Demi Goddesses

My Demi Goddess page is getting full. I can't believe I forgot Gigi. Watching her in a really bad Sci-Fi movie right now. I keep waiting for her to fall into Chianna mannerisms.  I caught one in her body movement. God I miss Farscape.

Token boredom blog

"I'm infected by your genetics. I'm infected by your genetics. Shilo I'm the doctor. Shilo I'm your father. Oh, Shilo that was close. Take your medicine. I'm infected by your genetics. Shilo I'm the doctor...and I don't that I can be fixed. No i don't think that I can be fixed. Why oh why oh why are my genetics such a .....bitch?"


Sitting here in the dark listening to the thunder and lightning show. Power has been out about half an hour. We lost it right at the start. I went upstairs to shower why there was still residual light form outside. (So I could see) Yes I've been sitting on my butt all day and haven't showered till now. I'm selfishly hoping our five minute performance this evening will be canceled due to power outages. But I'm sure that won't happen.

When I went upstairs I opened the bedroom door and Miso flew through it and ran right into his crate. LOL. He's only allowed in the bedroom to sleep. I let him stay. (shhhhh. don't tell Yenney) He's calmed down now and sitting in the window.

I think it's time to light some candles. But I think the storm is passing. The lightening is way off in the distance now and I haven't heard a rumble in a few minutes. I'm just going to sit here in the dark and absorb the silence. 

Painting Frenzy

More paintings up.

New paintings up

Check it out.

Hey Everyone.

Okay, Yenney thought this would be fun, but no one is participating. Go to the "Find the Faces" page. Which isn't visible on every page. But click on different pages and it will appear in the menu.  If you have trouble leaving a comment, mouse over the silhouette till you see the pencil and then click on it. Yenney will be happy if you participate. If you don't see any faces, just tell her she's nuts and you didn't see any. :) :) :)


I should be getting stuff done, but have no desire. So I painted. Not much going on here. Oh and I'm officially out of canvas. 

Uh Oh...

Yenney is dead set on having pizza tonight. there is no talking her out of it. I'm vacating the premises.   or