cool, thanks puppy

So puppy was laying on my lap all wanting attention and his head rested on my laptop. a box I have never seen popped up with all these cool symbols I've seen other people use but never knew where they came from like: ♡☂♤☀. Now I'm afraid to close the window because I'll never find it again. ←↑→↓➤➷. these are awesome.¿¿ℜ✮✱✩☆Λθ❡

So much fun

I taught a ballet class yesterday to the nightmare before christmas soundtrack. So much fun. The kids liked it. Then we started a dance to the alice cooper version of "This is Halloween" heehee. it was great. I need to video it thursday so I have the choreography. My goal in like is to stage Nightmare before Christmas as a ballet before I die.

New paintings up

check 'em out.


I dropped fresh nutmeg down the garbage disposal by accident and every time I turn it on it smells like fresh nutmeg. Nice. 

First Art Show

Yenney and I are preparing for our first art show. Set up is Saturday. We still haven't picked out my three paintings. Well we picked two but having trouble framing "Well of Envy". Not wanting to spend a fortune on framing but can't quite find the right frame in the "cheap" zone. And we are hoping "Last Breath" doesn't get rejected for the wiring job on the back. My first wiring job. Someone stole all their display screens so I can't rent one to sell additional paintings. I don't want to drop $250 on one for this weekend and neither does Yenney. So we will just submit the three for judging. I may work up some business cards to hand out if anyone is interested. (fingers crossed.) 


Sleepless night. So having tea.                                                                            I hate this feeling                                                                                                 My stomach is hurting so.   or