I passed the Fi test. Woohoo

After a nightmarish car rental i arrived at Jeni and Justin's a bit late. Past Fi's bedtime. I was so looking forward to meeting her. So the next morning when I suddenly just appeared, she gave me the natural unsure reaction. (But no crying) I just kept my distance. I didn't get too close. I didn't want to scare her. I said "Hi Fi! Good morning." I sat with her and Jeni while Fi had breakfast. Then we bonded over a game of stick your tongue out. So far so good. I didn't try to hold her or get to close. I just wanted her to be comfortable. (glad I went with that plan.) 

I sat in the living room while she played and we occasionally would stick out tongues out at each other. Then I got on the floor and we played with her favorite ball. Jeni left us to go shower and Fi didn't cry. She just kept playing. Yay!!!!. She is so cute. I love this girl. She even brought me book and sat on my lap while I read it to her. (she is going to be a book worm)

We had an amazing Thanksgiving. It was so much fun.  The most fun I've had in a long time. Everyone was in a good mood, there was no tension and I met some great people. 

Wow, I've missed flying on a real airline

Of late when i fly, I've been flying southwest because the rates are (or were) crazy cheap. Their prices are going up and I wanted a direct flight to NH this year instead of the usual 4-5 hour layover in Chicago and this time of year it's almost assured there will be more delays due to the weather. I booked Virgin America. I've never flown them before. The seats are a bit tinier than Southwest, but I fit none the less. My favorite feature is that each seat has it's own little "TV" screen. Instead of trying to wave down a flight attendant or pressing the call button, you just punch in what you need on the screen and they bring it to you. Drinks whenever and food whenver. They actually have meals too. The last two times I've flown Southwest across country I got two bags of peanuts for a 5+ hour flight. 

I lucked out in an almost full flight and the middle seat ended up being empty. Woohoo!!!! Room to breathe. I've tried to sleep on the flight because I didn't really sleep last night due to excitement and anxiety. I managed to fall asleep, but barely. I kept waking myself up thinking I'm snoring. (I guess I shouldn't really care if I am or not)  I managed to sleep all the way through Iowa :)   or