Parents suck. Even when they are not yours. I have only ever know sucky parents. I don't think I'm being to harsh. many of you out there have great parents who don't make your life hell and/or how many people do you know who have sane, nice, loving parents. Please tell me. I think maybe I've know two people who have, but then again I didn't live with them. 

Do all parents go insane when they have children. (I know your whole chemistry changes when your pregnant.) If so, I never want children. Not for my sake, but for theirs. I'm looking out for their best interest. I never want to put a kid through the kind of crazy I see all the time and have had most recently.  Anyway, if anyone is out there please respond. 

Yeah baby.



The Pixies. Friday. 14th Row. Oh yeah baby.


Haven't really been inspired to blog. Stressful time. Busy Busy. Not sure if I'm going with Yenney and B yet.  We'll see. 

I must say Wanda Sykes is my new hero. Her show is spectacular. She doesn't pull any punches and she is a straight talker. 


I'm in love.

Hallelujah! I Found Jebus!!!



I wish I didn't have to teach tonight. I should have just let them cancel the class when they called to tell me there wasn't enough enrollment. I corrected them and said I have five kids in that class. You only asked for four. I'm pretty sure my friday classes will be canceled. Or worse yet I'll have to tie up my friday with one 45 minute class. Bleh. I don't have enough kids for them to pay me unless we combine two of the classes. I'll miss the kids and I sure as heck need the money, but I also need the time off to pack and shit. Bleh, I want to go to bed. Bleh, feverish. Bleh.   or