Interview just went up a few minutes ago

I got my first heckler within a minute of the post. Wooot! Heres the link.

Let me know what you think? Oh and new paintings up on the painting blog

excited and nervous

Hope I sleep. I'll probably go paint for the second time after this blog. My Freethinkers interview posts tomorrow. <bites nails> I could have worded things more elegantly but I didn't. I have the chance to add or subtract, which I was going to do, but figured I would be rewriting the whole thing. So I left it as is. 

It will be fine. Some sentences are choppy, but that's how I write sometimes (or think) I'm not for seeing lots of sleep either. I actually put a picture in. Hahaha. yep and will be half outing myself to all my facebook peeps. I'm using my real first name, but that's it. Fare compromise. I don't think any of my jw friends read Freethinkers (the title alone should give that away) :) 

Anyhow, it's done, this is good, no great. Moving forward. Not being afraid to talk about my past. I shouldn't care who reads it. Everyone should. There. I said it. I'll post the link tomorrow. <stomach turns over>

I'm off to paint. (I'll post those tomorrow too. :)  )

wacky sleep

Sleep has sucked the last week. Not sure if it's my vitamins or the cortisone pack or both. Very vivid and draining dreams.  Plus my back keeps waking me up. 

oooooh. insomnia

Can't sleep. Insomnia. Woooooot. I'm catching up on season 3 of Veronica Mars. Wooooot.  It's 1:33 am and I'm not a bit tired. I probably will finish the series tonight and then move on to season 3 of farscape. woohoo!!!!

fun evening

B has been DJ-ing for the last few hours. It's been awesome. He really has a knack for play lists and he's playing some stuff I haven't heard. I always enjoy the nights he feels like DJ-ing. It's great. Yenney's stressing but I'm trying not too. ;)

ho hum

So I'm on a steroid pack for 6 days. The doc is hoping it will get me over the hump of pain. Today is my first day and I've been nauseous on and off. tonight i"m in an extreme amount of pain. I did a bit to much sitting at the computer today I think.  

The ball is rolling on the Guild Website. The pres and membership coordinator came over for coffee. PT went great and then I came home and spend a few hours in front of the laptop answering questions for an upcoming interview on Freethinkers website. I definitely sat too long. I just took a vicadin and hope it kicks in soon. I think I'm going to go lay on the floor now.

I so need a new back

I'm so sick of being put out for 3 days because I did something, like clean my kitchen. Grrrr. I think it might be a two pain pill evening. The bath didn't even help. I actually felt worse when I got out. Bleh. 

Going for coffee with Laura and my new (hope to be friends) Masame. (not sure if I spelled that correctly.) Ma-saam-mee (pronunciation. ) that's probably wrong too. LOL 

Then I have PT. I'll save cleaning for wednesday and probably be a wreck for thursday when the gang comes to talk about the website. <sigh>

Railroad days.

Well, a bit disappointing as respects to venders. But there was a craft show going on the same weekend in the next town which draws more people. They shipped 400 people, by train, in from Sacramento to try to boost support. But there were not enough vendors. They only went half the drag of the main street. My booth happened to be at the end of the street where no one was. woohoo!

It was free in front of my sisters business but elsewhere it was $300 for the weekend. The wind was gusty and kept blowing my paintings everywhere.  Friday was a bust. Though and 8 year old boy made my day. He begged and begged his mom for a painting for his room. She didn't even ask any prices and just ignored him till his begging got annoying. Then she said. "Stop whining." "But mom. I love that one. Please."

Bitch. That little kid made my night. So went back today and set up early before the parade. I got lots of nice comments friday and a few today. But really no interest. Everyone was buying paintings of trains. The dancers won 1st place in the parade. My sister was ecstatic. I sold a bunch of $1.00 crowns for her but that was about it. Oh and someone stepped on one of my paintings. Yeah. nice. No appreciation at all.

Well, I got my ass out of bed at 5:45am for nothing.

I went over bright and early to set up my tables for Railroad Days. When I got there, ghost town. Apparently the festivities don't start till this evening. Wanna bet when I go back over for PT at 1:30, my spot will be taken. wanna bet, I know you do. So that through my day off a bit. I was going to crash clean tonight for the cookout tomorrow but that ain't happening. Yes I said ain't. So I sort of crash cleaned this morning and now my back and leg are screaming. I'll just do the best I can and people will have to deal. (it's really not that bad. ) 

Tomorrow should be fun to maneuver. I only plan on staying at railroad days till 2-ish. Then come home, back a cake and get ready for people at 4:00. 

Chemical Hallucinations

Not really, it just sounded like a cool title. I've been sealing paintings and breathing chemicals for about 4 hours. I've also been wiring paintings so they can hang on the wall. I had plenty of ventilation or else I would be hallucinating. Of course, like always, I've procrastinated to the last possible moment. 

I had big plans this week to have all my paintings done by wednesday. HA!!! not a chance. I think I have plenty to bring with me for this weekend. I still have more wiring to do but not enough eye hooks. Hopefully the hardware store will have some for my last minute craziness. 

There are a few paintings I won't be trying to part with. I'll be hanging those in the house this weekend. If I can sell one painting, just one, it will be worth it. Prices will be so low I should probably just stand on the corner and hand them out. 

Wish me luck.


