Ya know something?

Time zones suck.


I bought three shades of nail polish tonight plus punk and pretty nail decals. Shall be trying a new color every few days on the trip. I got little crossbones and skulls for B's toes. Heehee.

New obsession

Nail polish.

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It's so magical.

Isn't it magical when you find out the place you are busting your butt to move to, to escape the harsh winters, just yesterday themselves received over two feet of snow. 

Overwhelming urge

I've had the overwhelming urge to keep painting after my last one. I only had one canvas left. 36" x 48". Which before seemed overwhelming. Not tonight. I used it. It will be my last painting till we move. I have the urge to do more but there isn't enough time and I have no more canvases. I will post it tomorrow. I'm not feeling like I will sleep tonight. Painting helped release a lot of pent up emotion, but I didn't get as messy as I wanted. So the urge is still there. I like what I was doing and didn't want to mess it up. I wasn't sure I could recreate the drippy blood look. (got you wondering now don't I ) 

I have the urge to go paint in the snow. I don't think it would work, but if it did it would be fantastic. I also have the urge to paint every wall in this house with my body, but then I would have to paint over it before we move. Dammit. 

I'm going to pop some benadryl so I at least get about 4 hours of sleep. 

The day after


Okay so...

Okay so i'm watching this movie Blood games. Terrible 80's flick. You can tell by the hair. So this female softball teams beats this redneck team at a game and then revenge ensues. blah blah blah, drunk guys try to rape girls. one guy gets dead and then the father has to get revenge. Okay, so the girls are pretty tough shit and they keep smacking the shit out of the guys, but there is this one blond guy that just won't die. Now if I've learned, from "Millers Crossing". Always put one in the brain.  Had they followed this simple rule, they would all be alive. I guess these rednecks have exceptionally hard heads because they keep getting cracked in the skull with a baseball bat and keep returning.

Okay and now the father gets shot and somehow walks 40 miles and beats these girl to a vacant town and is trying to kill them with a cross bow.  Not to mention there is one road out of the main town which the girls took in a bus but somehow the rednecks  got ahead of them to do a roadblock and chase them in the forrest.  Yeah, it's that bad. Yet I can't stop watching it. Maybe because the girls are all wearing those 80's high cut running shorts. With lots of ass shots. The sound effects are great too.   or