged in or promoting political revolution : the revolutionary army.

involving or causing a complete or dramatic change

noun ( pl. -aries)

a person who works for or engages in political revolution.

apostate |əˈpäsˌtāt; -tit|


a person who renounces a religious or political belief or principle.


abandoning a religious or political belief or principle.

Here are my thoughts on Jesus.. Jesus was the revolutionary for his time. (Much like John Lennon would have been for us. Much like we all hoped Obama would be for this country. )

Jesus was also an Apostate. Yes, cringe, but I speak the truth. He chose to leave the religion of his people which makes him an apostate. I think he saw the corruption, the lies and the oppression and wanted to change it. He saw the God of his people as a cruel, oppressive, angry, jealous, unforgiving God and wanted to change this. He wanted to reinvent God. He wanted God to be for everyone, not just one group of people, so he preached love not hate. He preached forgiveness not holding a grudge etc. (Did this make him mentally diseased?)

Jesus started a revolution. He changed the way people thought and acted. He went against his religion and changed everything he saw that was not good. He believed what he preached. He believed he could make a difference. He did. That is why he was killed. He caused people to think and take charge of themselves and understand they didn’t have to be oppressed or made to fear. Fear was not the answer. 

Jesus came up with a whole new approach that was purely his, but he attributed it to God. He reinvented him. He gave people hope. I know if this man was alive today he would be appalled at where his message had been taken. He would be turning over tables in every church that exists today. He would be yelling “You’ve got it all wrong. You’ve turned it into another oppressive, fear mongering manipulative religion. You have twisted my words to your own benefit. You have ruined everything I fought to build.” People would just walk by him and think he was crazy.  

I think by the time he was nailed to the stake, he was so invested and believed so much in what he preached that he believed God would deliver him and when it didn’t happen he cried “why have you forsaken me.” Thus proving God didn’t give a crap or that he really doesn’t exist. 

His apostles were so upset that this wonderful man and leader was killed that they decided to immortalize him and give him “Godly” qualities in their writings. Making him bigger than life so no one would forget.  How better than to make him the son of God. Revisionist history. It’s been done since we’ve had the ability to write. It’s how wives tales, fairy tales and myths are formed. Elements of truth mixed with tall tales. He healed a lot of peoples hearts, so why not stretch that a bit further by saying he healed physical ailments. What’s the harm. 

Those are just my thoughts. I’m no scholar, I’m an observer and once you take away the hocus-pocus, you see a man who was truly a revolutionary for his time. He never intended his words to be taken to the extremes they have. He just wanted everyone to love and get along and live their lives.   or