Websites a go. Woot. finalizing next week. I love this guild. I really do. 

Oh and on a side note. I'm totally in love with Lafayette from true blood. His character is a flaming homosexual, but I'd do him in a second. oooooooooooof. 
Just Sayin. He's so hot. man. I can't restrain myself.

I'm skipping knitting group this week for railroad days. I think I need a week off after last. I'll be putting out paintings to sell. Wish me luck. If I sell one, I'll be ecstatic. I'm also printing up some fun cards. Hopefully those will go as well. i'll keep you posted.


So I went to Knitting/gossip in the round today. I think I don't like a lady there. She needs desperately to have attention. She was fucking talking about me loud and clear as i was in the same/next room which was 4 feet away. I wanted to pummel her but i didn't. I kept my mouth shut. then as another lady was leaving she said. "see you later Niggers. " which I felt totally offensive. and was in shock. I found that totally, wildly, offensive and think she is a tea party wacko. Not sure how long I will last in this knitting group. I love the owner of the shop but not so sure about the participants. I'll give it a few weeks and see. 

I'm mostly tolerant. but today was a bit much.


Yesterday I worked on a sample website for the Artists Guild. I think it looks really nice. I'm meeting with the board on Monday to show them and take any suggestions. It looks way better than this one. I hope they like it. I'll post the link as soon as it's up and running, which if approved, should be end of next week. 

I was doing pretty well with my back this week. I didn't flair up yesterday like I usually do the day after PT and I was pretty good today. I had PT late and when I got home, guess what? Flare up. It sucks. I don't know what triggered it. I did the same thing as I did on tuesday. Grrrrrr.

I'm bored out of my skull at the moment. I'm dying to work on the website. I'm a bit crocheted out for today (though I'll probably do some later. I think I'm going to go paint and see what happens. (I think I'm destined to have a cupboard full of unhung paintings.)

Ps. Knitting circle tomorrow.

We are never leaving this awesome wonderful place.

Are we Yenney?

Nope. We aren't!!!

Great, go back to your blog now...

So, we checked out the local artist guild tonight. We've been trying to find them since february.  I was a nervous wreck. (Yenney was the cool one) I really wasn't sure what to expect. At first when I arrived everyone was over 60. I was having flashbacks to the NH group I went to last year. I forced myself to introduce me. We all know how bad at that I am.

I immediately like the President, Marian. She is awesome. Then everyone started arriving. A very mixed group. It was great. I offered to do a website for the group. In this day and age it's essential. I hope I do them justice. It's a very talented group.  I met some lovely ladies from a nearby town. I hope we'll become fast friends. I hope they like my work. Even if they don't I hope I'll be able to learn a lot from them. 

I finally feel like I have a place to fit in. It's so nice. I feel like things will move forward from here. The guild does quite a few shows a year and they donate the proceeds to art programs and things like that. 


So fridays 10am-noon is knitting group aka: Gossip in the round. (i call it that, it's more fun) I decided to check it out. I haven't met many people yet since i moved so I figured, what the heck. About 10 or 11 ladies showed up. I was definitely the youngest. I didn't say much but contributed where I was comfortable and just listened to them chat. (it was very entertaining) I will be going back. So there was one older lady ( I'm not sure how old, I'm speculating early 60's) Cute asymmetrical haircut gray/blond with streaks of orange. Immediately like her. :) She was a sweetie. So i had to share my blond/blue haired pic with her and she was like "oh that was cute, i used to have blue and i was going to do auburn but my husband said do orange." 

heehee. and she's a seamstress. Wooooooot. She can fix my dress with the too small bosom. 

It gave me a chance to work on Fi's sweater with no distractions so I will be going back. Some of the ladies were a little off putting but we'll see how it goes. The lady who owns the yarn shop is the sweetest. She has fantastic yarn. expensive but actually worth it. Hand spun wool and alpaca and stuff. I'll buy some when I save some $$$$ and make something for me. :)

Friends Rock

So the house was horrendous from being incapacitated for two months now and my friend Laura came over yesterday and offered to help clean. I cooked her breakfast and tried to make hashbrowns. I've never made hashbrowns. We'll just say "hahahahahahahahah". I think the rest was fine. So after cleaning she tackled the black hole that is my car. It's looks awesome. She's awesome and I truly appreciate friends. :) I'm waiting to return the favor. 

pretty cool

Amazing what glossy painting sealer can do to a drab lifeless painting. Sealed a bunch today and have tons more to do. I've been putting it off, I don't know why. I figured I better get it done so I can try and sell some at railroad days this month.  Totally off topic...I've been trying to read through those brochures my sister left, but I just can't get through more than one or two paragraphs before I get bored or angsty or frustrated.  The part that keeps irking me is the opening page that says.

"They need to examine the evidence for evolution and creation and then decide for themselves which to believe. In fact the Bible warns against blindly believing what others teach. "Anyone inexperienced puts faith in every word" "but the shrewd one considers his steps." The Bible encourages Christians to use their "power of reason" and to prove to themselves the they are taught." 

Okay so this seriously bugs me. Because if they really wanted you to do research they would direct you to publications other than WTBTS publications. But JW's put faith in the fact that the WTBTS publications are factual and would not misrepresent anything. 

and again more paintings up. :)

check out the painting blog   or