On fairy god mothering

So I spent the last 13 days in New Hampshire (US) with my bff, her hubs and the new little sprout. What a cutie. I have been officially dubbed the Fairy God Mother. It rocks. I get to hold, spoil, enjoy and then hand her back. :) 

I was very glad they chose to let me be part of their first week together with the new baby. I got lots of stuff done for Jeni, but wish I had done more. Fiona was a week over due but made it just fine. 

I also bonded with the family cats, Ruby and Mr. Shiggenwiggenfarfanugen (I think I spelled that wrong) Or aka: Mr. Shiggs and plenty of other names I made up for him. Shiggs doesn't like most people so I was honored at the few times he head butted me to rub his head. Ruby curled up with me while the family was at the hospital for three days. 

Fiona is beautiful (see pics below. She does have some rage and temper issues for someone so tiny and the most unusual cry for a baby. She lets you know when you've pissed her off and there is no doubt when you have. She basically rips you a new one. LOL.   or