First day Volunteering.

I have to say that it was interesting. I enjoyed it but felt like I was standing around a lot. (My feetzies are killing me) The language barrier is a bit difficult, but it will work itself out. We were doing great, I got there a little early and we went right to making up a room for a new family. We were making good progress and had two of the bunk beds done when another girl showed up. (the one who didn't come the day before) She speaks Spanish so her and the the head lady would start talking and having conversations and I would just be standing there for 10 or 15 minutes doing nothing. 

I could have had the whole room done in a half hour but it ended up being an hour and half. She has a very odd way of making beds as well.  I've never seen anyone make a bed this way, but she's the boss.  It seemed to be more about appearance than actually having the sheets and blankets on straight. She would make them lopsided so you couldn't see the mattress when you first walk in but then she would fold the sheets and blankets under themselves on the wall side instead of tucking them under the mattress or letting them hang. It was very bizarre. She's a sweetheart though. Then we went to the donation closet. She kept giving instructions to the other girl who would not translate them correctly because she didn't want to be there. So I managed to sort everything the way she told me and it happened to be wrong. 

This girl is required to work there 5 days a week from 9-noon because if she does her schooling is paid. She's been there a week and hates it.  The filing system for clothes in the clothes closet I haven't figured out yet. All the shelves are labeled with sized but she doesn't put the right sizes there. I think she is a bit overwhelmed with all the stuff and then just puts therm where they fit. 

It wasn't horrible. I liked it, but I just felt like I could have done so much more in the time allotted. The small hidden part of me that has organizational skills were busting to get out in that closet. I go back monday and the younger girl will be in the kitchen so I"m hopeful that I will be busier.   or