been lying awake since 4. Not sure why. I feel agitated and restless but so tired. I blame whatever I was dreaming about which for the live of me I can't remember. I know every time I fell asleep it was part of the same dream I just can't remember what it was. Dammit. I'm making some chamomile tea and hoping I'll be able to sneak in some more sleep. I'm fighting something as well. I got to work yesterday just to turn around and come home. I was all feverish. 

better. Just had to vent.

Okay, it's so nice to just vent sometimes and then be done. I'm better. not angry anymore. Waiting to see if anyone un-friends me. Heehee. 

Now I'm really angry.

Okay so I write this calm response to whoever complained about the site and apparently I have been blocked from the main page. Probably because of my last blog which wasn't even on facebook. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. So I can only post to my profile page, but everything else is erased. Shouldn't they send me an email or something. I'm really pissed. I might be all done with facebook. Damn fox new sympathizers. I know it stems back to that. That's when my post got deleted so I posted it again. Oh well. Suffer for my art I guess. I hate people. Show yourself you coward. I want to know who likes destroying fun. Why do you hate fun? I've narrowed it down to five people by the way. Un-friend me if you can't show your face. 

Alrighty then...

So I went to post my link for my paintings and facebook popped up a message that said facebook users reported the link as abusive. ABUSIVE!!! FUCK YOU!!! Don't read my fucking site. Fuck Fuck Fuck You!!!. The link I post for paintings has no swearing. Only the blogs. So don't read the fucking blog bitches. 

Okay so after I calmed down, I tried to post the link again...and it let me. What the fuck? That's all.

No wait. Okay so at one point I did the quiz on facebook that was "What swear word are you?" and it came up FUCK. Asked me if I wanted to publish. I said no. Just in case sensitive eyes might see. So again I say "What the fuck?" I can post a quiz that says fuck but I can't post a link that doesn't. yeah. make so much fucking sense. Well it did say Fuck was my swear word. So I might as well use it.

Okay, now, that's all.

Wow, I think I was a little inebriated...

...When I wrote that last blog. Sorry. I was feeling sorry for myself. Or bad about something. Don't really remember what. (needy much?) Yenney did some painting today. She'll most likely post them tomorrow. 
I'm watching the Red Sox and it was a pitchers dual till the 6th inning. Now the Angels pitcher is falling apart. We've scored twice and bases are loaded with one out. WooHoo!!!

Well then...

Well I think that I've concluded that I only have two friends.  Two friends that comment randomly. Crimsonsilk and Jeni. thats the only friends I have besides B and he's mad at me for the moment. Wow. I suck. Or no one appreciates me. which is it? I don't know. I'm pathetic I know. Oh well. I guess I will have to live with itl

Okay so the birds...

I'm out talking to my neighbors and all of a sudden hundreds of birds are flying and squawking at the top of their lungs. And it was never ending. It went on for a while. Hundreds and hundreds. Weird. Like they were running from a fire. Then after you couldn't see them flying anymore you could still hear them. 

I'm re watching Lord Of The Rings and it reminded me of when the birds fly over the fellowship that were sent by Saraomon. (probably spelled that wrong) 

It was cool. I wish I knew what they were squawking about.

Well, dammit

So I heated the cognac and took a sip and it's fanstically wonderfull, then I spilled it all over my crochet. Dammit. And I have one sip left. Probably because it's past my bedtime. I should have been in bed an hour or so ago. Dammit. I'm not sleepy. GDMF. I love that one. God Damn Mother Fucker. It's just fun to say. You should try it.

Wow. Yeah all I can say is wow.

Okay so I taped the "New Scyfy movie" for saturday night. " Lightening Strikes." Oooooo so scary. Hahahahahahahahha. Okay first of all it's a Kevin Sorbo movie. Second I'm only a minute in and I can tell this is going to be a classic, bun, ever so, bad movie. The lightening is chasing this woman and her son in the car. LOLOLOLOLOL. Yeah. I had to pause to blog because it's so ridiculous.  Heehee. this is going to be so good. I can't wait. 

B bought me some cognac tonight. Remy of course (don't tell Yenney) but 17-- something or other. I've never had it. I just took my first sip. Wow amazing. There is a flavor in Remy that I am just drawn too. this is a bit sweeter than the normal Remy. ... Waiting...... waiting and tasting the first thought was apricots but I don't think so.. But that's what I smelled for like a split second. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh droooooooooool. I love Remy. This is fantastic. Wow. Wow. Holy shit. I could so take this over the XO. I hope it wasn't as expensive. Wow. I like. I like. I could just sniff the glass for the rest of the night.

Saturday morning laziness.

Drinking coffee and watching Syfy movies all themed with werewolves.  (I think it's dumb they changed from scifi to syfy) Currently watching Never Cry Werewolf. 

Wow I miss my friends.

I miss my friends. 

God I Love Gina

I LOVE Gina Gershon and I'm not afraid to  to say it.  I'm shouting it. I LOVE YOU GINA!!!

four new paintings

Please check out my Anti-Fox News Series  of four paintings inspired by Gary. Thanks Gary

Honestly People...

I really don't understand the hype about Obama's school address. If I had kids in school I certainly would want someone in authority to encourage my kids to work hard and stay in school. Wouldn't you. Jesus!!!! Turn off fox news and think for yourself. He's not going to do anything subversive. He just wants to encourage kids to stay in school. Honestly. It's not a ploy to brainwash your children. It's certainly is better than him wasting school time to read "My pet goat." Get with it people. We have more important things to worry about. 

Bad nights sleep

Grrrrrrrrrrrumble. So tired.   or