So, I'm no movie critic, but...

I know what I like and I know what I don't. When I'm home sick I tend to like to watch cheesy horror. Netflix is riddled with it. It's something you don't have to think about and sometimes it's so silly that it makes it fun. Well I generally go on titles because you usually know you have a winner. (that was totally sarcastic) I picked "The bleeding house" I totally thought it was going to be an amityville rip off. (I probably spelled that wrong) Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised. I actually like it. I thought the acting was good and it held my attention. I'd give it 3 our of 5 stars. I had to close my eyes a few times, but that's okay. I don't mind. It was overly gory as gory goes these days. I'm not into gore. But I admit, it wasn't what I was expecting. I like when movies surprise me.

The second one I watched was called "The Burrowers"  When I picked it I thought it was called "the Borrowers." LOL, I totally had a whole other scenario going. It was set in the old west and I thought it sounded really cheesy. WRONG. I thought this was a really good suspenseful thriller. I give it 4 stars. It took me by surprise and I was hooked in till the end. It totally made me hate what this country's history is. (Killing Native Americans.) But that was the underlying theme. Well the underlying theme was how white men screwed up the balance between nature and people. I know I'm ruining it but it was good. You should check it out. If you hate it, oh well. I enjoyed it. It wasn't standard formula. They totally didn't mind killing characters off that you weren't expecting.  

I'm addicted to Youtube

I officially launched my youtube page. I had just put up a few videos of Puppy last spring. I now have the video bug. The first few videos were tough, but I was surprised at how quick it is becoming easy. I know I'll draw some unwanted attention or attention I've been trying to avoid, but hey, i'm gonna be me. I don't care what people think.

Holy freakin' crap! I think I met a coffee buddy.

So I was goofing around at the coffee shop, mostly people watching and I saw a lady walk up outside with the cutest chihuahua mix I have ever seen and he was wearing a hoodie. ( I fucking love hoodies. I would wear them 24/7 if I could) Okay so I kept staring at this dog because he was adorable. I told myself if the lady was still there when I decided to leave, then I was going to go say hi. (thoroughly expecting her not to be)

This over pumped up dumb dude came in and started chatting with the lady at the table next to me. They had obviously seen each other here before. She was on her laptop and he brought his but never opened it. (I'm thinking he doesn't quite know how to use it yet) yes I'm being snarky. He was obviously tying to hit on her and impress her which was hilarious. She was very sarcastic (which was totally lost on him) and had me laughing. He clearly was not getting it and she kept looking at me and smiling. I interjected once in a while, which he totally did not like. Especially, after he did the "life is like a box of chocolates" and I choked on my coffee and said "Will that never die. I hated that movie." The girl laughed and said "I know right?" It was clearly this guys favorite movie.

The Coffee Factory

So I decided to crawl out of my cave and hit the local coffee shop. I've been in twice but just to get coffee to go. I figured I would spend some time here and possibly write. I'm not feeling the love (writing that is) So I'm going to people watch for a bit. I also have to go ask if they have wifi. It's a nice place. Much better than charbucks and they roast their own coffee right on the premises. It's super awesome coffee. I will have to come in on a wednesday morning sometime when they are roasting and watch. It's run by a super friendly older asian couple. 

I normally get a black coffee of the day, but today I treated myself to a Pumpkin spice latte. You know I'm a whore for the pumpkin. It's so tasty.  

I'm in the back corner where I have a view of the shop. Straight across from me on the other end are three people. A man and two women. I think they are talking business and I'm trying to hear them, but it's so boring I can't focus. LOL There is a middle age woman in the center with her back to the door and she is reading. I feel she is very self conscious because she is hiding her face with one hand. I used to lean my head on my hand when I read in public places so no one would look at me. I now know it makes more people look at you. A young asian girl just came in and is talking super loud on her phone. There are two very senior men to my right talking away in chinese and people watching as well and last but not least there is someone reading a paper on the other side of the Christmas tree that I can't see. My plan is to become a regular. Hopefully, eventually I'll meet some other regulars. I so desperately need a coffee buddy. 

A shout out to Crimsony

Hey babe. I miss ya. I did a video just for you. Well, I decided to come out of my hole and share it on youtube. I promised this to you a long time ago. I hope you are well. I know your life has been crazy of late. (busy and otherwise) There are two video's here because I had to spit it. I didn't realize how long it was till I went to upload it. (It would never in a million years get emailed.)  

This is me painting. I've only ever let one person watch me paint. I'm dying to see your latest so give me a shout out when you can. Love ya. Miss ya.  Hope you like it. (You can only find the link here)

Anyone who is allergic to skin and side boob please do not apply.     Part one         Part two

These are the three on the videos.

Hahahaha. I can be such a dumb-ass.

So I finally did a Youtube video. Yep put myself out there. Glad only 10 people watched it before i took it down. I had a little liquid courage before doing the video. Probably not the best thing to do, but I needed some help to do my intro/history of my JW days. Plus I'm trying to get over my fear of speaking and being on camera. It was something I needed to do, but probably not after 2 Gin and Gingers. Anyway, I did it. I've since took it down. I may do more later in a better frame of mind. I'm definitely more comfortable in this arena. I like my hands doing the talking rather than my lips. I do need to get over my fear of the video camera though, but will probably stick to lighter topics other than my sordid past. We'll see.  I spent the morning sick to my stomach over posting the video. I hear it gets easier the more you do. I felt the same way when I first started blogging. Now I love it.  Can't help but feeling like a dumb-ass though. I did get one subscriber out of it. LOL (I'm up to 2)   or