Allergic! oh I think a little bit...

So I've felt like total crap since I got stung. My foot looks like a cabbage patch doll foot. (remember those) I had to take benedryl sat because I was having trouble breathing. My foot still hurts and I have a bruise where it hit the bone. It's started to itch like a giant hive. I'm achy, muscle crampy, and muscle weakness. (not to mention my back is bad today) 

I guess it's true when they say each time you get stung, it gets worse. I have been stung 3 times in the last month and this is by far the worst. Off to the hardware store to find bee killing equipment.  (will that bring my Karma down?)  

Ps. Why did the bee sting me and not Elder Dave? hmmmm Oh right, probably because I was nice. 


So the dogs are barking insanely and I go to see why. An Elder (best friend of my brother in law) is at the screen door with the latest mags. He seems nice enough but definitely a bit uncomfortable. I think he may sense B gets bad vibes off him. Now B is an excellent judge of character. He has the innate talent to sum someone up within the first few minutes of meeting them and he's never ever been wrong. This guy acts nice but there seems to be an underlying hidden something about him.

Anyway, I was pleasant and was trying to quiet Miso down. I picked Miso up and walked outside and it was funny, the elder kinda backed away for a minute. Not sure if he likes Miso. LOL I then went to put Miso in the yard and a bee (yes another bee) I didn't even see him, attached to my right foot. It got me right on the metatarsal. Hurt like a mother fucker, much worse than the last two stings combined. Well that sent the elder on his way. I told him I had to get the benedryl. 

Now that was about an hour ago, I put a benadryl salve on because that helped before. but the whole top part of my foot is swelled and I swear the stinger is stuck in my bone. The salve is not doing the trick. It's hurts so much. I'm sure it got the bone because there was blood. It even hurts to walk. Yes I'm whining. Stupid bees. I feel like I have a shunt in my foot. I"m numbing it now with ice. I definitely won't be putting a shoe on this foot today.

I continue to amaze myself

So it was my night to cook dinner last night. I went on the Fire and salt website and pulled off recipes. No convinced they would taste as good as they sounded. Lamb or chicken kabobs with tzatziki and naan.

Well slap my ass and call me Charlie...

Heehee, I love being pleasantly surprised. I really had a good time at the "Mug and Muffin". Everyone was sweet. Not to many crazies. Just one, I'll get back to her. So I arrived about 15 minutes late. My neighbor was so excited I came that she announced me to the group as the guest of honor. Anyway, got to chatting with a few women. There were about 15-20 there. Two were from N.H. Then my neighbor announces. "Okay time for the video." I cringed and said to myself "here we go." Once woman ducked out and I was wishing I had followed her. 

So my neighbor puts on Patsy Clairmont. I've never heard of her. Probably because I'm not a "woman of faith." So my first impression was that this woman was a female Gilbert Godfried. She kinda sounded like him. (and looked a bit like him) Now if you don't know who Gilbert Godfried is, you'll probably remember him as the parrot in Aladdin but he a comedian with an annoying voice. Okay, anyway, she opens with a few jokes. Stand up comedian style. She was kinda funny. I'm getting into the groove and then she starts talking Jebus and the bibble.(translation-jesus and the bible) 


So the neighbor up the hill invited me to her "mug and muffin" party today. Seems she'll have all her church ladies there.<snicker> I'm going to go just to see how much of a hoot it will be. I may even be pleasantly surprised but I doubt it. Get me in the room with a bunch of republican, religious, tea party ladies and watch the shit fly. :) I'll fill you in when I get back. I'm going to be fashionably late and not stay the whole time. It's from 10-noon and it's 9:34 right now. I must go jump in the shower. Toodles. <snicker>

It's starting to shape up.

I added a few more things to the Artists website. Now I'm just waiting on the artists themselves to send me bios.

First draft of the website

First draft of the artists guild website is up and running.


Can I be done with men? Are they all assholes? Even the ones you would defend to you dying breath? Are they all the same? Is sex the only thing that is important? I'm so frustrated tonight. Yes, i'm bearing my soul. I'm hurt and angry and frustrated. That's all.   or