My thoughts on Jesus

revolutionary |ˌrevəˈloō sh əˌnerē|


engaged in or promoting political revolution : the revolutionary army.

involving or causing a complete or dramatic change

noun ( pl. -aries)

a person who works for or engages in political revolution.

apostate |əˈpäsˌtāt; -tit|


a person who renounces a religious or political belief or principle.


abandoning a religious or political belief or principle.

Here are my thoughts on Jesus.. Jesus was the revolutionary for his time. (Much like John Lennon would have been for us. Much like we all hoped Obama would be for this country. )

Jesus was also an Apostate. Yes, cringe, but I speak the truth. He chose to leave the religion of his people which makes him an apostate. I think he saw the corruption, the lies and the oppression and wanted to change it. He saw the God of his people as a cruel, oppressive, angry, jealous, unforgiving God and wanted to change this. He wanted to reinvent God. He wanted God to be for everyone, not just one group of people, so he preached love not hate. He preached forgiveness not holding a grudge etc. (Did this make him mentally diseased?)

Volunteering day 2

We were spontaneous last night and went out and had a little too much fun. (I'm getting way to old) It really was fun. I can't have that much fun when I have to get up at 7:00 am. I woke up at 6:58 am and felt like I had no sleep. I walked the dogs, threw up several times and then drank lots of water. I felt a bit better after the purge, but had that hangover headache. I pulled myself together and went for volunteer duty.  We got tons done today and not to much standing around time. Did a lot of sorting and putting things away. I wore better shoes today  so my feet didn't hurt so bad. 

I thought with all the stuff we were doing that the 3 hours would fly by. They didn't. (stupid headache) I couldn't wait to get home and take a nap. That's exactly what I did. 

I'm enjoying volunteering and I like the lady I work with. She needs a lot of help so I think I will keep my mondays open to help her. I'm only schedule for one more monday, but next week I'll tell them I can do mondays indefinitely. I'm also doing and adult exercise class there next week. I just need to get my hands on an IPod capable boom-box.  I'm off to bed. Miso will have me up at the crack of dawn.   or