First day Volunteering.

I have to say that it was interesting. I enjoyed it but felt like I was standing around a lot. (My feetzies are killing me) The language barrier is a bit difficult, but it will work itself out. We were doing great, I got there a little early and we went right to making up a room for a new family. We were making good progress and had two of the bunk beds done when another girl showed up. (the one who didn't come the day before) She speaks Spanish so her and the the head lady would start talking and having conversations and I would just be standing there for 10 or 15 minutes doing nothing. 

I could have had the whole room done in a half hour but it ended up being an hour and half. She has a very odd way of making beds as well.  I've never seen anyone make a bed this way, but she's the boss.  It seemed to be more about appearance than actually having the sheets and blankets on straight. She would make them lopsided so you couldn't see the mattress when you first walk in but then she would fold the sheets and blankets under themselves on the wall side instead of tucking them under the mattress or letting them hang. It was very bizarre. She's a sweetheart though. Then we went to the donation closet. She kept giving instructions to the other girl who would not translate them correctly because she didn't want to be there. So I managed to sort everything the way she told me and it happened to be wrong. 


I went for volunteer orientation today at a local homeless family shelter. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I had a good vibe, so to speak, after reading their website. They provide shelter for homeless families and then transition them into housing and help them find jobs, etc. They provide daycare for the kids and after school homework help. The woman who showed me around was wonderful. We talked for a good hour and she asked where I would like to volunteer. I told her I would help where ever they needed me, but I would like to start either in the donations room (organizing clothes and stuff), in the kitchen, and/or keep me on the last minute call list if they are in a bind. Somehow she translated this into working in the daycare. I laughed and said if they were short handed I would, but put me where they need me. 

She admitted that the woman running the donations section always needs help and most people don't last there because it's small and cramped and boring. I said "It sounds perfect." She showed me around and said she would put me on the schedule for next monday and if I wanted to try something else till I found what I liked that was fine. All I could think is they must get people who can't make up their mind or think volunteering is a not hard work and end up leaving. 


So I was off to the local chapter of exjw meetups today. I coerced my hubbs into going with me. I needed support because I get really nervous meeting new people especially in unfamiliar places.  I didn't have high hopes because first of all it was being held at a community church.  Then I told myself, I'll give it the benefit of the doubt, they probably got the church for free. It was potluck. The couple who runs the group live near LA so they drive up 4 times a year to host the meeting. I thought "Wow, that's dedication." The skeptic in me said "What's their agenda?"

When we came in the hostess introduced herself and then one other man shook my hand and introduced himself. That was it. The rest stayed silent. Okay, maybe they are shy like me. I'm extremely quiet in new social situation and I tend to just watch and listen till I'm comfortable. If you ask me questions I'll talk, but I don't often start the conversation.  The hostess kept saying we will begin in a few minutes. She said this several times. I thought "begin what?" They had a projector set up with movie screen. Hmmmm. I thought we were just here to socialize etc. So The Host gets up to go over the rules of the group for us newbies. He very didactically introduces himself and says "We are not here to bash the  Watchtower." His wife promptly said "Well, yes dear, we are here to bash the Watchtower." He stumbled a bit and then said "Well we are here as a support group for those who need it and sometime that kind of talk is harmful rather than helpful. We have no agenda here. My wife is exjw but  I never was. We are both Born Again Christians." (alarm bells start going off in my head) I'll take him at his word. He also said they were not there to preach. (we'll see) 

Life's too short to not do the things you like and animals make me happy.

So, I've been really sick since we moved. On and off. Mostly on. Sicker than I've let on. I finally felt good this morning. Good for me that is. A good day for me is a bad day for most normal people. Anyway, I decided to go for a real run. Outside on the pavement, not on the treadmill or elliptical. I've been dreaming about running since before we moved. I've refrained because of my back. I'm not supposed to do anything impact and with the extra added weight, not the best Idea. Today I said "Fuck it! I'm going running." 

The drive in me to run has been insane. It's been calling me and since I told myself I couldn't do it because of my back, I've been a little down. My back has been hurting anyway since I started back to work. I knew the "run" would be more like short sprints because I've never done this before. I wanted to as a teen but my activity induced asthma kept me from it. Since I've gotten off wheat, I have no asthma.  My other motivation is that it will tire my pet demon out. He needs to run and hasn't been able too because of the on leash rules. Puppy however, I wasn't sure would handle the run but he could do short sprints like me. Plus Puppy and I still need to lose weight. I found my back brace/belt and put it on for extra support and off we went. We walked a 1/4 of the way around the apartment complex to give the dogs a chance to relieve themselves so they wouldn't keep stopping to pee on every tree they saw. Then I took them outside the gates and the sprinting began. I went longer than expected and then miso almost pulled me off my feet to pee again. Then we started again. I alternated walking and running and the dogs seemed to love it. Even Puppy.  

Yes, I believe I had bitch for breakfast.

Wow I'm in a bad mood. Normally I like children, for the most part. I love working with them, see them learning, I love when they are inquisitive and some just can't help but be adorable, etc. But in the end I get to send them home to their parents. I had a wonderful class this morning and was bragging how I love my little hip hop class and it's nice to have boys in class that listen and don't run around screaming and punching the girls. I'm getting to my point. I really am. 

Okay so I may be cranky cause I got some wheat in my lunch today (totally my fault for not asking) but then I wanted to go relax by the pool because I was feeling a little grouchy, take a swim, maybe hit the hot tub. First of all the hot tub seems to be confused with a kiddie pool. There is a whole olympic sized pool with two shallow ends but where are all the kids? The hot tub. Now me personally and I know I'm not the only one,  think the hot tub should be for adults only. It just should.  I generally refrain from going in the hot tub if toddlers are present because you know they are peeing up a storm. So toddlers present, couldn't go in the hot tub. Now the pool was overrun with 10 year old boys. Need I say more. No chance of a nice swim without getting splashed, jumped on or hit with a water gun. Okay option 3 lay on a chair and hope they leave soon. No luck. 


99.9% positive I left four of my paintings in Portola. DAMMIT!!!! So stupid. I had too much to do and I didn't do my normal anal 3 times check I always do before leaving somewhere. Serves me right. I'm so upset. Going to have a good cry. 

Finally painted

I finally painted two nights ago. It came out horrid. It would have been really cool had I refrained from my last few strokes of the fingers.  The textures came out cool so I'm trying to add to it. It looks better but still not right.  I will post it when I'm finished. That's all for now.   or